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  2. So I have my bliss table all assembled and ready to go except I cannot connect the encoder cabes to my 2008 Lenni. The Cat5 cable is too large to fit the phone jack size on my Lenni. My rep is going to call APQS Monday morning. I was just wondering if anyone else ran into this problem? I'm hoping APQS has an adapters they can send out asap. Really would like to give it a try. I have a zipper system to put on and think it would go much easier with the stitch regulator than without. Me with obe of my helpers Ed O'Leary knocked it out in a morning
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  4. Great. Thank you so much. I will be in touch very soon. Zeke.
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  6. August 2006. If you google the title I think you can find the pattern online, too. A big thank you to everyone for the nice comments.
  7. Which circle lord boards do you still have available? Thank you
  8. Glad you found it.
  9. Carmen One thing to look for is a groove in the U of the check spring. You might need a magnifying glass to see or if you have one of those seam rippers with the blade you can drag it side to side and see if it catches. I think I've had to change ours out at about 3 or 4 years. Nigel
  10. I finally took the assembly apart and found the reason for the problem was the entire assembly had moved away from the head. When the thread went through the tension disks it was catching on the grooves on the post and breaking. I have not had any tension problems until today so never realized the tension assembly had to be tightened. Lesson learned!
  11. Sounds like something is caught in the tension discs. Take it apart and clean it should do the trick.
  12. I have been trying to quilt with Invisifil and the thread continually broke. Changed the needle, put silicone on the thread and piece of batting in the first guide, rethreaded and ran thread through one hole above tension disks, and loosened quilt on the frame. Nothing helped and then I found the thread was not pulling easily through the tension disks no matter how much I loosened them. Tried So Fine and had the same problem. The check spring is at 11:00 as it should be so I am wondering if there is something else that I need to do or if I will have to replace the tension assembly. Thanks for your help!
  13. tin lizzie apprentice long arm quilting machine, 1.3 years old, with 10 foot phoenix frame (can be built to 5 feet also). built in bobbin winder, digital stitching, lcd display, stitch regulator, front and back handles, uv lighting, 18" throat space, M size large bobbin, extension table for pantographs with gracie laser and rear handle controls. adjustable stitch length, cloth leaders included. original accessories and tools included. local pick up in manhattan only. frame will be set up and able to try out until july 7. contact me for more photos. $3500. upgrading to millie!!
  14. What are you looking for in the way of a CD? Some particular information?
  15. Sent you a PM.
  16. How many of you have the M bobbin? How do they perform tension wise? Also, I see that they have metal and aluminum bobbins. Which of those are best?
  17. Congrats! You deserve it! Can't wait to see the beautiful quilting you will be doing on it.
  18. It is absolutely beautiful with exquisite quilting? What issue of McCalls has the pattern?
  19. Zeke Im going to repack the 10 foot table in the boxes my 12 foot table arrived in and save in my garage until you can come in July. That way all will be safe. Garage is pretty full as my son is living here for awhile with family and taking up much of my storage space.
  20. Although the boxes were a bit beat up in their travels all seems to be intact inside. I will see this morning as we begin our assembly. Getting my coffee this morning, already read over the assembly instructions last night, and then let the fun begin. We should have pictures by this afternoon. I am an optimist. This is my retirement present to myself for 27 and a half years working as a full charge bookkeeper at a dredging company. I'm not out yet, but keeping my fingers crossed that my 2nd trainee will not quit before I can get out. Wish me luck!
  21. Congratulations on all the ribbons! Your quilt is beautiful and the quilting is absolutely awesome!!
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  23. Thank you everyone. I've contacted Nolting and arranged for them to do up my Ultimate 1. i can't wait!
  24. Lora: If you don't want to spend $100 on a new one, look on e-Bay for a used industrial one. You can either buy the bits to make one up (winder, motor, switch) yourself, or you will probably run across a complete used unit. I bought a complete one a couple of years ago for about $40. Works great. The commercial sewing rooms use them all the time. I wouldn't bother with any of the home machine units intended for the hobby sewer. They just aren't designed for the heavy use we give them. Jim
  25. Hi. I have a George machine and a paper manual but a flash drive would be great.
  26. Hi I'm needing to upgrade my quilting situation. I would like a Handiquilter Studio Frame (already have a Hq16, just need to upgrade the frame). I would also be interested in an Ultimate frame and machine. I'm in the DFW area. Thank you!
  27. Yes, watch the You Tube video, it tells you so much info. Use your longarm to make the channel.
  28. Hi Thanks for this and that is the quilt I am going to make. When I talked to the company they said most of the fabrics were not available so had used substitutes. They could not say which fabrics they would send but most of them would be less than one repeat which would make it hard to fussy cut some of the flowers. I decided to try and get the fabrics I really like and choose the rest from Kaffe, Philip Jacobs and Liberty prints. I did buy quiet a few from this company for this and future quilts. Thanks for taking the time to look. Fingers crossed I may have found one of the fabrics in Europe. I found the Iris and Peony in USA but they will not ship to UK so I will keep looking that and the others. Tracey
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