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  2. Is this company still in bussiness? I have never heard of it. Why are you selling?
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  4. Hemidancer, you probably pressed the pivot key. It is midscreen below stitches and looks like a foot with needle.
  5. The quilt was inspired by Deb's beautiful "Love Heals" Quilt. My daughter's co worker is going through cancer treatment, I'm still snowed in, so I asked her what colors she likes. Looks a little like a baby quilt but she wanted Baby blue and pink and this is what I had in my stash. I really loved the way Deb quilted hers but I knew I couldn't do those feathers so I choose an open swirly border. While the quilt was in spired by Deb's the photo is for Cagey! Hope he sees it and appreciates it! I only did it because the wind quit blowing. As a side note: I can't remember but either Wednesday or Thursday our little valley here in NE Oregon was noted Nationally for being the windiess (?not sure on spelling) 89mph in the nation. Not sure that's a recognition I care for. But I'm sure getting a lot of quilting done!
  6. Sheri: I don't have casters as such on my machine, but rather retractable wheels. They can be pressed down when you want to move the machine, and retracted when the machine is moved to where you want to use it. Mine are on a laminate floor, and work great. I built my own set, but I believe you can buy them. They are typically used on large stationary wood working tools such as table saws and the like. I know Sears used to sell them, don't know whether they still do. I imagine others offer them as well. Check them out and see if they might not be a better choice than casters. Jim sheri:
  7. Do any of you who have Casters on your table legs, have your machine/table sitting on a wood, or faux wood floor? If so, do you notice the table slightly moving or sliding at all even tho the casters are locked down? I'm wanting to buy a set, and will be moving my machine to the basement where we are installing a floating floor system.
  8. NHDeb, I too have that problem to face. Well not really a problem, but I'd still love to take the class. All I know is you have 2 years( I think) from date of purchase. So maybe Ill be somewhere within that time.
  9. I am looking for a quilting machine with 10 ft frame. Very limited on space. I live in Iowa. Am willing to travel within reason. Please let me know what you have.
  10. Love your quilting! I'm currently working on 2 twin sized Fancy Forest for my granddaughters in purple, teal & gray. I may be stealing your quilting idea. Love it! Thanks for sharing!
  11. What is shipping cost to calif
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  13. For the most part, I'm not a floater! I have always pinned my tops to the leader and I like the control I get from pinning it on and giving it a little tension when I need to.... But that stated, I have fully floated a few quilts. I prefer partial floating.
  14. nice choice in texture quilting for this cute quilt!
  15. It looks com-pleatly wonderful..... good job, you little tucker, you!
  16. Is the Bernina still available? Where are you located? You can call or text if that is easier. 702-217-0989
  17. Just asking if there is a printable invoice forms to hand out to customers, or does one make it up on their own?
  18. Is the Sweet 16 still available? Very interested!
  19. Is this machine (grand quilter hobby) STILL available? If so, how do I contact you?
  20. Yes but hurry it's for 4 days
  21. Beautiful.....thank you for sharing!
  22. What a remarkable transformation. As a novice quilter, I love seeing these photos! Picked up a couple of tips from them.....thank you for sharing!!
  23. Here's one I did on a Halloween panel.
  24. Yes you did girl!
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