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  2. Pantos on a Millie 30

    Just because a longarm is 30”, shouldn’t mean one couldn’t work, free hand, in the center or closer to the front of the table, but a a 30” head for computer work, would seem to me to be a total time saver. The fortunate thing is, I’m 5’10” with very long arms, so it really shouldn’t be an issue for me, though the resale value might be affected.
  3. My bobbin thread is long, my needle is facing the correct way, lint cleaned out, bobbin thread pulls easily. When I try and pull up bobbin thread it feels like it is stuck and will not come up. If I just start the machine the bobbin thread will work. I tried the thread cutter and it will not cut. It tries and just makes a sound like it us stuck. I am quilting 2 wall hangers I am giving as presents, due Saturday.
  4. Pantos on a Millie 30

    Merry Jo made a good point about the size of the head. When you are testing the machines (I doubt there will be a Millie 30 for you to try), see how far you can reach. You will need to be able to see and reach to the very top of the quilt if you want to be able to align smaller rows or see where to set your needle. I was told (this was long before the Millie 30 was developed and introduced) not to get something that was too big for my arms! Yes, now I would love a bigger quilting area but I don't have the width space in my quilting room. Have fun trying the machines at the APQS roadshow in January.
  5. BOM quilt pic

    I would start with asking what the customer budget is? Does she want custom or e2e? If she can only afford the e2e then deciding what all over design you want to do. If custom I would do a light custom with cc in some of those block sections and treat each block on its own using just two or three stitch designs repeated in all of them as they fit the piecing. Pretty quilt, let us see the finished work.
  6. 14 Dec - 5 PM CST

    So everyone is not worried about carrying around their phones; Cagey
  7. 14 Dec - 5 PM CST

    Yep - I'm carrying my phone with me everywhere today and tomorrow. Like a lovesick teenager! I never win anything, but sometime my luck has to change - I rearranged furniture in the spare bedroom to make room for Millie moving in! Fingers crossed.
  8. Pantos on a Millie 30

    You're correct that the fewer advances, the less time you spend on a quilt, as that's a more efficient way to work. How much time that actually saves may not be a huge amount, but it all adds up. That being said, it also depends on the density of the design you are quilting. Same is true if you're hand-guided. I've done pantos that take maybe 8-10 minutes across a quilt and some that take almost an hour, both freehand or computer. That's why all pantos are not the same price and are also priced by sq/inch. I've quilted some dense pantos were it's taken a very long day to finish one queen quilt, other days I may get 3-5 small ones finished in a day. I also use the zipper system and have lots of sets, so as one quilt is running, I can sit and pin the next 4 quilts. Then I zip one off, zip the next one on and get it started. Then I'm back to unpinning the first and pinning another on the zippers I just took off. Very efficient way to work and save time. I think this is one of the greatest advantages of having a computerized system. I can even sit and piece when I run out of zippers, lol. The nice thing about digital designs vs. paper is that you're able to scale most designs. That's great in my opinion. After years of paper pantos, I've found that sometimes you have the perfect design for a quilt, but the scale is to large or small for the quilt. Computers definitely solve that problem. If it were me and I could afford the new Millie 30 and a computer system (I have a Millie 26 w/Quilt Path), I would go for it! If I were free handing, I would stick to the 26 as the extra space would be wasted as my arms aren't long enough and I couldn't see all the way back to the rail!
  9. BOM quilt pic

    Posting pic of customers quilt.
  10. 14 Dec - 5 PM CST

    it is 8:46 this it too late? Maybe my phone was off the hook? oh...I is a cell phone........good luck everyone....Lin
  11. Rulers

    I agree. Get the Hartley base expander for your machine. With that you will get a straight ruler. Then as you quilt and get accustomed to your machine, you will know what you want. Judi Madsen has great rulers with a lip/handle on them for ease of use. Jamie Wallen's rulers have the handle, too. Do lots of research before just buying unless you want a lot of stuff lying around not being used. You will know what you need as the need arises. Good luck and have fun witih your machine.
  12. 14 Dec - 5 PM CST

