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    I dew quilting

    Vintage Quilt

    This is a customer quilt that I recently finished. It has been delivered so I can share The top is about 40 years old. She loves vintage pieces. The top is 74X90, with a lot of open space. She didn't want any quilting on the face or arms but said do whatever I wanted with feathers and pebbles. Had fun quilting this one. All quilting is freehand on my Millie. 2 layers of batting, 80/20 on the bottom and wool on the top, SoFine thread. Sorry can only load one picture
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    T Row Studio

    I'm SEW Excited ( edited video added )

    Edited post with a short video tour of my Featured quilted area at the show. I Hope you enjoy I will post pictures of my quilts next week I am so excited today is our local Quilt show. I have been named one the feature quilters at our show . This is quite and honor I am given a special area where 20 of my own quilts will be hung. I have selected some of my favorite quilts I have made over the years as well as some new ones I got done under the wire. I also have 7 more that are in the actual show. I am looking forward to sharing my quilts with everybody in the Red Deer and surrounding areas. My Daughter is coming today before the show stars and photographing my quilts I will show pictures after the week end. Here is the before picture of 22 of my quilts yesterday morning as I was packing them up. Have a great week-end I know I will enjoy all the visiting Laughing and shopping ans Sharing that goes with this kind of event.
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    My Tribute to Betty

    4 years ago today I lost my best friend and quilting buddy, Betty O'Leary. I just finished quilting this beautiful applique quilt top of hers as a tribute to her.
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    Breaking the rules

    My customer requested "pretty but on a budget". The panto we chose was pretty, but I just couldn't stand how the stars looked. My customer agreed to pay extra for SID around the stars - I love the results!! The SID really didn't take very long, and without all the other work that goes into a custom quilting job, it was budget friendly. This could be my new "in-between" quilting for those who don't want full custom but want something a little better than E2E. Carol
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    T Row Studio

    Collage quilt samples for Satellite Class

    Here are a few more Collage projects I just finished . I am teaching and have the opportunity to offer this technique through a satelite class hosted by Sharon Blackmore of Love Shack Quilts, if you are interested here is the link ( https://www.loveshackquilts.ca/product-page/terry-s-collage-workshop-satellite ). I will give you preparation videos to be ready for the class on Sept 30th, Then she will video me though out the day with tips on how to get started, cutting tips, eye options, finishing your project to be able to hang it. I encourage to jump out of your box and create a one of a kind project. The videos will be live so you will be able to ask questions as I am being videoed. The videos stay on the facebook page so you will be able to go back and watch them over and over or watch at a later date if you are busy that day. Or if you are in the Airdrie Alberta area I would love to teach you in person. This is a fun and freeing process once you get going you can have a lot of fun.
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    The Bedford Historical Society asked our guild to make them a raffle quilt for 2017. I've always wanted to make this quilt since I saw it in McCalls Quilting Magazine a number of years ago. I used Hobbs 80/20 batting, So Fine on top and Bottom Line in the bobbin. I added an extra row to the top and side of the pattern so it would be queen size. It won 2 First Place Awards, a Second Place and best longarm machine quilting in 3 different area quilt shows. Only one judge said she saw shadowing. I did try to press seams open, but it was easier to sew nine patches ironing to one side. How do you try to prevent shadowing? Honor Abides Here (2) by Libby G, on Flickr Cumberland MD quilt show 097 by Libby G, on Flickr Honor Abides Here (5) by Libby G, on Flickr Honor Abides Here (3) by Libby G, on Flickr
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    I was "forced" to play with Lucey

    This is the quilt I made for my first granddaughter's graduation from the book Bella Bella quilts. It is my version of NON-paper pieced paper piecing. My mind just doesn't work backwards, so I break the pattern down into units and then connect them into the wedge segments. I had my husband cut out plexi template rulers to trim the units. I started this after Easter and it went together pretty quickly. SID the borders and the outside of the Xs. Feathers in the upper purple/teal sections and loops in the bottom ones. The star is from a shirt from each grandpa, the dark from the other grandpa who has been gone a couple years now, the light from one swiped from my husband. The label is inserted into the western snap pocket from the dark shirt with a ribbon and kite from hubby's shirt.
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    Here's what some pixy dust did! :)

    Here's the trouble area of my quilt, quilted! I had to put a pleat in the blue sash, but I think it itturned out pretty good for as wonky as it was.
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    I can't believe I did this

