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  2. Pepsi Girl

    How to do this

    Thanks @ffq-lar I wondered about the spring method. I think I might reconsider the whole thing, a person need to "really" want this look.
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  4. ffq-lar

    How to do this

    The quilt will need to be completely marked before an attempt is made. The marker-on-a-string method works well, or a long (longlonglong) piece of template plastic with holes punched in even increments to mark through---with a blue wash-away marker so the marks stay through the process. Either method needs to have you anchor the center pivot well, so the top needs to be well-secured to the marking surface. On a domestic with the feed dogs up and an even-feed foot, follow the lines. On a longarm, stitched with a guide/template to keep on the line and obviously, one quilting field at a time. Each circle can be stitched entirely by advancing and rolling back. Or each circle-segment stitched as you fill an area, with lots of starts and stops. In either case, you will get distortion (as you can see in the photos--it will never hang straight but is lovely draped) caused by the pushing and pulling of the foot on diagonals. That is accentuated if you stitch all in the same direction every time. It's a beautiful look that's hard to pull off, but well-loved by modern quilters. Perhaps using fusible batting might stabilize it enough to pull it off without as much distortion.
  5. InesR

    How to do this

    I don't. but would love to know how as well!
  6. Does anyone know how to quilt big circles like this in a quilt?
  7. I sold my 2008 14foot Millennium, but I still have the IQ for sale. It has been removed from the machine, of course, but it has the brackets for the blissed Millennium. It has the regular motors for it. I live in Nebraska and I bought it new in 2010. It is the complete IQ. I think they call it the basicIQ? It has all the capabilities. Please pm me here with any questions. $8500.00 Julia
  8. What about a silvery gray thread that would cover the whole quilt? Of course, it would help to see the quilt for us to make a better suggestion.
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  10. I would buy your magazines. Are they still for sale?
  11. Vicki, I guess I have been living under a rock and did not know this magazine existed! Is it dedicated to longarm, sit down, or both?
  12. lkl

    Paper Pantos for Sale

    That's a really good price (< $8.00 per panto) for someone wanting to start or add to their panto collection. I've used many of them, it is a great selection on some very popular pantographs. Leslie
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  14. I just upgraded to the Intelliquilter and I'd like to sell my stash of pantos (as a group, if possible). I have 152 paper pantos intended for a longarm (not mid-arm or short-arm pantos). Probably 80% have never been used or even unrolled. I'd like to get $1,200 and I'll pay shipping in the USA. I've attached a link to a PDF file showing all the pantos (with thumbnails) as well as a pick showing them all bundled up so you get the idea of how many there are....if you buy them all, I can send you the Word document with all the pantos as well. If you have questions, you can e-mail me at I'd rather not split them up unless it proves impossible to sell as a bunch. This is a great deal as the retail cost of all these would easily be double my price plus shipping. If you are a new longarmer, this is the opportunity to get a great bunch of pantos for half the retail price. I've been longarming for 14 years and I think I picked ones that were attractive and that customers would enjoy.
  15. A pretty minor question, but I’m stumped so thought I’d pose the question. The quilt I’m about to quilt has a lot of white background, and some colored batik shapes pieced in here and there. . It would be considered a modern quilt. With so much white, should I use white thread, or the sort of off-white (linen) Glide? In the past, I’ve steered away from white, thinking it’s too stark or bright, but I have never had an all-white background. Also, if I use white thread, should I use a more neutral (like off-white or light grey) on the batik parts? Thank you!
  16. Smweinbeck

