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  1. I did my own IQ install about six years ago. Watch to make sure your set up is the same as the sellers. I believe there are different brackets for the Bliss table and there is a difference in cables to match the connectors for your front handles. There will also be some minor changes in the settings for Bliss as well. If your setup is different you can get what you need from IQ but I have no idea of the cost. If you have the instructions the install is pretty easy. Nigel
  2. If the needle doesn't always stop in the correct position it is not a number 8 screw problem. I suggest calling the factory and see what they suggest. My understanding of the number 8 screw adjustment is it only changes the needle up/down speed (too fast it over runs the stop and keeps cycling and too slow you get old waiting for it) but when the needle stops it should always be in the same spot. Please let us know the solution when you get it fixed. Nigel
  3. Another possibility may be to trade your head on a certified used machine and keep your table. I believe Valerie (pumpkinpatchquilter) did this a couple of years ago. I know she thought about adding a stitch regulator for quite a while before going this route. Either shoot her a personal message or inquire at APQS. When I looked a few days ago there weren't any CPO machines at this time but stock is always changing. Nigel
  4. Check for lint under the bobbin case tension finger. Then with a full bobbin that you wound set tension like this to start. With the bobbin case in the palm of your hand lift the thread tail and set the tension so the case stands up on it's edge but won't lift off your hand. This will be close maybe a fraction loose for the bobbin tension. Now back the upper tension right off and try stitching add about half turn at a time until you are close and then you can fine tune. Let us know how you make out. Also fill in your profile so we know where you are. Someone close may help with another set of eyes on the problem. Nigel
  5. What do you mean you can only go from left to right? What is wrong when you go the other way, thread break, skipped stitches or poor tension? Nigel
  6. You can cut the rollers as well. The ends are welded in, grind off the weld at one end shorten the roller and weld the end back in and shorten or replace the canvas as well. If you know someone that welds quite easy to do. Nigel
  7. Looks like you used a lot of the different IQ features on that one. Excellent job. Nigel
  8. There is an APQS tutorial for this. There are quite a few videos try YouTube and search APQS. Nigel
  9. Look up Sparrow Studioz in Edmonton. Matt is the national sales manager for Canada and does rentals there. He may know of more places on your route. Nigel
  10. If you didn't just break a needle before your thread shredding I doubt the problem is with the hook. Grab the thread above and below the pigtail guides and move it in a circle around the inside of the guide. If it catches at all there is a groove worn there and that will cause shredding. Loosen the screw and rotate that guide 180 degrees and give that a try. It is not unusual to have to change the guides more than once per year depending on how much use the machine gets. Nigel
  11. Canada is a pretty big place, maybe you could give us a hint where you ar going. Nigel
  12. Hi Hazel and welcome. Many of us have pulled our hair out trying to run King Tut in the beginning but it will get easier as you learn your machine. On my machine I unwrap the 3 hole guide and bring the thread up the first hole and down the third hole and I also back off my upper tension about two turns. Every place the thread touches will create some drag (tension) so if you can skip a guide or two that should help with the breaking. The skipped stitches are needle flex or timing. Do you get skipped stitches with other threads? A larger needle (you have already) and a shorter stitch length should help with the flex. On our APQS machines we have the hook slightly deflect the needle when we setup the timing, this is contrary to what sewing machine mechanics are taught but it works well for our application. I am sure someone else will be along with some suggestions. Nigel
  13. Mary has it right. Masking tape or duct tape as you will never roll them all the way out again. Nigel
  14. The easiest place would be APQS. Look to see if you could use any other spare parts at the same time like needles and pigtail guides since you will be paying for shipping anyway. They usually ship very fast and you will back in business in a couple of days. You might be able to find something like it in an electronics hobby store or if you know any students that are into robotics they will know where to buy parts. Nigel
  15. Leigh I assume you have the IQ either off or in Manual mode. Where the machine feels stiff check to see the drive wheels are raised above the table about a credit card thickness. Also make sure the plexi top hasn't shifted and rubbing on the side of the drive wheels. That is all I can think of at the moment. Nigel