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  3. And to state the obvious it is plugged in and the fuse is good? Did you remove the handles for transport? If so recheck the connections. I think that is all I have. Nigel
  4. You are correct - dial needs to be turned up. It was turned to zero for transport, but then turned up. Tried that, still nada.
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  6. Yes I did outline the sues
  7. Rotary Cutter Blades

    I bought those Harbor Freight ones to try, and they are DULL. They say they are for cutting carpet, and I guess they would cut something coarse like burlap, but not my soft quilting cottons.
  8. Is the speed dial turned up. If I remember correctly the speed can be turned to zero. Nigel
  9. Hello there. Just bought and set up a used Ultimate xx, and the button controls on the ergo handles are not talking to the machine. Any suggestions? thanks! —Joan
  10. Millie Sweepstakes

    Oh my gosh....I was totally faithful to registering every day for the Millie. Then I think life got in the way. I don't know if I have registered every day
  11. Ultimate II with many extras

    Got your message. Someone is looking at it on Friday. If she doesn’t want it I’ll call you.
  12. Hello, Is this machine still for sale? Thank you, Jackie Frankson
  13. What's a good bobbin winder?

    Lora, I've been using the Simplicity bobbin winder that came with my Lenni. The Simplicity works, but every time I wind a bobbin I have to readjust the shut off and I have to stand there and babysit all bobbin winding. I've had the thread wrap around the spindle and make a big mess. I decided I wanted a better, higher quality bobbin winder so I ordered a New Joy bobbin winder on Ebay. Here's a link New Joy It was $88.88, including shipping, it's made in the USA and you can plug it in or use a 9volt battery. I bought it late Friday and it arrived today. It's high quality, heavy duty, very smooth and quiet, winds a beautiful bobbin and the bobbin shut off adjustment stays exactly how I adjusted it. With my last quilting machine I had the motor mounted on a board with bobbin winding mechanism, I really prefer this New Joy as it's all enclosed. I have no affiliation with New Joy, other than being a happy customer.
  14. Ultimate II with many extras

    I sent you a message
  15. Is this still available?
  16. Ultimate II with many extras

    Great Price. I paid $3000 for this same machine set up 5 years ago in the Pacific North West.
  17. Thread breakage

    Thank you for the suggestions. Tension issues will at the very least make me crazy. I will tighten up the top tension & see how it goes. Shana, with tighter tension on the top than the bobbin, don't you get 'pokies' from the bobbin thread coming up on the quilt top? Barb
  18. Thanks ladies. I am not computerized and the stitch regulator is on. I will be moving when it starts but it stops moving and it makes a nasty knot that I have to rip. I will call APQS.
  19. Lenni getss stuck in high

    Are you computerized? The reason I ask is you said the machine won’t move and the regulator seems stuck in high. It shouldn’t be stitching if you are not moving. By chance are you in manual? Don’t be afraid to call APQS for help, they have no problem providing support no matter how old the machine is. As for the machine getting stuck when it happens look to see if you can see why before moving it away from that spot, something blocking a wheel, a power cord snagged, if you have the old table with the vertical wheels is there a dent in the rail? Hope this helps you eliminate a few things. Nigel

    I use Siteground for hosting and highly recommend them. All hosting companies usually give you a great rate for the first year and then it gets more expensive. Technically you could move your site around every year to save money but I am quite happy with them and have decided it's not worth the trouble. I can't remember a time that their servers have ever been down, and their customer service is excellent. They are available through online chat, and they always connect you to a customer service agent within a minute. That's not exaggerated... I have never waited longer than one minute, I don't know how they do it. And all the agents are very friendly and quite knowledgeable. And I am not getting paid to say this... I just really love them
  21. Lenni getss stuck in high

    Hi, I think I would clean the rails and the all the wheels first.........and if it still does it......I would call the APQS. I haven't had this happen.......Lin
  22. I am the proud owner of a lovingly used Lenni. I have had this happen a few times in the only quilt I have done. I am cruising along and all of the sudden it won't move and the stitch regulater seems to be stuck on high speed. I have to stop it and restart and it goes great again. Has anyone had this happen? Am I doing something wrong?
  23. In order to do it yourself, I think it depends on how old your machine is. I think the older machines have to be sent in to have it done. You can do it yourself on the newer machines, but I don’t know what year it changed. Deb.
  24. Thank you all LR will be picking up the machine, if she changes her mind will repost a message.
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