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    Super clear view

    I had this made the other day. Kind of makes quilting a little more exiting. The place that did it couldn't cut all the holes. So I used a drill press to do the others. Pretty cool, right. Zeke.
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    Haloween wall hanging

    Quilted this on my George for granddaughter Conner. I purchased the panel in Laramie this past summer. Great quilt shop there.
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    donna sco

    NQR EM is cancer free

    The doctors say EM is cancer free--no leukemia. Today she had the broviac line removed She is attending school as she can between continued visits to clinic to monitor blood, kidneys, etc. She was diagnosed on 3/4/16 and the past few months have been rough. Thank you for your prayers. The family believes strongly in prayer.
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    That one is pretty, what is the name of it? Let us see the quilt when it is done.
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    Ready to work on that panto again!!

    Have fun Mary Beth!!!