    You guys! Most of you probably see this all the time, but it is the first time for me and The Beast. This is the bottom edge and corner of the quilt I am finishing today, I hope. I stole a few minutes before work to baste down the last edge so it is ready when I get another few minutes for the last pass. I float my tops. If I have been very, very good while piecing, the top edge of the quilt might look this good, but to be able to lock The Beast horizontally and stay between 1/4" and 1/8" all the way across only 10" from the last quilted pass without tugging or pulling has never happened before. All. The. Way. Across. The. Final. Edge! You are the only ones who will understand why I am grinning and patting myself on the back.
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    Quilts for two new arrivals

    I can share these now that they have been gifted! The brightly colored one is a pattern from Moda bake shop, the blue and gray is an Urban 9 patch from Sew kind of Wonderful
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    In a pinch neat trick

    I am finishing a quilt and in order to get the right color for the accents I used two threads. Don't have a duel cone holder so used small spools of Mettler's poly sheen, used fabric tack glue and attached to cone holder. Worked like a charm. Hope this helps someone!
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    Two quilts finished....

    These were two that I asked for ideas on back in Nov and have finally finished them and gotten them out to their owners....like all of you, the rush of finishing quilts and then getting ready for Christmas has kept me busy....but here they are... The first one is an older top that she wanted finished and since the fabrics were such deep greens and reds (solids) I decided to use a variegated Christmas thread and then just stipple the block backgrounds....she loved it! The second quilt is a gorgeous wool appliqué quilt that the maker was very scared to send to a longarmer, she had always hand quilted her own quilts and needed this for a show in Jan and just ran out of time...I think I may have changed her thinking on using a longarmer as she also was very happy with it!
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    Little House Creations

    Applique quilts

    I've been away from this forum for a while - life sometimes gets in the way - but I have still been quilting! I thought I'd share a few of the beautiful applique quilts that I have had the privilege of quilting over the past few months - the first one is a Wendy Williams quilt (Urban Owl). Isn't it bright and cheerful! Hobbs Wool batting and Superior So-Fine thread
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    Mary Beth

    Entering a Show

    I cannot take credit for these quilts. I bought the quilt tops, I did not piece them. I wish I had. Now Sheri Butler thinks I can sew. Anyway, I mailed these quilt tops to Sheri Butler after I sold my machine. I distinctly told her not to do anything special. I was thinking since I didn't make them, there was no real attachment. There is now!!! So anyway, we are entering these too quilts into UQSM (formerly HMQS). This one is a vintage quilt. I purchased the top from craigslist. They lady that purchased it had passed away and her husband was selling some of her things. This one is a baby quilt. I purchased the top from a quilt shop that went out of business in Liberty, MO.
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    Triangle block Baby Quilt

    Today my daughter brought over another quilt that she is doing for a co-worker of hers. We had a lot of fun choosing the pattern. She did another great job piecing this quilt and Quilt Path did a great job quilting it. She was totally impressed with the consistent stitches and that QP knew exactly where to go!
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    Mary Beth

    The Millie Give Away

    Pick me! Pick me!! Ok, ok, I know they will not be calling me. I already have a machine. Seems like they give them to people who do not already have a machine. But a girl can hope.
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    Crosshatching with a computerized system is tough because of fabric draw up and matching each point across the quilt after each roll. I haven't crosshatched an entire quilt but did crosshatching on a custom quilt surrounding all the blocks. I used a ruler from quilters apothecary made for crosshatching.
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    Help with quilt ideas

    Okay. Thanks for the thoughts. I'll audition them this weekend and get to work! i appreciate the advice, ladies. I finished this one. Lucey quilted out unbelievably bad piecing issues and the quilt will now last longer and s out of storage. I'm pretty happy. Thanks again for suggestions.
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    It has ARRIVED.

    My new Millie is here Randy has more than enough experience putting the table together. He moved my old machine into 3 different locations. But, we will wait until Saturday for Carl (APQS representative) to help us finish.
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    Bobbin Bits

    Myself, I run the bobbin out. I have found I have tension problems when I change bobbins, so why increase the number of possible tension changes. You will probably get a feel for how dense you can quilt and how many times you can go across a quilt top with a single bobbin. Keep notes, that way you can have a good idea when to change bobbins. I have found I like Cindy Needham's (really GiGi Kandler's) method of tying off thread ends and burying them in the quilt sandwich; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n34ggPYamjc Short tails are no problem with this method. Short tails are no problem with this method. Cagey
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    Quilt Path-Help!

