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  1. Well hey there batty. How ya doing. Zeke here. What are you asking for them?
  2. zeke

    Ultimate II as a sitdown with foot pedal?

    Hi Sandy. I don't know anyone that has converted an UII to a sit down machine, but I believe it could be done. All you'd have to do is replace the speed control with a foot pedal and remove the axles and place the machine in a custom table. Zeke By the way, you should really check your message before you post it.
  3. Really! Zeke.
  4. I would have a year ago. I would have been about 2 and half hours away. Now I'm across the country. Zeke.
  5. That's crazy. That means that your hook got shoved forward and bent the retaining finger. You might want to check the play of your hook on its horizontal axis. You may have a problem with your gears in the gear box. Breaking the needle shouldn't bend the hook retaining finger, because the needle is on the other side of the hook housing. Zeke.
  6. zeke

    needle position

    First off. Check and see if the bobbin is not bent and see if the back lash spring is still doing its job. A lot of times if the bobbin is bent it will get hit by the needle and cause that issue. Zeke.
  7. I gave up the stuff too. Just too unpredictable. Zeke.
  8. zeke

    Help with Millie/ compuquilter

    If it's the back sensor then it should point towards the back. The front should point towards the front. Zeke. In some cases the axles are placed differently then other machines. Mine are more towards the middle of the machine which allows me to do a 17 1/2" panto. I also have a square tubing table which is a little more forgiving then the round. The leveling bar is a tab bit adjustable where the round tuning table is not and I can also adjust the belly bars.
  9. zeke

    Help with Millie/ compuquilter

    Hey Deb. It should be connected to the front axle on both sides. I think you're talking about the one on the rear correct? I don't have mine set up right now or I would send you a picture. I'll see what I can do. Zeke.
  10. Be careful with disassembling the system. Make sure you have a big enough box to put all 4 legs in along with the hydraulic lines. DO NOT PINCH THE HYDRAULIC LINES. It goes back together the same way you will take it apart. Just make sure you have some zip ties to support the power unit under the table. Have fun. Zeke.
  11. Check your spool of thread and the tensioner check spring. I bet there is something amiss there. Zeke. Also check for lint between the tensioner disc's.
  12. Wow. This is a steal if I ever saw one. I'm surprised that it hasn't already sold. Zeke.
  13. zeke

    After hours Support

    You didn't mention the thread guides. Check the one above your needle for a groove. You also might try putting a scrap of batting above the cone of thread in the first thread guide. Zeke.
  14. zeke

    Ken quilt 622

    Let me see what I can do for a manual. That link did a whole lot of nothing. Sorry. Zeke.
  15. Not that we've been here for about six months I was wondering if any of the Longarmers here have any trouble with their machines and the humidity. I'm used to California weather and it's a dry hot heat and I was always in the garage quilting. Do any of the quilters here have their longarm sin their garages or do you quilt indoors. We're now in a house and I might be back in the garage due to space issues. What are your thoughts. We had the machine in the apartment for six months and had no issues even with the windows open most of the time. Zeke.
  16. zeke

    Compuquilter software

    Hi Ann. Did that not help you going to the edit page and finding the box in the lower right corner? That's where most of that type of problems are. Zeke.
  17. You can also just zip tie them to the front axle if it's close enough. Zeke.
  18. Thank you Jeannie. We're off to get BBQ at the 521. Take care and call if you any Maintainance work. Zeke.
  19. Yaw, just do it. My best Arnold impersonation. Zeke
  20. Cory. The take up rollers are an inch and a half in diameter. The 2"ers didn't come into play for a few more years later with the Millennium. Anyways, the person buying your machine may have to spend a couple to a few hundred bucks for the take up. Then they would have to spend about 50 bucks on canvas for the take up leaders. Also, be careful that your machine doesn't fall off the table. The inside take up prevents that from happening. I sold mine about 8 years ago for $3000, but that was with the take ups as well. It's your choice and now your machine, but how you going to demonstrate how it quilts without take ups. I would suggest that you find yourself a machine shop that could help you out with the take ups. Zeke
  21. Wow, I didn't know that I needed CQ support. And I'm not upgrading to the IQ just yet. Maybe later, I don't know. How did the humidity of the Carolinas go to support for the CQ. Strange. And I thought I was pretty damn good at figuring out most CQ,s, and IQ,s. I once had a gal in California call me the CQ guru, because every time she had a problem I could fix it without much effort. Still can. Anyhoo, gotta go, me pillow is calling me. Zeke.
  22. zeke

    so.....this happened

    I feel for you. I had my 5,6 and 7 done back in 96. Not fun doing nothing, but recooping. Zeke.
  23. KP, it's not really a wiggle stitch. It's a straight stitch as close to the edge as I can get. I've never done a wiggle stitch, but it does sound interesting. I have an UI and I set my speed at 3. Not too slow and not too fast. Just right for the purpose. Zeke.
  24. Oh, and Southern. Not unless you speed up your motor and your computer movement, but that can be very bad. You know, needle breakage and the possibility of ripping the quilt. Be patient, go with the flow. Zeke.