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  2. Gorgeous quilt and quilting!
  3. Shana, how did that lady act on previous visits to drop off and pick up quilts from you? I am sorry she was so hateful. Grrrrrrr..........
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  5. When I stitch slow (happens only when doing stitch in the ditch) from right to left I get birds nest of top thread on the back of the quilt, the top looks fine. Here are two pictures of the back of the quilt. I'm using microquilter on the top and magna glide classics in the bobbin. I can quilt freehand with no problem, even freehand right to left with now problem. Any ideas? I did clean the machine thoroughly and I put a new needle in before the last quilt but that didn't change anything. I also checked for burrs and didn't find any.
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  7. Martelli Hoops

    Kathy; It looks interesting, but I would suggest you try one out before purchase. I thought the original rings would be great for my George, and found I did not like them. I felt it was difficult the quilt sandwich nice flat and tight under the ring. Then when I was working, part of the ring was off the front of the table most of the time. I ended up giving one ring away, and never use the other. I for one found batt scoots or just my hands with a little Neutrogena hand cream worked best for me. The scoots give you grip as does the hand cream which are dried out from the fabric. You will have to figure out what works best for you, and then use that method. Best of luck to you. Cagey
  8. Ok, Ann, just got off the phone with Jeff (he was at work so it was a short call) and he had a couple of questions. First of all, he is in the SF East Bay area, so that's really good. But he was wondering if you had the Bliss table and was it white. He wants to put Quilt Path on any 14' table he gets and he would rather have a black table (which mine is). He is going back and forth about buying my table because he does want the longer table and mine is too short for what he wants. He is an APQS rep out there in CA, so he really knows what he wants. What do you think, can this work? You can contact me at with more questions. Thanks!
  9. Another program that I use to organize and categorize my designs is Evernote. There is a free version, but I'm using the paid version. Anywhoo, you can add tags to each photo of your quilt designs. That way if a customer says she only wants to spend a certain amount, I can search for designs that are in that budget and let the customer decide what they like from a shorter list. This has served me well also.
  10. I found a very reasonable software program for just this purpose and it works great and is easy to use. It's called Quilter's Lightbox. You take a picture of the quilt and load it into the program. Then you can bring in pictures of your quilting designs and overlay them on the picture of the quilt. You can select thread colors, size the designs, and play play play. I think it only cost around $25, so very reasonable.
  11. Martha, Can't hurt to see what he thinks! I'm in the SF East Bay area if you want to mention that to him. Thank you! Ann
  12. He also raises Chihuahuas and his web page says his home and kennel are located on 3 acres nestled in the California coastal mountains. "There are large play yards shaded by aromatic bay laurels, redwoods and coast live oak that provide space and freedom for socializing and exercise." So it sounds like he does live somewhere in northern California. Want me to call him and see if he's interested?
  13. Martha, Do you know where he lives in CA? If it's in Northern CA, maybe we can figure something out?!
  14. Too bad because I have someone interested in my Millennium head here in Destin, FL, but doesn't want the 10' table. He lives in California and was hoping to not have to transport the table all the way back there. I think he was looking for a 12' or 14' table? Wish we could do a three way sale.
  15. Martelli Hoops

    Has anyone tried the new Martelli Designer Hoops with George? These new Hoops are square and have snap-in rulers. Seems like it would be easier than holding a ruler in place while moving the quilt. The hoop helps keep everything flat and holds the ruler too. I’d love to hear your opinion if you have tried these.
  16. 2016 APQS LUCEY WITH QUILT PATH ASKING $20,000. 2016 Lucey with a 12ft Bliss Standard Table with Quilt Path. It has been lightly used, less than 25 quilts have been finished on this machine. Also includes the Hartley Base and turbo bobbin winder. Purchaser is responsible for disassembling machine, pick up, transportation, re-assembly and all other associated costs. Located in Illinois.
  17. Oh wow. I guess I haven't checked in here in many moons. I didn't know of Rita's passing. She will be missed.
  18. Yes I have a sale on the George. Thank you for your interest though
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  20. Sold

    No, it has been sold. I don't know how to delete the post:(
  21. Sold

    Is the machine still for sale???
  22. Pink Halloween Quilt

    I love it! Awesome quilting.
  23. 2008 Millennium for Sale

    Just wanted to let ya'll know, the price is negotiable! Just ask!
  24. really went through a lot......I mostly don't have pain anymore.....still working on the range of motion, at least I can sleep a bit better now.....I love your recipe for an ice bag....I have a couple of bought ice packs....but they don't really fit the shoulder almost fits....but warms up quickly......I don't use ice as much as I first did....only when I do something that causes a bit more pain.....I am starting to use my arm more when I am not thinking about it....which is a good sign...but I need to be aware of what I am doing....yesterday, I did a bit of light raking ....and it went a little sore but recovered nicely overnight.....enjoy your new to you Freedom.....I am sort of longing for a freedom or millie also as the controls are on the front...not on the side like Lucey.....I finally did put a small piece on the frame two days ago...and I was able to at least meander although reaching to the back I could feel the stretch......I am happy about it though....I have missed being able to quilt....Lin
  25. Used Freedom for sale

    I actually have a buyer. No longer available.
  26. Pink Halloween Quilt

    Awesome quilt and the quilting is spectacular--- or should I SPOOKTATULAR
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