    We are up and connected!!! Thanks to David Adams for being so patient, he help me check all my connections and the last thing we did was reinstall the drivers and we are good to go!! Thank you all for your help, and thank you Barb Mayfield for the FB Group invite, alot of great info there! I'll let you know how I make out with rest!
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    I cleaned my studio

    I feel your pain. Long hair has done the same thing to my vacuums for years, and even though our daughters are grown and not living at home, my hair is still long. Don't remember where I heard this tip, but I keep a toilet brush (never used in a toilet, in case you're wondering!) to swipe up threads from my carpeted floor. IKEA sells them for 99 cents. The bristles grab thread quite well. Of course, I do not have shag carpeting, which might tangle in the bristles. Ugh!
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    Sew & Sow

    Help Please

    Thanks everyone. The consensus seemed to be to call my friend and that's what I did. Turned out to be not as bad as I thought it would be. I've taken off the borders and re-attached. The whole quilt had bias edges, no wonder there was so much stretching. Now the quilt is fairly square with a little puffiness within the blocks, but not too bad. Almost ready to start quilting.
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    New Millie to be delivered Wednesday :)

    My new Millennium is 28 miles away with a scheduled delivery date Wednesday. OH MY GOSH!! How in the world will I keep myself busy? After 28 years of long arm quilting this is my first brand new machine I am so excited
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    Newbie Saying Hi!

    Just put in my order for a Lenni (w/ 12 ft bliss table) yesterday! Beyond excited! Waving a big Hello to everyone from here in the Monadnock Region of NH!
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    Mary Beth

    I cleaned my studio

    If I ever get a different house, I will be in charge of the quilt studio, and it WILL NOT include carpet!
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    Mary Beth

    I cleaned my studio

    You all do not know what you are saying....I fly for free on SW. All I do is go to the airport, then I am knocking on your door.
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    Mary Beth

    I cleaned my studio

    I don't really have a choice in the matter. The carpet is there, the room is suppose to be a family room. I will take pictures. If you have never been in my studio, there is a huge bar that takes up 2 whole walls. I store the kids toys behind it, and they play down there too, so I have to keep the carpet. If I ever convince DH that we do not party, and we do not need the bar....and that when we sell the house, it would sell better without it, he might change out the floor. Right now my bigger problem is the lights. They are florescent lights in a drop ceiling and they will not stay on. He replaced the balists a while back, but there is a problem again. He said he will replace the whole thing and put in a different lighting system, but I think that will probably be when hell freezes over
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    Wanted: longarm quilting machine. I am interested in purchasing a used longarm quilting machine. Machine must have stitch regulator. Prefer a 12’ frame and a 20” or larger throat. I would be interested in the following brands: INNOVA, APQS, NOLTING, GAMMILL. Machine must be new enough that I can add computerization in the future.
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    Tension control check spring

    Zeke I replaced the top tension check spring. It was quick and easy to do. I was having a few unexplained top thread breaks or snaps even though the tension looked great. I buffed for burrs, cleaned, checked the needle and hopping foot height, the timing and replaced the pigtails. I then replaced the thread, bobbin, bobbin case, needle and applied Sewers Aid, but still had the occasional break. Since replacing the worn tension check spring, all is good again. I just finished a quilt with no thread breakage. Excellent signs to watch for if you think the tension check spring is spent. Thank you. Leslie
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    Red snappers

    I have a Lenni and I got red snappers about a month ago. Wow, can you load and unload a quilt fast. I really like that part, but there is a trade off. They add weight, and the very end of you leaders want to sag because of the weight. But, I am going to live with it, because of the benefit I perceive. Love pulling a quilt off, I seemed to poke myself more when I was taking off and I don't miss that at all. Overall, I am glad I put them on.
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    What method to prepare for basting quilt

    I, too, use the Sharon Schamber method and I have used it on all sizes of quilts. It always works. I love not using the safety pins and clamps. Good luck, Judy, in finding the method that works for you and that you feel most comfortable with!
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    Memory Photo Quilt

