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  2. Oh wow. I guess I haven't checked in here in many moons. I didn't know of Rita's passing. She will be missed.
  3. Yes I have a sale on the George. Thank you for your interest though
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  5. No, it has been sold. I don't know how to delete the post:(
  6. Is the machine still for sale???
  7. Pink Halloween Quilt

    I love it! Awesome quilting.
  8. 2008 Millennium for Sale

    Just wanted to let ya'll know, the price is negotiable! Just ask!
  9. really went through a lot......I mostly don't have pain anymore.....still working on the range of motion, at least I can sleep a bit better now.....I love your recipe for an ice bag....I have a couple of bought ice packs....but they don't really fit the shoulder almost fits....but warms up quickly......I don't use ice as much as I first did....only when I do something that causes a bit more pain.....I am starting to use my arm more when I am not thinking about it....which is a good sign...but I need to be aware of what I am doing....yesterday, I did a bit of light raking ....and it went a little sore but recovered nicely overnight.....enjoy your new to you Freedom.....I am sort of longing for a freedom or millie also as the controls are on the front...not on the side like Lucey.....I finally did put a small piece on the frame two days ago...and I was able to at least meander although reaching to the back I could feel the stretch......I am happy about it though....I have missed being able to quilt....Lin
  10. Used Freedom for sale

    I actually have a buyer. No longer available.
  11. Pink Halloween Quilt

    Awesome quilt and the quilting is spectacular--- or should I SPOOKTATULAR
  12. Last week
  13. Baby Lock Tiara 16" midarm quilting machine $3,000 in great condition! This is the same free motion quilting machine as a sit-down Handi Quilter Sweet Sixteen, with a different label. The Baby Lock Tiara is one of those compact free motion home quilting machines that has a footprint just a little bigger than a large sewing and embroidery machine. Unlike the large 10ft stand-up quilting machines which require a separate room or garage, the Tiara easily sits against one wall. This machine is also much easier to learn and use than a stand-up longarm machine. On the Tiara, you are sitting down and moving the quilt sandwich, rather than the machine, to quilt. You are familiar with those movements, but now you will have a large surface to spread your heaviest quilts, and a large arm space to give you options for stitch in the ditch, free motion all- over designs or intricate patterns, if that’s what you want! This table and machine are perfect for a quilter who wants to expand their home quilting capabilities. And, no need to take your beautiful quilt tops to someone else, and paying, and waiting hopefully, that the quilting will be what you wanted! Model BLTR16, which has large 8.25” x 16” throat space. Vertical spool pin ¼” Hopping foot Customizable speed control Large, adjustable color LCD touch screen shows: Programmable Needle Positioning: Needle Up/Down Uses large capacity Type M bobbins Accommodates needle sizes 12/80 – 20/125. Table size is 36”long x 30” deep PLUS table extension, which adds another 18” to length of table, but can be dropped when not being used. Lots of accessories - separate bobbin winder, free motion quilting gloves, horizontal spool pin for specialty threads, bobbins, needles, oil, overlay for table, and 2 special gripping hoops. I have the original boxes for transporting the machine.
  14. And I just sent you one back . K
  15. Kathy, I sent you a message.
  16. Update: Memory Quilts and a FREEDOM Purchase!

    Sewingpup, I'm sorry for the loss of your brother, it's hard to process the loss of a sibling so young, isn't it? As for your shoulder, I know exactly what you're going through with your recooperation. I wish you a full return to movement and joint freedom! My first one took almost a couple years to not be hurting, but they did extensive bone work because of a defect in the bone shape from birth. I just wish it hadn't taken so many years to get them to deal with it. Then five years later they did the left one, same problem but with a tear as well. That one took about a year and a half, but I knew what to do and not to do. Both surgeries also included the AC joint like you had as well. Keep up on your therapy, and do use ice - icing my shoulder was my friend. Regular sewing still gives me some pain. I think it's the sitting and arms forward moving fabric under the needle. But I truly can't complain compared to what I dealt with before. ETA: I used a mix of half isopropyl alcohol and distilled water in a double layered freezer bag and freeze that. When I need to ice my shoulders I take it out of the freezer and break it up easily and it forms to the shoulder so well, it's like hard slush. Keep a hand towel between your skin and the bag, though, and only for up to 20 minutes at a time.
  17. Update: Memory Quilts and a FREEDOM Purchase!

    Thank you, Gator. I wondered where everyone was at. I'll have to check that FB group out. But I do like the forum here. I just was hurting for so long that I could seldom use my machine and stopped participating. But I hope to engage here again and meet new people and gain new ideas and hopefully help others, too.
  18. Update: Memory Quilts and a FREEDOM Purchase!

    Thank you, Vickie. i have an update on that, but I'm still just as excited! I found a lightly used 2009 Freedom only 65 miles away, went and test drove it and purchased it. It has the hydraulic lift as well as the quilt advance, and I'm upgrading the table to Bliss. So all the things I need! I'll be bringing it home at the end of the month!
  19. Update: Memory Quilts and a FREEDOM Purchase!

    Cagey, I didn't use ties. I just used pieces left from his shirts after the first two quilts. I sewed them together and then appliquéd the large circle on the backing. Then appliqués the little center circle over the inner blad ends, then quilted. I had a small template for the blade from MSQC but I made a plastic one larger for this. I believe each blade was 11 1/2" long, both for the center and the four corner quarters.
  20. Loyal customers. ???

    Custom quilting is beautiful, but the pantos and freehands are the money makers.
  21. Update: Memory Quilts and a FREEDOM Purchase!

    My Ultimate was just upgraded with the Intellistitch stitch regulation, not IQ. THAT is still a dream!
  22. Used Freedom for sale

    Yes the machine is still available. You can come and see it when you are available.
  23. Thanks for letting me know. Good luck with your vehicle.
  24. Used Freedom for sale

    Saturday did not work for us, we had to get home by a certain time. I will be at the Sioux City Quilt show this weekend......if available I am still interested, but could NOT come see till next weekend. Please let me know if still available.
  25. I love the way that you worked the crosshatch around the appliqué so that the flowers appear to float above the background. I did that on a quilt earlier this year and it isn't easy to get all the crosshatch lined up. You did a great job.
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