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  2. Brake issues

    If you use an Allen key underneath to hold the screw then you can rotate the handle clockwise to tighten. I use some blue locktite on the threads to stop the handle from loosening. Also the curved part of the clamp goes around the backing roller not the top roller. Nigel
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  4. Brake issues

    The brake mechanism is not DH thinks there a part seized?? I been away for a month and it was fine before I left? Anyone know of common issues with the brake ....(2007 Millie..)......brake is white with pads on inside against roller...looks like they are calling it new I have to order the entire brake or can I get parts. If anyone has an information on this I’d appreciate the input....
  5. Is this machine still available? Why are you selling it?
  6. Millie Sweepstakes

    Mary Beth.....I try and register is the first thing I do when I connect to the internet!!!!! of course I have had a quilt loaded on my Lucey for a few months now....but hey...I had gallbladder surgery and it is cold down there and the snow was covering the windows....spring is is healed up pretty good and my rotator cuff surgery is settling down...(shoulder is not perfect...but the PT says I am "functional" whatever that means).....glad spring is almost here...but then I will probably just waste time sitting outside admiring the dandelions....I love dandelions......Lin
  7. Hello. Is this machine still available? Thank you.
  8. Thread breakage

    Hi Barb. I've not suffered from pokies on top. Usually top tension too loose is the problem. As a rule, go looser in bobbin and tighter on top.
  9. I have an APQS Ultimate II I would like to sell. It’s a great machine and runs great but I’m not using it very much. I had it all cleaned, oiled, new hook assembly and shaft a little over a year ago by Dave Binquist in California and I’ve only done 3 quilts since then. I have moved to Texas so the machine is currently in Abilene, Tx. It’s on a 10 foot wood table and it does not have a stitch regulator. I did also put a new motor on it a couple of years ago after I got it. It seriously runs great, I just have a hard time with the no stitch regulator and so don’t use it. I will also throw in the bobbin winder I bought separate off eBay and all of the bobbin cases I’ve purchased. I’m asking $1500.
  10. I'm interested in buying a slightly used Innova sit down machine with stitch regulator. I'm in Northern CA but willing to split shipping if necessary. Please email me ( if you know of anyone interested in selling. Thank you.
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  12. 14 ft Millie table

    Or I would pay boot.
  13. I have a 12 foot Millie table I would like to trade for a 14 foot table. It has the round bars and fabric advance. If you want to trade we can. Must be close to WV Thanks Carol
  14. Oma, I have done a few quilts for her and have not had any problems. When she bought the backing she was told it was 120 inches wide...I should have measured it. I appreciate your input!
  15. Hartley Fence Installation

    I wrote to APQS and they sent me instructions. They were very quick and helpful, as usual!!
  16. It is very time consuming and difficult to do. I was doing a quilt for a friend and explained I wanted the back four inches bigger on all sides than the front. She brought it with barely an inch bigger. I did it for her, but i wish I would have just told her "NO" because I've done several since then for her and she still makes them very short. It saves her fabric she insists. It gives me headaches I insist. Well, she has waited over 6 months to have another one done and I'm not in any hurry. I have never charged her to do any of them. You need to insist they come to you the way you want them or you will constantly be working harder than you need too.
  17. Canvas leaders

    Good luck. Hopefully someone can give you some better direction than I've received. I've tried several methods and still not squared up. looking forward to seeing what responses you get.
  18. NEED A WEBSITE Mine is Wordpress-based... seemed like the easiest way to do it, especially since I had no clue how to design a website in the first place. One click, and they preinstall it for you if you decide you want to go with Wordpress, and then you can choose a theme and play around until you like the result.
  19. Canvas leaders

    How would you re square leaders after a period of stretching from quilting.
  20. Where can I obtain instructions for installing my Hartley Fence on my Millie machine. I used it on an old Freedom. With the Bliss rails and stitch regulator is there an adapter I need to get this to work? Have searched all over the internet, but can't find steps for installation. Thanks!
  21. I really love it, Fantastic job. Keep doing it it becomes easier the more you do it. Beautiful quilt and quilting.
  22. Sharonda: I hope you've solved the problem by now. In the future you'll probably get better attention to your problem if you post it in one of the APQS HELP categories rather than "how do I quilt this". This forum is for quilting designs. Machine problems are addressed elsewhere. I for one don't often look here, but I'm always happy to try and help with mechanical problems when I actually see the post. I just kind of stumbled on your issue. Jim
  23. Thread breakage

    Barb: You'll get "pokies" if the top tension is really tighter than the bobbin, but I don't think you'll be there without a lot of tightening. I think you're breaking thread because your top tension is way too loose. Good luck. Jim
  24. You can sew or baste some scrap fabric to the back all the way around to use as leaders to attach to. This still requires the back to be an inch larger than the top. If you do this make sure you add the pita charge to the bill. We often tell customers to do this when the back is slightly smaller than we require. Nigel

    Beatrice, what is your website URL, I would like to check it out.
  26. Is it possible to quilt a quilt when the backing is the same size, maybe an inch bigger, as the top? Should I take it off the frame and give it back to the client to piece more on? or should I piece it if she gives me the extra fabric?
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