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  2. As I was walking out the door yesterday to go on vacation I received a flyer in the mail from AARP saying that they carried home business insurance with Hartford (I think) for AARP members. I didn't have time to read it all but put it in my inbox to read when I get back from vacation. Many of us are probably AARP members and this would be a nice benefit.
  3. It won't be an IQ issue, if anything the tension should be better with IQ because it operates a constant speed. When you say the tension on the front gets too tight what do you mean? Is the top thread laying on the top, are you breaking the top thread or are you just seeing the bobbin thread in the needle holes. Try setting your bobbin tension the way Jamie Wallen does and then adjust your upper tension to suit. It works for a lot of us. Nigel
  4. Double Baptist Fan Boards - These are NOT Circle Lord boards as I thought. I believe they are R&S Design boards. There are 4 boards and they measure 12" x 25" each or 100". These design boards are made of a strong, light-weight PVC like material with nonskid backing. Multiple boards can be connected end-to-end to make longer boards. Also, I have a Double Spiral Design Board of the same material for $25. There are two large spirals on one board. See patterns below. Thank you Plumpurple for your great help getting the correct info on the boards! Love the awesome members on this forum!
  5. Barbara, I'm sorry, but not sure these are Circle Lord boards, perhaps someone on this forum can help identify make. I want to stick with Circle Lord, thanks anyway, Sharon
  6. Hi, No I don't have Paypal or anything. If you would just send a money order or check I won't deposit it until I get word from you that you've received it. My home phone number is 719-269-1616 if you want to phone me about it all. I didn't realize that I also have another single board with 2 spirals on it. I think it's an R & S board but not sure. I can sell that to you for $25. The shipping by UPS would only be about $20 but I won't charge you for shipping
  7. Just sent message again after I finally figured out how! lol
  8. Barbara, yes, I want the Circle Lord Baptist Fan Boards. Do you have PayPal or how do you prefer payment? I did not get your message, try to pm me again then we can trade information. Thanks, Sharon
  9. I apologize for not getting back to you sooner. The trip out of town today took hours longer than it should have but when you deal with medical things that's how it goes. lol There are 4 of the Baptist Fan boards. They measure 12" wide by 25 long each or 100". It is the double fan boards. I didn't realize that I also have another single board with 2 spirals on it. I think it's an R & S board but not sure. I can sell that to you for $25. I've attached pictures of what they both look like. The shipping by UPS would only be about $20 but I won't charge you for shipping Thank you, Barbara
  10. Hi, Did you receive my reply to your message? MtnBarb
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  12. I've got directional tension issues when using my IQ pantos. It seems that it is fine when just testing in manual mode. When I start the panto, the stitching on the back of the quilt lays on top of the quilt when going the the backward direction. If I tighten the tension to alleviate this issue, the tension on the front is too tight. I've also tried a bigger needle, rotating the needle, lighter thread in the bobbin, and slowing the speed down. Nothing has helped. I've read and tried all of the suggestions posted thus far. Any help. Is it at all related to the IQ software?
  13. Sent you PM. Available or not?
  14. Wow I really like it. So with it quilted up does it still work as a tablecloth or do you take it off so the glasses don't fall over?
  15. Hi, am interested in your Baptist Fan Circle Lord giant boards, i sent a pm for shipping estimate. Sharon
  16. Oh how beautiful. I too, thought of water movement when I seen it. Love the panto. All goes together so well. Great Job.
  17. Thanks Nigel, I would love to move this machine for the customer. She is open to offers! Thanks, Joanne
  18. Another thing to think about is support. With Quilt Path it's one call and you get help with your machine and Quilt Path.
  19. It will help prospective buyers if you post your location and if you have the original boxes.
  20. There is an inexpensive floor spray called Staticide. It's available on Amazon. Mike, APQS Engineer, said they have been testing it. It leaves no visible residue and it lasts quite a while. I'll definitely be trying some this winter!
  21. Hi Ann. Did that not help you going to the edit page and finding the box in the lower right corner? That's where most of that type of problems are. Zeke.
  22. Very well said Linda. Any dealer can tell you what your machine is worth (blue book), if you give them the serial number.
  23. I have many vintage table cloths either from family or estate sales. Can't seem to help myself from collecting them! You have inspired me to try something new. Your work is amazing and it turned out beautifully!
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  25. I have had the same issue and done as Nigel suggested - turning the needle, using a 4.5 and shorter stitches... Better results and less thread shredding.
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