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  2. Got the binding done today!
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  4. - Yup - hand quilting needed. I know a couple of people in my area who do it for others, so there is likely someone in your area willing to do it, too. I have a friend who is hand quilting a very old and wildly distorted and wonky - and she is just doing her best. It would be impossible on a longarm.
  5. This top is poorly pieced, waay out of square and pretty big.
  6. Wow! You go girl! (just set aside the hand pieced top - it really needs to be hand-quilted).
  7. I am in the process of deciding between an APQS and an Innova. I can't buy for two years, but in that time, plan to decide which machine to buy and also am going to practice by renting time on Innova and APQS longarms. A dear friend has given me 15 tops to quilt for her! She pieced all but one of them. One she purchased for $1 from a garage sale. It is pretty bad -- hand pieced and not even, but practice is practice! One of them is a darling chicken quilt and another is a top of hers that I have admired for years. Some of them want pantos and others are demanding custom. And, of course, there are the rebels that just aren't saying anything. Some of them are gorgeous and others, not so much. This is going to be FABULOUS practice for me. I am so excited!!!! And I will be posting them on here for ideas for quilting.
  8. Nigel, Thanks for the confirmation about the 8 screw, thats what I thought as well. I will send email to apqs today. I'm in Brisbane Australia so th time difference makes it hard to talk to someone at the factory by phone. My Apqs dealer is away at the moment. I Posted the question here on the off chance someone else might have had something similar happen to their machine.
  9. It is time for me to move up to a larger machine and get a computer! So my beloved "Miss Margie" 2013 Lenni is for sale. Here is an image of the details. Message me or email me at smdeming1@gmail.com
  10. I did my own IQ install about six years ago. Watch to make sure your set up is the same as the sellers. I believe there are different brackets for the Bliss table and there is a difference in cables to match the connectors for your front handles. There will also be some minor changes in the settings for Bliss as well. If your setup is different you can get what you need from IQ but I have no idea of the cost. If you have the instructions the install is pretty easy. Nigel
  11. Those are lovely! I adore the squirrel.
  12. could a person install IQ themselves? I am very handy and mechanical. Carol
  13. Hey Mindy, I think we corresponded via email, but just in case you are a different Mindy, yes, it is still available. Edge Rider wheels replace the factory black wheels. This is NOT the bliss system.
  14. What cute projects. I will check into this a bit farther.
  15. Absolutely Beautiful Vicki, I am also new to Long Arm and the site, so Thank you Mary Ann for bringing this up again.. There are so many beautiful quilts !! Thanks everyone for sharing your talents.. Piecing and Quilting!!
  16. If the needle doesn't always stop in the correct position it is not a number 8 screw problem. I suggest calling the factory and see what they suggest. My understanding of the number 8 screw adjustment is it only changes the needle up/down speed (too fast it over runs the stop and keeps cycling and too slow you get old waiting for it) but when the needle stops it should always be in the same spot. Please let us know the solution when you get it fixed. Nigel
  17. Thanks Mary Ann!
  18. That's a great deal, congrats on the Millie!
  19. I am just reading this as I don't seem to get here as often as I would like...I am sorry that you are feeling so bad Mary Beth, I sure hope that headache goes away soon and they find out why it is happening. Also Cathy, I hope the same for your grandson...praying for both of you!
  20. Here are a few more Collage projects I just finished . I am teaching and have the opportunity to offer this technique through a satelite class hosted by Sharon Blackmore of Love Shack Quilts, if you are interested here is the link ( https://www.loveshackquilts.ca/product-page/terry-s-collage-workshop-satellite ). I will give you preparation videos to be ready for the class on Sept 30th, Then she will video me though out the day with tips on how to get started, cutting tips, eye options, finishing your project to be able to hang it. I encourage to jump out of your box and create a one of a kind project. The videos will be live so you will be able to ask questions as I am being videoed. The videos stay on the facebook page so you will be able to go back and watch them over and over or watch at a later date if you are busy that day. Or if you are in the Airdrie Alberta area I would love to teach you in person. This is a fun and freeing process once you get going you can have a lot of fun.
  21. Agree with both responses. Skills will travel And having the freedom to move make your heart sing.
  22. Very pretty! Glad you are loving your Milli.
  23. Hi I need help with mums 2008 Millie. The needle up and down will not work each time consistently or at all.I have done the adjustment to the 8 screw at the rear of the machine. I can get it too work a couple times. Then a few minutes later it won't work at all or it bunny hops. The bunny hopping doesn't happen everytime but sometimes it starts on its own if I bump one button. I have checked that all connections are in properly. The needle doesn't always stop in the correct up or down position but somewhere in between. I have been able to do this adjustment on my own freedom machine without any problems but adjusting the 8 screw doesn't fix the problem on the Millie.
  24. Hi I am thinking of selling my APQS millennium 12" table with Bliss and Quilt Glide 22 December 2010 Just wondering if anyone is interested out there or may know someone who is wanting one It is a great machine and I am still using it so if would to take a look at it please contact me Joy Victoria, Australia fberger1@bigpond.com
  25. Hi I am thinking I might sell my APQS Millennium December 2010 Machine with Bliss and Quilt Glide on a 12 foot table Excellent machine with many extras If anyone in Australia is interested please contact Joy at fberger1@bigpond.com
  26. I think that APQS has a better stitch regulator. A friend and I tried an Innova this past weekend (with the Lightening Stitch) and there were some long stitches here and there. When we tried out the APQS machines at a road show, I didn't see any long stitches at all. I do wish that APQS had something similar to the Panto Vision, though.
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