    Thanks everyone for your advice. All quilted. And I had no problem quilting it with the photos, why I feared it I don't know. Putting the binding on first thing in the morning before church. Even though our church service starts at 1:30 p.m. temporarily.
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    Mary Beth I agree with Jim that your needle was probably loose. Do you have a new needle clamping screw? If not go to the hardware store and get one right away and throw the old one out. The size is 4-40. Nigel
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    Mary Beth: Your needle was probably loose, causing your problems. Do yourself a favor and get rid of the slotted screw that tensions the needle. Buy yourself a socket headed one from Ray at Quilt Tech. The allen head screw holds the wrench, and doesn't slip. If you like, you can even rotate the needle bar so that the screw faces forward. Making access and view even easier. That's what I did years ago and have never regretted it. Jim
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    T Row Studio

    Collage quilt samples for Satellite Class

    Here is a picture of a fox that was done by a student, named Dawn, that took my class
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    Not me, I'm not that good with the constant speed of my hands.
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    stitchin cricket

    Quilting ideas needed please

    I made this quilt for a lady I work with who suffered a bad stroke on Valentines day. This wonderful lady, who has been in the field of helping others is now the one needing help. I can't even begin to imagine how that feels. She will most likely never improve enough to return to work & she has been feeling depressed about her situation. I wanted to do something special for her so I made this signature quilt that everyone at work can add a positive message to. I need some ideas on what to quilt in the color block. The only thing I plan to do in the white blocks is maybe stitch 1/4" from the seams. Anyway, your thoughts are welcome. Happy quilting,
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    Best Feather Book?

    Suzanne Earley has an online class as well. Pay what you think it is worth so start the class and if it is not for you drop out and pay nothing. http://www.suzanneearley.net/feather-boot-camp/ Nigel
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    The Millie Give Away

    Mary Beth- Is your phone fully charged? Is the ringer turned on? Did you leave the phone in the car? Just making sure you are ready for that call........ My morning cup of Joe wasn't quite the same. Something was missing. My morning ritual has once again changed. Does APQS realize the effect they have on my life?
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    McTavished pumpkin

    Hadn't planned on doing this whole pumpkin in McTavishing, but I think it works.
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    I cleaned my studio

    Carpet, yuck!!! I knew your pain. I don't know how big your quilting area is but could you cover that area with a rubber mat or the interlocking ones like you get for kids rooms? I have the large interlock rubber squares in my basement studio. Works good on my concrete floors. Mary Beth, you are welcome to come play in my studio or play on the Great Lakes and Canadian border!!!
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    Quilting ideas needed please

    I like the idea of treating the colored blocks as flower pots, but I think it would be better if you rotated the quilt 180 degrees so the top of the flower pots are the longer edge. I also agree that stitching in the white space would be spectacular and have a bigger effect. You could do the same type of quilted flower but in different variations...flower leaning to the left, to the right, smaller, singles, multiples, etc. Now I want to do one!
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    FIFTEEN Quilt tops!

    I am in the process of deciding between an APQS and an Innova. I can't buy for two years, but in that time, plan to decide which machine to buy and also am going to practice by renting time on Innova and APQS longarms. A dear friend has given me 15 tops to quilt for her! She pieced all but one of them. One she purchased for $1 from a garage sale. It is pretty bad -- hand pieced and not even, but practice is practice! One of them is a darling chicken quilt and another is a top of hers that I have admired for years. Some of them want pantos and others are demanding custom. And, of course, there are the rebels that just aren't saying anything. Some of them are gorgeous and others, not so much. This is going to be FABULOUS practice for me. I am so excited!!!! And I will be posting them on here for ideas for quilting.
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    I cleaned my studio

    That is the most excellent suggestion ever.
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    I cleaned my studio

    I think that the person that disagrees with getting rid of the carpet needs to be the person that cleans the thread out of the vacuum or carpet sweeper. :-) Permanently, until other flooring is put down.
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    2nd Custom Quilt on IQ

    Just finished my 2nd custom quilt using IQ. I have had my IQ since July 2016 and have been doing panto's for the most part as that is what I do for customers. This quilt is called Deck the Halls and it is designed by Claudia's Creations. I did the redwork with Claudia's machine embroidery CD and I used my stash of Sentiments by Moda for the pieced blocks. I did all of the quilting with IQ. I learned so much that my head hurts!! and I hope I can remember it all by the time I do my next custom quilt. Thanks for looking! Robin in MT
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    Long Arm reviews

