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  1. Great. Thank you so much. I will be in touch very soon. Zeke.
  2. Hi. This is zeke. Can you hold it for me. I'll take it. Our house will be ready in the middle of July. I'm at 916-689-4992. We just moved to North Carolina near Charlotte. I'm also at ztrbrg@yahoo.com
  3. Hey lady. How are you and is your machine called a "PDQ "? And is your table adjustable? Zeke.
  4. Sweet. And I thought I was the only one working on that. Zeke.
  5. Hey Lora how's it going. Zeke.
  6. By the way, Ken Quilt is a fine running machine. My first machine was a 622 and the crazy thing is still running strong with the new owner. I did revamp the track system before I sold it. The machine glides like glass and I also made the table a little more user friendly for us quilters. Zeke.
  7. For all your info. Ken Quilt has new owners in California just southeast of Sacramento. I'll try to find out who the new owners are soon. I'll have to dig up my client list and make a few calls. Zeke.
  8. Interesting on how this one got to the front of the line from 2 years ago. There are many reason why this happens. The check spring is out of wack or bad, bur on the hook or on one of the thread guilds or even a bad needle. There's also a bad spool of thread and sometimes it's just a simple fix of putting a piece of batten above the spool in the thread guild. And of course it could be the so called " Shepards hook" after the check spring, but normally when that is skipped you will get bad looping on the back. Anyways, take your pick and carefully inspect your machine for indiscretions. Zeke
  9. Hi kids. Anyone out there in the land of quilting looking to sale a 12' quilting table. I'm just looking for the table. I already have the machines and the carriages. I need a smaller table for a newer spot in our new home. Thanks. Zeke.
  10. If you have hit anything with the needle then I would definitely check the needle bar height. And check and sees if you might need new needle bar bushings. Drop the needle to its lowest position and see if it has any slack back and fourth or side to side. It should be snug with no play. Also check to see if the needle is in the 6 o'clock position. Zeke.
  11. Hi Jess. If I hear anything I'll let you know. Take care. Look up the website called "reliv.com" for some options for your condition. One in particular called authafects for your neck and shoulders. It helped a lot for my fused neck. Zeke.
  12. I'd come but I'm in North Carolina and that would cost a lot and I would need a passport. Zeke.
  13. I would do some micro-stippling in the background and ditch the three towers of stips. Then I would quilt echoing feathers in the outside border. As for the inside border I would quilt a small little leaf pattern and the small squared triangles would be ditched as well. That will make it pop to the eye. But that's just me. Zeke.
  14. Lora, send in both. Then you'll have two new motors instead of just one. The other one will crap out eventually and you'll end up doing the same thing AGAIN. Zeke.
  15. This will not last long. Zeke.
  16. I do believe that they are covered under warranty. Installations was quite simple. Just ask him to send instructions. Zeke.
  17. Call zoltan and see if you can get new motors. I bet that's the problem. Zeke. I've seen if happen twice. Call him.
  18. Hey jimmy. From what I can see it doesn't. There's no button in the front and not one up on top and it doesn't look like there's one on the left handle either. So, my assumption would be no. Just my observation. Zeke
  19. Been there and done that back in 94. Loads of fun. Then another in my neck in 96 and again in 97 in my back again. Yippee!!!! Zeke.
  20. I feel like crap. Oh my god. What is this that's going around. Stopped up nose, wore out, ached out joints, and completely tired. I feel like someone hit me over the head with a ball pean hammer. Zeke.
  21. Worked 7hours tonight and I'm feeling not too bad except my feet are a tad bit sore. 9pm to 4am. Time for some tea and a little snooze then off to see my wife to work. Happy to be better. Zeke.
  22. Heading back to work tonight and feeling much better. Still going to take it easy for the next few days. I don't want a relapse. Zeke
  23. Feeling better today. Sneezed a lot today. I guess my system is trying to expell this crud. I'm not so groggy and have been out today, but also had a little nap. Time to recharge. Zeke.