    Wishing everyone lots of luck today. Someone is going to receive a wonderful gift today.
  13. Only 8 hours and 45 minutes remaining in your opportunity to "Win a Millie". Get your entries in. I am sure Dawn is getting her dialing finger all warmed up for the big reveal. Cagey
  14. BOM quilt pic

    Missy; On of the posters here has taken pictures of her quilts on fresh untouched snow. They are beautiful. So I am sure yours would be too. Though its probably a bit nippy being outside taking them. I have found hanging my quilts from our blind track above our sliding glass door works as a rather good quilt holder and backdrop. Cagey
  15. BOM quilt pic

    I knew you were going to say that! We got 3 inches of snow so it won't be taken outside and it is so big I can't get a picture of the whole quilt. I'll try later and see if I can get at least half of it.
  16. Rulers

    I love ruler work. So I have way more rulers than anyone should but that is partly because I didn't wait and see what was out there and what I would like. Lin is right take your time and do get a ruler base. My favorite rulers are ones with handles, such as Quilters Apothecary or ... I can't think of the other brand but if you start looking you'll find them.
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  18. Pantos on a Millie 30

    Thanks, Sue . . .I’m leaning more toward IntelliQuilter since it seems more “Mac Like” and I’ve been a Mac user since the late 1980s, using photographic and design software. But as a Mac user, I like having one place to go to when there’s a problem . . .not calling and being told “that’s a Dell problem” or “That’s a Windows problem” . . .so am imagining, if something goes wrong, running into “that’s an Intelliquilter problem” or “that’s an APQS problem”, LOL I’m driving to Dallas for an APQS roadshow in January, and have made an appointment for private time afterward, and the APQS dealer is going to set something up with IntelliQuilter too, which I thought was helpful. Seems like the 30” Millie would be able to handle more rows of stitching before advancing the system which would greatly reduce quilting time.
  19. Pantos on a Millie 30

    I don't have a clue as to how many quilts you could do a day, but I like the IntelliQuilter for ease of setting up pantos and all other designs. I had a QuiltPath but I fought with the software - my brain just would not work with the way the QuiltPath functioned. I think you need to check out both systems and decide which one is a better fit for you. As to the number of quilts per day, I believe it would depend on the size of the quilts, how fast you can load and unload quilts from your frame, the ease of setting up the computer, and the density of the quilting itself. I have a friend who can do 3 or more quilts a day on her system. I would never be able to do that many. I am very slow at setting things up and I take lots of breaks. Also, I don't quilt for others and am not trying to have a business.
  20. BOM quilt pic

    Missy; A picture is worth a thousand words. That may get you more input, and suggestions. Cagey
  21. If one were planning to have a panto quilting business, what would be the most quilts one could do pantos (IntelliQuilter or Quilt Path), using a Millie 30, per day?
  22. BOM quilt pic

    I am stumped. Have a customer who brought me a very large Medallion Mystery bom quilt. I'm struggling with quilting ideas. It has a large 36" medallion which is a large block with sashing around it. Then there is a ring of blocks around the center of various sizes 8 & 16" blocks and there are odd size filler blocks. The outside border is made up of 2 borders of different colors and sizes. I thought about an edge to edge. I've consider custom in the medallion and borders with some sort of meander in the odd size blocks. Has anyone else done one of these? Help
  23. Rulers

    Hi, Don't know if you have had a long arm before....but I would encourage you to go slow with purchasing rulers until you have a chance to use your wonderful machine a bit.....if you absolutely have to get something.....I would make sure I get the ruler base that attaches to Millie......this is used to support the rulers you use on top. I would also get a small straight ruler that is comfortable for you to use when you stitch in the ditch.....that would be a good place to start...and then add slowly...I don't have many rulers....but I only use one or two of them on occasion....More people will chime in I am sure.....Lin
  24. Liberty machine

    Linda Stellar had one and from what I remember, she loved it.
  25. Business Name

    Thanks everyone for the help.
  26. Rulers

    I'm getting my new Millie after Christmas. What are some rulers and ruler brands that are must haves?
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