    Need help getting started

    Thanks for the ideas! After some test-runs, I’ve decided I will use registration marks to keep on track with the wavy lines as Gail suggested, and will use a pre-drawn motif and the lazer, as Jim mentioned, for inside the large triangles. Both great ideas!
  17. MIDARM quilt machine with a large 11" throat. Excellent lighting! Decided to purchase a longarm. I paid $3600 NEW ( was $4000 I had a coupon ) Bought NEW Sewing & Vac Free class still comes with the Janome 9400. The list below shows exactly what accessories are included with this listing Zigzag foot A ( set on machine ) Over edge foot M Satin stitch foot F Blind hemming foot G Zipper foot E Automatic buttonhole foot R Stabilizer plate Rolled hem foot D Open toe satin stitch foot F2 Darning foot PD-H Free motion quilting closed-toe foot QC Free motion quilting open-toe foot QO Free motion quilting zigzag foot QV Button sewing foot T Button shank plate 1/4˝ seam foot O Professional grade foot HP Dual feed foot AD (twin) Straight stitch needle plate Professional grade needle plate Bobbin x 5 (1 set on the machine) Needle set Additional spool pin Screwdriver Lint brush Seam ripper (buttonhole opener) Quilting guide bar Spool holder (large) x 2 (1 set on the machine) Spool holder x 2 (small) Spool holder x 2 (special) Touch panel stylus Knee lifter Power cable* Instruction book Semi-hard fabric cover Instructional video DVD Stitch composer CD Foot control Thread cutter switch Base plate Cable tie Setscrew X 4 Setscrew X 2 Washer X 2 Rubber sole X 2 Cloth setter Extra wide table 350 built in stitches and 11 buttonholes Automatic Presser Foot Lift Stitch Composer software and USB port for easy updates High Light Moveable light like the one found on the MC15000 AcuFeed Flex Advanced LCD Touchscreen with Sewing Applications Memorized Quilt Seaming One Step Plate Converter with 3 included plates Superior Needle threader
  18. Thanks Sue! I'll probably run a test but more than likely skip the idea for now!
  19. Pepsi Girl

    What is your style?

    I use my red snappers most always now but when I pinned I also uses T pins . I like them because they are flat but still easy to grab, and they seem stronger and sharper.
  20. rebecr

    Shorter Rails

    It may depend on the type of table you have. i have a old Millie on an old table - 3 rails not 4 and I had my handyman cut down the rails and bed. Carefully. Wish I'd made it shorter!
  21. Jim, Lawn is a type of fabric. It is lighter weight than quilting cotton. A description from Cotton Lawn is a lightweight, breathable fabric with a smooth texture. This fabric is perfect for lightweight tops, dresses, and skirts that are perfect for spring and summer. Due to the lightweight nature of the fabric, you might want to consider adding a lining to your garment.
  22. Welcome to the forum. I haven't used a lawn fabric in quilts. I think it might be a little on the lightweight side and may not hold up in the long term. I wouldn't be too concerned about the needle ripping the fabric. You can indeed use a smaller needle. Try a sample and see what happens.
  23. RunningThreads

    Do you use two longarms?

    The last I heard from Crystal Smythe she was running four APQS machines at a time all with IntelliQuilter and I think she had a fifth machine as a spare. Nigel
  24. I have an ULT11, sometimes my thread would leave the thread I got some fishing rod guides (the circle things that you thread the fish line through on the rod) and glued them in several places on my machine to help keep the thread in proper line. I no longer have my thread jump out of the guides. Another thought.. check your needle shaft...if there is any play in the shaft then it needs to be replaced. Also, what Jim said...make sure your timing isn't off on your machine.
  25. cegates

    Do you use two longarms?

    I too, have thought about having 2 machines for my business. What I have learned after having Intelliquilter for a year, is that I wouldn't want to do custom work without it, so the idea of having a non-computerized machine for custom quilting isn't as appealing as it used to be. In a perfect world, I'd have 2 longarms with IQ on both of them. It would be great to track down the Ultimate XX, add IQ and use it for pantos! Carol
  26. Klandersoncpa

    Bobbin thread

    Has anyone used Bottom Line brand bobbin thread for embroidery (not sewing) on a Bernina 880 and had tension problems?
  27. What is "lawn" backing? Is it just a grass printed fabric, or something altogether different? If it's just printed fabric any needle size should do. If it's something else, who knows? Jim
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