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  4. Yes it is. Ready for a test drive if you would like.
  5. Hi Beth I am asking 700.00 for it. I got it from Nancy Ziemans store here in Wisconsin. The retail price according to them is 1200.00. This is the price they would sell it for.
  6. How much are you asking for this frame?
  7. Darn Zeke, if I lived closer I would trade you tables? Why did I ever move from Virginia.
  8. My Millie which is getting old, never liked the Rainbow Threads, I had to go to another brand of variegated. However, my industrial embroidery machines love Rainbow.
  9. Joy; I was joking about the Rolodex. It is so before the internet and smart phones that my kids had no idea what it was. Though I can see it as a great tool for your notes and such. Hope you have balanced threads. Cagey
  10. Rolodex- Google will give you more results. It's a great idea for filing and retrieving notes and I just might have to pick one of those up. I'm sure if you keep your eyes open, you might find a used one somewhere. We used them in the office for keeping contact info, before the days of everything being on your smartphone or computer! But I can see where this would be a great way to keep your little notes for quilting tips, as it's always the retrieval issue after you write it down! Great idea Joy!
  11. How funny! A Rolodex is a container that you can turn that holds 2 1/2" x 4" cards to put your names and addresses on. I'm sure most people use their phones now, but I love mine because I can draw pictures on it of quilt designs. I'll show it in my next VLOG on You Tube. Just search "Joy Bernhardt" if interested, but the Rolodex won't be up for a few days.
  12. Joy; I must ask, what is this "Rolodex" you speak of? I asked my daughters about it, and they have no clue what it is or does. When I spoke about the Palm Pilot I used to have they looked at me like I had a third eye. We are living history courses to them, it makes me laugh. Have a great day Cagey
  13. Nigel, Last I checked California is not very close to Iowa lol!! Thanks for all the info!! Hopefully we'll get it sorted out. I appreciate your responses! Robyn
  14. I have found that if the thread "bounces" in the tension spring/knob as you pull on it (testing the tension - while threaded through the needle) that the "bouncing" actually causes issues. So, you should tighten until the bouncing on tension spring stops and the spring stays somewhere between 7:00 and 8:00 on the clock as you pull the thread to test the tension. That seams to work for me! I usually thread through the top and the bottom tension loops. In general, over the years, I've discovered that "TOP THREAD NOT TIGHTENED ENOUGH" is about 90% of the cause of thread issues.
  15. Quilted Joy, Angela Huffman is an angel. She goes above and beyond.
  16. We're you able to locate the 3 or 4_quilting bars for this? If you have, I'd be interested in this. Msg me & we can speak further concerning this machine. Thanks
  17. If this sale falls thru, I'm very interested. Please contact me if that happens. Thank you.
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  19. Thanks for the advice Carol. We shall see what happens when I get everything set up. I just might step down to a 10' table from a 14'. I'm going to have to reconfigure my carriage or the new table first. I have my brain working already on this one. I did something like this 15 years ago with another machine maker and it worked out for the better. Keep your fingers crossed. Zeke.
  20. Should have been clearer.....I don't do this with a walking foot but if I am using a different type of foot to do certain types of quilting, then I loosen the pressure.
  21. I sure do know THAT is true! I do good to remember my name these days. Will put it on my Rolodex. I keep tons of notes and quilt designs on my Rolodex. I have a tab for leaves, bugs, swirls, geometric, etc.
  22. Joy; I am glad things worked out for you. If you don't have one, get a small notebook and write down the thread used and how you ran the thread. This way you can repeat your results without issue, by referencing your notes in the future. Also, record the fabric/batting, so you have a good idea how to handle them if it is not your normal configuration. It is amazing how quickly we forget the details after a few weeks of not doing things. Cagey
  23. Duh, I forgot to say that its a domestic machine Bernia 930, noticed Debbie has used one, so its better to change my ordinary foot to a walking foot and I shouldn't have to lower the feed dogs? Is a darning foot (that's the foot that has a wee hole that needle goes through, most ladies will know my description of this foot, I hope). Thank you for your replies. Angi
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