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  2. Good job! It's usually the simplest thing when things go wrong.
  3. Yes it is, let me know what you would like to know about the machine. You can email me at Debbie
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  5. Where can I purchase a video or manual to use an ultimate 1. My sister and I just purchased a used one and they had nothing to learn how to run it so need help please and thank you.

  6. I have a Millie & IQ for half of new if you are interested. Chrisma
  7. Used Millie for sale

    Yes that is the guy. There was a thread here a month or so back about a customer who did a deal like this with him and the machine was far from perfect and I'm not sure if she has it working yet. It is a shame I've been on this site for more than 10 years and he is the only person here with a bad reputation I have heard of. Nigel
  8. Used Millie for sale

    Wow, I just saw a apqs on eBay. It looked odd. The bid was for an information letter about the machine. It said to google deloas quilt shop. His name was there about the machine.
  9. Used Millie for sale

    Hope it is not Dave Jones. He no longer has a good reputation here. If you are unsure put his name into the search bar at the top of this page. Nigel
  10. APQS Millenium for sale (estate sale)

    My heart jumped a beat when I saw that you're located in Manitoba. I am too! I wish I had the means to buy your mother's wonderful machine right now, I'm still in the saving up phase right now. It's my dream though. Some day soon... I just wanted to wish your family well and hope you find a buyer soon. Tara
  11. Used Millie for sale

    I know someone who will deliver it and service it for you. I need your details to pass on to him.
  12. Used Millie for sale

    I am interested in your machine. I am in Texas will you ship? When was last service?
  13. Pantos for Sale

    Do you still have these pantos available and are you flexible on pricing for entire lot? I would be looking at having them shipped to Myrtle Beach if that were possible.
  14. Luminary

    That is lovely. The quilting design is perfect.
  15. Last week
  16. 2017 Millie with Quiltpath. Have been using prewound bobbins exclusively, mostly Magna Glide without any issues. Had never tried my Turbo winder. Got a client quilt where she wanted a variegated thread. I had a good one with Affinity by Fil-Tec. Then she decided to ask for matching thread in the bobbin. Well, Fil-Tec doesn't offer prewounds in that line that I can find. So I dug out my second bobbin case, and finally figured out how to use the Turbowinder. The bobbins looked like they wound properly. I used the aluminum ones and the same Affinity thread. Set up my machine to quilt. As usual, I tested the tensions on a sample. Ugh! Bobbin tension was bad. so started the routine to adjust it. Tightening the top only made it fractionally better, so I tried the bobbin case adjustments. Went a bit far and tightened it too much, but fixed that fast. Tightened the top several times until on the sample it looked ok. Started the panto. First pattern looked fine, so I continued. Shouldn't have. The rest of the row had wonky back tension and I'm going to have to rip it all out. The only different factor seems to be the aluminum bobbin. I don't have a TOWA gauge, but the "hold up" test was ok. Help! Pamela Sonoran Sky Quilting
  17. ISO used Longarm

    Under used quilting machines not Global used quilting machines. Try this Nigel
  18. Indeed, Penny, that is an honor. Congratulations.
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