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  2. Figured it out you have to wrap the thread around the wheel three time not just once yippee!!
  3. Circle lord parts

    The groovy boards are an Handi Quilter board.
  4. What a beautiful quilt & tribute to your husbands service! Congratulations on being in the show, too! What a wonderful achievement!
  5. Congratulations. It is a beautiful quilt and a wonderful tribute to your husband.I hope you were able to travel to the show and take that photo yourself.
  6. Finished this one a few days ago...

    Hi. I spoke with her on the phone last weekend. She's out of the hospital but slow going on the road to full recovery... Thanks for asking!
  7. Finished this one a few days ago...

    Approximately 20 hours or so.
  8. Yesterday
  9. Yea, so glad it made it as a finalist. Well deserved.
  10. My quilt made it as a finalist at the “Road to California” quilt show. It was not awarded a ribbon but wow what an honor to be at this show.
  11. Forced to sell my beloved Millie as we are moving across the country. Only used on my personal quilts; very low hours. Its stitches have always been perfect! The machine has been kept in a climate-controlled room and has been well maintained. Features: 2008 Millennium Electronic Directional Locks Lower Thread Cutter 14-foot Table L bobbin Automatic Fabric Advance Turbo Bobbin Winder Hartley Fence M & M Wheels Instruction Manual Original Boxes Price: $9000 Located in Alpharetta, Georgia. Buyer must pick up, but we still have the original shipping boxes, including the long rail and roller boxes to protect it during transport to its new home! Questions? Email Pat at: or call 770-789-7532
  12. Just an FYI you can vote daily from each electronic device you own Thank you for your support APQS George Peddlepusher
  13. yes you may vote daily and from each electronic device you own Thank you for your support as an apqs owner I thought I would reach out to other APQS owners
  14. My Dilemma

    Peddlepusher, I am glad you are having a good time with your George. I had a George for a while and enjoyed the work he could do. I did sell him so I could get a frame machine because of body strain to move large quilts and because of an eye condition I have. Now, due to a business merger and loss of our income I am glad I have Lucey on the frame because I am needing to begin quilting for others. Each of us are so different. The sit-down machines definitely have their place, but so do the frames.
  15. Beautiful quilt and quilting.
  16. Luminary

    Your quilt turned out beautiful, I am a fan of Alison Glass.
  17. I’m new to Longarm quilting and I’m looking for a good starter machine. I will be using for my personal quilting. It needs to have a stitch regulator and be able to quilt a 12-14 in block. Can’t afford computerized. Would also like 12 foot table, space is not an issue.
  18. Luminary

    Beautiful, I love the way you did the binding too.
  19. My Dilemma

    Check out the used machine sale going on now.
  20. I voted. You quilt is beautiful and deserves the win.
  21. Luminary

    WOW! I think the final product turned out great, but I thought it was nuts too. Great job.
  22. I voted. Is there a way to vote daily or is it just a one time vote. Your quilt is by far the most beautiful quilt in the finals, and I would love to keep voting. Good luck, and thank you for your donation.
  23. APQS Ultimate Long Arm--SOLD

    She had it posted twice and looks like it sold. Nigel
  24. APQS Ultimate Long Arm--SOLD

    Is this Ultimate still for sale?
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