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  2. Deb- I don’t do show quilts either, so your method works for me! Thanks!
  3. Gail O

    Just got my Lenni

    Welcome! Enjoy this new adventure.
  4. Quilta93

    Just got my Lenni

    Welcome and congratulations!! Have fun and enjoy!! Deb.
  5. A dealer I talked with said she used to take some tiny stitches, but they ended up working their way out, so she knots and burys her threads. I decided that wasn’t for me. I do not do show quilts. I take a few stitches in one direction then back over the stitches when I start and finish. Deb.
  6. Quilta93


    Sometimes one of the cabinets under my table gets moved a little and my machine gets caught up a little and it drags. Deb.
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  8. NHDeb

    Just got my Lenni

    Welcome and Congratulations on your Lenni! I've had mine almost 2 years and LOVE IT!!!
  9. srichardson

    Just got my Lenni

    Welcome to the forum Irene. Have fun with your new Lenni!
  10. Irene Graber

    Just got my Lenni

    Hi everyone, I’m new to this forum. I just got my Lenni all set up and I did my first practice on it with a pantograph. Didn’t do too bad for my first attempt.
  11. I have a two year old Baby Lock Sewing Machine for sale, paid $4000, asking $3000. Well maintained machine is ready to find a new home. I also have a Koala Cabinet for sale, older model, asking $200. I am located in Central Iowa.
  12. I have a Lucey quilting machine with a 10' table and Bliss tracking system. I purchased it new in October 2015. It is just the same as never used, only quilted 5 quilts and 2 wall hangings. I have 4 pantographs, several cones of threads and a variety of prewound bobbins (L) to offer up as well as approximately 100 needles. I am relocating and have no room for her in our new home. I am asking $11000 and will entertain offers. I am located in Central Iowa.
  13. I'm afraid that's a little far. I'm located in Western Washington. Thanks....Mercedes
  14. Last week
  15. Merryjo2003

    Looking for a pattern

    Thanks so much, Sharon!
  16. quilterkp

    Quilt path vs Intelliquilter

    I don't know where you are located, but the APQS dealer in Hendersonville, NC uses Intelliquilter and it could be tried out there.
  17. Sharon Deming

    Looking for a pattern

    Merry Jo, my Moda connection has forwarded my request for information about the kit and pattern to her contacts at Moda. Will post again when I hear back from her.
  18. Tangled Threads

    Hartley fence

    I have a Hartley Fence that I have not used in years. if anyone is interested please send me an E mail. I will try and answer questions....
  19. StitchRite control system A-1 Elite longarm machine. Used by one owner only. 24" throat on a 12 foot table. Included are: stitch length regulator, hydrulic lift, front and back controls, external bobbin winder.. Also all manuals that came with the machine, Jodi Beamish dvd, The care and feeding of your A-1 quilting machine by Jamie Wallen, Longar 923 instructional video, Stewart Plank's Timing and Tensions dvd, rulter base attachment and any rulers and thread I still have. Just be broken down and transported from Rocky Hill, Ct. All related setting up costs are at buyers expense. Selling for 4500.00
  20. Yes, I still have George. I live in Newton KS. The table, bobbin winder extra needles, bobbins, oil table polish and cloth are included in the price of $4200. If you want to see it you can call me at 316-283-7001
  21. Quilt is magnificent, it appears you are as good as any computer out there. Thanks for sharing. Saundra
  22. quilter46

    George APQS quilter

    I am from central Kansas. Do you still have your George?
  23. Ok. I tried that but it made no difference. I will call in. Thanks
  24. If yours is a new Millie, check that the white plug from the motor assembly is firmly plugged into the control box. Lights might be on at the control box but the motor may not be connected. If that's not it, don't hesitate to call APQS Service at (800) 426-7233
  25. I've only had Millie a week. This morning the power advance light is on but it won't move either way. Neither the foot pedal nor the switch works. What do i need to do. If it was the fuse, the light wouldn't be on, would it? would it blow in a week? Thanks
  26. I have upgraded to a Bliss table and have the original glass table to sell very reasonably! You just make me an offer! We can discuss shipping or pick up- I live in central Minnesota.
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