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  2. I love it! I have several of my Mother's and Grandmother's tablecloths to quilt! Right now they are on my bucket list but you have inspired me to get them moved up on the list! Your work is beautiful!
  3. That turned out beautiful.
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  5. You took that tablecloth from ordinary to gorgeous! Beautiful quilting.
  6. Whenever I am quilting from the right side to left side of the machine when I am standing at the front and am doing long horizontal lines of stitching my thread starts shredding. Anyone have this happen to them. It never happens when I am going from the left to right side. I have a Lenni and have been quilting for about 8 months. Thanks Carol
  7. Is this still available? If so can you email me at Thank you, Cyndi
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  9. Beautiful work! And what a great idea using a vintage piece.
  10. lucky niece!!! that is beautiful, and the quilting pushing it over the top!
  11. My quilting has been hit or miss lately. Rather than try to make a quilt, I found this vintage table cloth and went to town. I miss spending time with my Millie! I do have to say that I love having quilts on the table. Now I need to find a Christmas poinsettia table cloth! I had no plan for this one other than, I needed to quilt some feathers, I knew it need checkerboard cross hatching and I just needed to do some crazy quilting!!! Just makes me want to do more! I put it on the frame and just got started. Used a little thread in the process. One layer of hobbs 80/20 batting, glide thread on top magna glide in the bobbin. Hand guided with a little ruler work.
  12. wow, that is beautiful quilting!
  13. George is 4 year's old. I have had no problems. I just don't have time to use him. Send email to and I will send you a picture. Thank you for your interest.
  14. For sale: 2012 Handiquilter Avante on 12 foot studio frame. Maintained by local dealer. Includes extras: all updated LED lighting, bobbin winder, conversion foot, Leader grips for easy loading and unloading (grip package for entire frame set up at 12 feet). I have original shipping boxes. Shipping extra. Will deliver near Simsbury, Ct. Selling to make room for larger machine. Photos and videos available. $7,000.00 Prostitcher with standard and Premium installed. $7000.00 Micro handles: $225.00 Avante ruler base: $100.00 will sell separately or will bundle for $16,500.00
  15. Is the Tiara still for sale?
  16. How old is George, what year was he made. Any issues with the machine? We'd appreciate any additional information and a photo please. Thank you
  17. Is the George still available?
  18. For SALE-- Tin Lizzie longarm quilt machine. Gently used. I quilted 6 quilts on it. Asking $13,500. It is 4 years old. It has ALL the bells and whistles.. Quilt Magician, stitch regulator, bobbin winder, 12' table, etc. inquire at Located in Frankford, Missouri.
  19. This is a Pfaff GrandQuilter 18.8 with 100 bobbins, extra bobbin cases, needles, 2 sets of leaders . 10 ft table, Inspira frame. Asking $3000. We are located in AZ. Take-down and transportation negotiable for short distances – this machine is not shippable. Purchaser is responsible for all related costs such as fuel.
  20. Okay everyone, I think I fixed my problem with the drift. Just adjusted my hydraulic legs and the drift is minimal now. Thank goodness, it was becoming annoying. Thanks for your input!
  21. awe I have a 2010 George and have been looking to upgrade to newer model for the ruler work ability. Thanks for quick responce
  22. Sorry Peddlepusher but it is supposed to be picked up tomorrow. I will place "sold" then. t-town girl
  23. is this still available. I'm interested how do we connect?
  24. This is an old post but thought I give it a shot. Is it still available? Why are you selling?
  25. 2009 Lenni with Bliss Carriage upgrade for sale. 20" throat on a 10ft table. "Low Mileage" as only been used for my own quilts (not in business). Upgrading to Millie. £7,000 o.n.o.
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