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  2. User Guide

    Hi Everyone, My wife and I recently bought a used Millie (2004 vintage), and we're desperately in need of the user's manual/guide. We do not have the CD that came with the original purchase, nor do we have any hard copy of the manual. Does anyone know of a place to go to find old manuals/CDs for this machine? Thanks a bunch. Steve
  3. Thank you Jim, I have taken your suggestion into serious consideration and will be running a test simulation with the colors you mentioned. How much yardage/meter would you consider ideal in these cones? Selling directly to clients is a completely new venture in the +20 years of our business , so I do mean it when I say I have appreciated your input very much. On the topic of our thread use, it may be Tex 15 but since our thread is internally bonded it is quite strong. It is practically unbreakable by bare hands and will most likely result in cuts or injury if even attempted. The material we used is also resistant to the elements and extra color-fast so we would actually recommend it for top , as well as bottom sewing. As for invisible thread we do not have any at this moment and also due do to how our thread is bonded I do not think it would be possible to create one.
  4. It is gorgeous!! I love basket quilts; what a great job on piecing and quilting!
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  6. Quilta Light

    Thank you for your response Cagey. I have wondered about the LED system. I have looked at it as well.
  7. EQ 8

    Well, I did it! I just ordered my first EQ8. I haven't had any of the other versions, so this should be interesting. I was cleaning emails and it finally dawned on me that the coupon for 30% off of more than $100 would work for this. I ordered 3 items and still paid less for everything including postage because of that coupon from AQS!!!!
  8. Tips For New Long Arm Owner?

    Jim is right about getting used to your machine before buying a lot of gadgets. In addition to the ruler base, I would highly recommend the Towa bobbin tension gauge. Easy to use and totally worth the investment!
  9. Tips For New Long Arm Owner?

    Pati: You can relax. APQS customer support is great. They'll help you with anything that might come up. The machines themselves are quite simple and easy to service yourself. Before you get involved with buying all sorts of gadgets, your probably should get used to the machine. Then you'll have a better idea of what you need to change, and what's OK for you. I am with qltnbe on the extended base however, you'll want one to do ruler work. Exactly which one to get will require a little research. Good luck. Jim
  10. Hi-Tech Inbonded Quilting thread

    Colors? I'd be interested in black, off white, taupe, bright red, forest green, maybe white white, medium brown, medium blue, bright yellow, a tan or bisque, orange, purple, and shades of these colors. TEX 15 if a pretty fine thread. It's well suited for use as a bobbin thread. Maybe not so much as a top thread. Do you have any color that could be considered invisible? I personally would be interested in that since most "invisible" threads we use are somewhat delicate. Thanks. Jim
  11. EQ 8

    Nancy. I took a few of her classes with EQ7. They were very helpful. She did a sneek peek class for EQ8 and i took it. One of the features i like is that i learned how to better use my on fabric in the planning of a quilt. I have made a couple that i wished i had placed hexagons differently.
  12. 2014 George Quilting Machine

    Yes ma'am the George machine has been SOLD! Thank you.
  13. Houston Quilt Show

    I went to the Houston show not this year, but last year and I will tell you that my three days was not enough to see everything. We had taken time out to drive out to Waco to visit everything Fixer Upper. I will say that it was worth it, but next time, I would definitely spend more time at the show.
  14. Houston Quilt Show

    It's absolutely true...MB & I finally met. And I felt like I'd known her for years. (Cause I kinda have) if you get a chance to meet her, do it. Shes even more warm & wonderful in person. Im trying to post a picture of us at the show. I've been lurking here for so long, that the downloading process has changed completely since I last posted so, we'll see.
  15. Tips For New Long Arm Owner?

    Hi, I got a couple of extra bobbin cases and have marked each one as to the type of bobbin thread I use in each one.....after you get the hang of it adjusting bobbin tension isn't that hard....but I am lazy and most of the time, I don't have to do much adjusting as they are already thing I did....because my machine is in a basement with concrete floors......I made a "batting sling" out of an old sheet top and hung it underneath my table to hold my batting up off the floor really good....and I also got me a 3/4 inch think rubber matt that is two feet by 12 feet which helps keep my feet comfortable.....Make sure you have one of those hex wrenches for the roller brakes as mine need to be readjusted every now and then......I think there was one that came with the machine?....I really can't remember....I got one with those multi-sizes in it and a handle.....Oh.....and I found a really neat flat screen flashlight that can stand up....and a hand mirror....used to check my stitches underneath the table....I am not much good a crawling under there for a look...getting too creaky......I got a small air compressor for blowing out the bobbin area.....but gotta nephew has used it his projects more than me....I sometimes use one of those hand held air pumps used for blowing up exercise balls instead...handy...and also just brush out the lint.....a magnetic pin bowl is also nice if you are going to pin the backing to the sticks to the rollers.......hope that helps...oh...and I have had my Lucey now for about 5 years...really haven't had to do much to her other than the routine cleaning and oiling...Lin
  16. Sale is pending on this machine and I should know by the end of the week. Thanks.
  17. Jessica, How are you doing since the storm the swept through TX, were you effected by the rain. I do hope you are OK.
  18. backing fabric

    My first thought was to use a med. to dark gray top and bottom
  19. Tips For New Long Arm Owner?

    The Hartley extension table is perfect for using rulers with your machine. I love my LeaderGrips which alleviate having to pin my quilts to my canvases. I, also, have an extra bobbin case where I can take out the spring and use that one solely for prewound magnetic bobbins. Those are the things that I suggest to my new customers
  20. HQ Sweet 16 - Indianapolis

    No, it's still available.
  21. Is George still available or have you sold him?
  22. Dear me, reading the issues with service is not very reassuring but I have working on sewing machines before and service my own (I own vintage machines) so hope I can do the same for my new APQS machine. One of the reasons I did not buy another brand is that some were 'sealed' and you could not oil them. Anyway, my question is, what else might I need once I get my new Lucey set up? I see a lot of accessories, things to hold the side of a quit, systems to make it easier to get the quilt on the leaders, etc. Anyone have favorites they want to share? My machine arrives next week and I plan to spend Thanksgiving weekend getting it together and starting some practice. I have all the tools listed and am mechanically inclined but still a bit nervous.
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  24. wanted turbo bobbin winder

    I have one it's only maybe a year or two old. You can email me at Thank you
  25. EQ 8

    Thanks I'll check it out
  26. This was awesome advice!!!!! I have had this issue for a bit and could not work out what was the issue. Thankyou so much as this helped so much!!!! only the tiniest bit out but so much of a pain. Thanks Thanks Thank!!!!
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