    C: If I were buying a new machine it would be an Innova. That being said, I'd be pretty happy with an APQS, A-1, Gammill, Nolting, or Prodigy. There are things I like about each, and things I don't like. I have an APQS Ult 2 ca. 1997, and a 2000 Gammill Classic. Both were unregulated machines when I got them. Helen and her husband Tony came to my house and studio in early 2011 and installed Intellistitch regulators on both. The Intellistich regulator is great, and I'm happy with both. The only thing I've had to do with them is replace a couple handle switches. You might ask why I say Innova, and there are a few things unique about them that I like. First the head turns on the Innova, so it can be removed from the table without removing the take-up roller. I think maybe the Prodigy's head might also turn. I also like the Lightning digital stitch regulator. I like the table configuration as well, but I'm not quite so sure about the wheels. I don't much like the "erector set" look of the table frame but that just cosmetic. Now I must confess I've only removed the head of my Ult 2 from the table a couple of times, and never on my Gammill, so maybe the turning head feature really isn't a real winner. I don't know about their service, but I've been told the machines are quite problem free. APQS. I don't like their horizontal wheel system. It seems unnecessarily complicated. They've improved it somewhat by using linear bearings on the rails in their Bliss system. But it is expensive. I like their 4 roller system table. I don't really like the batting access system (or more precisely lack of). Their roller configuration accommodates it to some degree. Also on models other than the Millie, there seems to be little adjustment capabilities on the rollers and rails. What I DO like is their customer support and service. It's absolutely great. Gammill: While their tables are well engineered and robust, the batting access system is a joke. I don' think it was designed with how we quilt today in mind. It could be improved, and made simpler by going to a 4 roller system like APQS. The Gammill is strong and dependable. I've heard people refer to them as the Mercedes of quilt machines. But I'd classify them more as the Peterbuilts of quilt machines. The A-1 is a nice machine, maybe the perfect size. The table is very well built, but like the Gammill it's a 3 roller system which requires more adjustment, and adjustment mechanisms that wouldn't be necessary with a 4 roller system like the APQS, Innova or Prodigy. Maybe it's the most user considerate table of all the makes. I don't know much about their service though. It's probably good, but pretty dependent on their MO headquarter. The Nolting Pros are good machines. They use Intellistitch regulators on this line, and the I/S is great. Their tables are well made, but not nearly as refined as the A-1. I think their service is probably quite good. They've made pretty much the same machine/table system for quite some time, so they've had a long time to work out any issues, and I think it's pretty sound. The Prodigy is a nice looking machine. They have a very nice user friendly table. Nice manual lift system (it can be power if you'd like). The one thing holding the Prodigy back as far as I'm concerned, is their rigidly sticking to the L bobbin system. I personally wouldn't consider any other manufacturer. All the machines I've referenced are industrial quality machines built to last decades. While I don't know first hand about support, I think all is pretty good. I can't say that for some of the other machines out there. Size is an interesting issue. It probably has more to do with how and what you quilt than anything else. I personally wouldn't want a machine that wouldn't sew at least 14 inches front to back. Seventeen would probably be better. You have to look at individual machine set ups to see what a machine can actually do. Some smaller measured machines will actually sew a bigger field than other "larger" machines. It has to do with the roller configuration and the "harp" shape of the machine. You can feel pretty secure buying a used model of any of these machines. If there's something wrong with the machine when you get it, it can be repaired and put back into excellent service, but probably there will be nothing wrong to begin with. These machines don't break. Pick a price point, and buy with confidence. This is my personal opinion. I'm not promoting one machine over any other. What I've said reflects the experience I've had, how I personally quilt, and my own personal likes and dislikes. I'd probably be happy with any of them. Jim
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    Gail O

    It's here, it's here!

    She's so pretty! Welcome to the family and enjoy the adventure. Remember this moment, because there will be a few that will make you want to throw things.
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    Another question about t-shirt quilts.

    I just finished another t-shirt quilt yesterday. I always try to just meander and use either light weight poly or 80/20. The one I did was suppose to be a Christmas gift but the guy passed on Sat. and so I finished it and gave to his girlfriend of 19 years. So sad but she has lots of memories of him playing softball through the years.