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  2. Shorter Rails

    I'm in Ventura, Ca. Will be remodeling my sewing room in June (approx.) and thought it would be a good time to reduce the foot print of the machine. Right now the machine is buried with furniture around it, while we work on another room. Set back in time since hubby had to have his appendix out last week and remodeling has come to a stand still.
  3. Is this frame still available?
  4. Ultimate II as a sitdown with foot pedal?

    Thank you Zeke, Sorry for the errors in the message i just realized i used dictate on my ipad and the autocorrect and voice do not work that great i am noticing.
  5. Wheel Rail System vs Bliss Track

    Amazing difference with Bliss!
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  7. Ultimate II as a sitdown with foot pedal?

    Hi Sandy. I don't know anyone that has converted an UII to a sit down machine, but I believe it could be done. All you'd have to do is replace the speed control with a foot pedal and remove the axles and place the machine in a custom table. Zeke By the way, you should really check your message before you post it.
  8. Should I own a longarm quilting machine?

    Hello Ladies, I would like to update some news for you - I purchased a Freddie machine! Yes, I did. I purchased it in Feb. during my visit to APQS' Road Show, received the beginner's lesson in late March and now I have completed two quilts. I like it, really happy that I no longer need to baste my quilts. I have the L bobbin, sometimes I am thinking it might be a mistake, should have the M bobbin so I don't need to change bobbins too often, but it is not a big deal. Do you guys have L or M bobbin? If you have L bobbin, are you happy with it? Cheers and y'all have a great day.
  9. Bobbin tension

    I wrote a whole blog post about bobbin tension.
  10. Would you give lessons,on intellquilter? I live in Sarnia
  11. Bobbin tension

    Check to see that everything in the bobbin case is OK. Check the direction the bobbin is turning in the bobbin case, the threading, and the backlash spring. Jim
  12. Hi i had a question for everyone on the ultimate II, has anyone tried using it as a sitdown machine with a foot pedal, its getting hard for me to do frame quilting but i’m not quite ready to let it go and upgrade so i was wondering about using it as a sitdown. let me know any thoughts Thanks Sandy
  13. My bobbin thread is pull to top, its the same thread I always use. Changed needle tighted the top thread still bad
  14. My bobbin thread is pull to top, its the same thread I always use. Changed needle tighted the top thread still bad
  15. You could pay for the new owner class and take it at Sheridan Kay’s quilting in Hendersonville. She teaches IQ as well.
  16. I live in Port Huron, MI, across the river from Sarnia. I'm looking to upgrade and will probably sell my 2009 Millie with or without IQ. It's on a 10FT table. It is wired for the USA.
  17. Wanting circle lord boards

    Do you mind sending me a list with your prices? I may have found one or two from someone else that I am interested in but I know I am wanting more designs. My email is Thank you!
  18. You will not find a better price for a machine that includes IQ!!!
  19. Shorter Rails

    Terminator, please list your location. I agree, swap if possible. APQS does sell 8 and 10 feet tables. Check with your local dealers.
  20. I have a bunch of never used boards for a 10FT table. I bought them and then got a computer before using them and the Circle Lord.
  21. Quilting help for a newbie

    Thank you, Lin, I'll loose it up a try it out. I did follow your suggestion loosing my quilt a little bit and that works, it did not bounce like before. Thank you so much.
  22. Brake issues

    your machine might have come with two allen wrenches. The smaller one should be the one that works with your brake lever.
  23. Last week
  24. Circle Lord and R&S boards for sale

    I am interested in the modern square boards many do you have ?
  25. Quilting help for a newbie

    Hi, I would try loosening the quilt sandwich a bit.....I do believe you want it so all three layers are flat....but you can still see the base of the machine moving ...kinda of like a little mole crawling under there....I usually like it so the top of the quilt looks flat.....but not snug so there is little stretch on the actual fabric...there are some tips on this board and on the APQS website....I would look under "loading the quilt"...for ideas on how snug you want usually...more experts will probably chime in....Lin
  26. Hi Dory! Attached is the spacing and pathway I use for basting for hand-quilters. It would work fine for DSM quilting as well. I use a long stitch length and thick, slippery, contrasting thread for ease of removal. This path requires no long vertical stitching but you still end up with a grid. The customer can remove the stitching as she goes or save it until the end. I charge a half-cent per square inch and usually do only one a year.
  27. Hello, I just got a Freedom in Feb. this year and started to quilt with it in March. My very first quilt was a 9 patches quilt, so I used some rulers to finish the work. My 2nd quilt though, I do the free hand free motion quilting, lots of swirls and some feathers, I didn't purchase the computer system and I can't get used to pantographs. While I do my quilting, I find the quilt kind of bouncing a lot, I did have my quilt rolled it pretty tight. Does it happen to you also? Is this normal? Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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