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    In a pinch neat trick

    I am finishing a quilt and in order to get the right color for the accents I used two threads. Don't have a duel cone holder so used small spools of Mettler's poly sheen, used fabric tack glue and attached to cone holder. Worked like a charm. Hope this helps someone!
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    I can't believe I did this

    You guys! Most of you probably see this all the time, but it is the first time for me and The Beast. This is the bottom edge and corner of the quilt I am finishing today, I hope. I stole a few minutes before work to baste down the last edge so it is ready when I get another few minutes for the last pass. I float my tops. If I have been very, very good while piecing, the top edge of the quilt might look this good, but to be able to lock The Beast horizontally and stay between 1/4" and 1/8" all the way across only 10" from the last quilted pass without tugging or pulling has never happened before. All. The. Way. Across. The. Final. Edge! You are the only ones who will understand why I am grinning and patting myself on the back.
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    Newbie Saying Hi!

    Just put in my order for a Lenni (w/ 12 ft bliss table) yesterday! Beyond excited! Waving a big Hello to everyone from here in the Monadnock Region of NH!
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    Help Milly won't turn on

    Pam; Start from the power source and work you way to your machine. Is the GFI wall outlet popped, check to see if outlet powered using nightlight. Yes, then is power strip circuit breaker popped, check to see if strip powered using nightlight. Yes, do you have an extension cord to your machine, is there power at the end of the cord? Was the fuse you replaced good? Use a volt meter to ensure it is not broken, do an Ohms check; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1iHRESNMFAg All good and you only have one fuse, call APQS come Monday. They will have you up and running in no time. Cagey
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    Another question about t-shirt quilts.

    Bobbie, the meandering goes right through the screen printing, not around it. Generally, T-shirt quilts already have so much going on that the quilting design is not all that important to the finished look of the quilt.
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    stitchin cricket

    It has ARRIVED.

    Congratulations on your Millie!!! You are going to love her. I purchased mine last Christmas, and I still can't believe I have her. You are going to have so much fun!!!! Happy Quilting,
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    In a pinch neat trick

    The spools just pulled right off and I rubbed the rest of glue off the stand. ( like rubber cement) I thought about using poster putty, but couldn't find any so resorted to the glue.
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    Bobbin Bits

    I use my low bobbins to hand sew and I also use them as my top thread with my DSM. Deb.
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    Rollers won't stay tight on Lenni

    Liz Now that you know how to adjust the brake get some blue loctite loosen the bolt apply one or two drops of loctite on the threads and tighten back up. You brake will not come loose again. Nigel
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    Judy, today I was quilting on MG (Mega-George) and I realized another important reason why I love using Sharon Schamber's basting method. I am doing more and more ruler work and the rulers just sit unimpeded on the basting thread. If I were using safety pins, I would need to remove all of the pins in the ruler's area, too.
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    I, too, use the Sharon Schamber method and I have used it on all sizes of quilts. It always works. I love not using the safety pins and clamps. Good luck, Judy, in finding the method that works for you and that you feel most comfortable with!
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    Memory Photo Quilt

    That looks awesome!
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    Memory Photo Quilt

    Looks lovely. You did a great job.
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    Best Feather Book?

    I will order "Hooked on Feathers" and Deloa Jones, book, too! And, you would be amazed at how badly I can screw up feathers!~
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    I make 30 to 60 t-shirt quilts a year. From 9 to 36 shirts. I never stabilize them unless there is something wrong with the shirt. I use either 80/20 cotton or poly batting which ever the customer wants. I have used fleece on the back with no problems. I use the swirl boards by Circle Lord or an all over meander that covers nicely .
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    I typically use a grey Omni thread with Hobbs poly batt on the tshirt quilts I do for customers. I use a wide open meander and the shirts have all been stabilized with a non-woven fusible interfacing. I make sure not to leave any area bigger than a generous fist unquilted. They go FAST and I can make really good money doing t-shirt quilts- especially if my computer is stitching them while I'm working on something else.
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    Another question about t-shirt quilts.

    I've made a few tshirt quilts and they all turned out fine. None were as big as yours, though. I meandered using SoFine thread...aside from avoiding real thick seams, I just stitched all over the whole thing. No need to avoid the screen printing. I use Hobbs 80/20 on some, QD select on others and both were fine. I've always constructed the flimsy myself, so it was properly stabilized. They are heavy, but Lola never had a problem stitching thru them. Good luck.
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    I just finished another t-shirt quilt yesterday. I always try to just meander and use either light weight poly or 80/20. The one I did was suppose to be a Christmas gift but the guy passed on Sat. and so I finished it and gave to his girlfriend of 19 years. So sad but she has lots of memories of him playing softball through the years.
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    Another question about t-shirt quilts.

    I believe that those blocks are way too big to leave unquilted. Overall meander, with neutral or invisible thread will give her a much better quilt, and should give you a happier customer. Linda Rech recommend Mountain Mist polyester for T-shirt quilts recently, and I am keeping that in mind for the next time I do one. http://forum.apqs.com/index.php?/topic/36712-light-batting-question/?hl=t-shirt
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    I've recently completed several t-shirt quilts and found that an all-over meander worked well, as it enabled the quilting to look balanced. Meandering also helped me focus on certain areas. I used a cotton batting and neutral thread because I wanted the t-shirts to dominate. I should mention that these were what I call memory quilts, quilted for friends who had recently lost a loved one. In addition to t-shirts, I included photos and clothing (onesie, scout shirt, etc.). I did not quilt over the photos but around them on the sashing. The recipients love and treasure the quilts, including the quilting! Nancy V
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    Help Milly won't turn on

    Check for a blown fuse. The fuse cubby on mine is at the back, right side just above the cone holder for the bobbin winder. There should be extra fuses inside. Check your manual for location and how to open the drawer.