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    My Tribute to Betty

    4 years ago today I lost my best friend and quilting buddy, Betty O'Leary. I just finished quilting this beautiful applique quilt top of hers as a tribute to her.
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    The Bedford Historical Society asked our guild to make them a raffle quilt for 2017. I've always wanted to make this quilt since I saw it in McCalls Quilting Magazine a number of years ago. I used Hobbs 80/20 batting, So Fine on top and Bottom Line in the bobbin. I added an extra row to the top and side of the pattern so it would be queen size. It won 2 First Place Awards, a Second Place and best longarm machine quilting in 3 different area quilt shows. Only one judge said she saw shadowing. I did try to press seams open, but it was easier to sew nine patches ironing to one side. How do you try to prevent shadowing? Honor Abides Here (2) by Libby G, on Flickr Cumberland MD quilt show 097 by Libby G, on Flickr Honor Abides Here (5) by Libby G, on Flickr Honor Abides Here (3) by Libby G, on Flickr
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    In a pinch neat trick

    I am finishing a quilt and in order to get the right color for the accents I used two threads. Don't have a duel cone holder so used small spools of Mettler's poly sheen, used fabric tack glue and attached to cone holder. Worked like a charm. Hope this helps someone!
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    Bobbin Bits

    Myself, I run the bobbin out. I have found I have tension problems when I change bobbins, so why increase the number of possible tension changes. You will probably get a feel for how dense you can quilt and how many times you can go across a quilt top with a single bobbin. Keep notes, that way you can have a good idea when to change bobbins. I have found I like Cindy Needham's (really GiGi Kandler's) method of tying off thread ends and burying them in the quilt sandwich; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n34ggPYamjc Short tails are no problem with this method. Short tails are no problem with this method. Cagey
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    Bobbin Bits

    I have several bobbins that just have a dab of thread on them --- wide range of colors. I don't want to throw them out, and don't want to waste them, so what I do is use them when I need to baste the quilt. It doesn't matter what color I use for basting because these stitches will either be covered up or pulled out later anyway.
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    Bobbin Bits

    Duh, you did say top thread, right there in black and white! I think I will do that. Seems to be the easiest way to use it and keep on eye on how much is there. Thanks. I am so happy not to have to rely on my own brain sometimes. I swear that thing goes on vacation without me sometimes.
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    Blissed Lenni table arrived

    Although the boxes were a bit beat up in their travels all seems to be intact inside. I will see this morning as we begin our assembly. Getting my coffee this morning, already read over the assembly instructions last night, and then let the fun begin. We should have pictures by this afternoon. I am an optimist. This is my retirement present to myself for 27 and a half years working as a full charge bookkeeper at a dredging company. I'm not out yet, but keeping my fingers crossed that my 2nd trainee will not quit before I can get out. Wish me luck!