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    Applique wall hangings

    My customer loves to applique using reproduction fabrics. The first quilt is called Flowers for Carol. She won a blue ribbon in the Bedford quilt show for small applique wall hangings. The second quilt was just finished. She likes warm and natural batting. I used Bottom line on the top and the bottom in the crosshatching. Flowers for Carol by Libby G, on Flickr Flowers for Carol (2) by Libby G, on Flickr applique by Libby G, on Flickr
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    George and I are still in the "honeymoon phase", but I think he's truly won my heart! This week I finished a king bedspread 120" x 112" and cannot keep from hugging him. Just wanted to share what he helped me accomplish!
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    Loyal customers. ???

    Lora, great topic which needs to be brought up every now and then. I like hearing what's happening in other parts of the country and world. I have Millie with an IQ. I did not raise my prices when I got my computer. I didn't need to because I could do more quilts which evened the field. I charge a penny and a half for loose pantos/e2e and 2 pennies for tight pantos/e2e. I have a Quilt finishing shop a block away from me (I'm also in a small town) who charges about the same. The owner and I have a great relationship because she just does pantos/e2e. She also sells batting, wide backs and flannel. She does no custom, so she sends those customers to me or another longarmer. There's work for everyone. You really have to flow with the local pricing or you will loose those "bread and butter" customers. When I moved to Michigan, I asked around about longarm pricing before I decided on what to charge. I ask my customers to pick out the panto they want from the hundreds I have but if a customer wants a particular panto design that I don't have (i.e. hippos, fire hose, particular flowers), I charge them a one time special design charge of $15.00, plus my normal square inch charge. It will help you build your design catalog fast without coming directly from your pocket. I do the same with my embroidery business. Great info, advise and thoughts everyone.
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    Deciding on a Pantograph Size

    i have all sizes so that i can look at the top and decide what would look best on it. Some tops require more intricate dense patterns and others simple and open designs. The size indicates the width of the design from highest to lowest points. Your machine will accommodate a wider design easily. My recommendation is to have several different widths available so that you can 'audition' designs to the quilt top.
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    if this is the honeymoon, clearly this is your second marriage! fabulous!