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  1. Great job, did you make the couch cover? I wish I could make one.
  2. Wow, I know what you are talking about. It's to bad the piecer didn't remove as much stabilizer as possible. You should be fine with Charlene's suggestion. Just go slow if possible, you will probably get a lot of needle flex. You can read about needle flex on the website info.
  3. It all depends on your batting and what your eye likes. Your batting info will tell you how close your quilting needs to be.
  4. Sounds like someone wants to use a military wool blanket for batting. If it is a "military blanket" it will shrink. I would worry about needle flex with the blanket. I know I'm jumping in here late but I've been out of town for a few days. I hope you said no to the customer. Great to see you on the forum, miss some of the "ole gang".
  5. Great job, love the quilt. It looks huge.
  6. Great work, especially the echo!
  7. Rosemary, we have a lot of the same interests. We really do need to get together sometime soon.
  8. Beautiful Robin. Don't you just love the IQ. You might want to post your picture in the pictures section so you will get more looks!
  9. Deborajean, where do you live? There's a ton of quilters here who have the QP and/or IQ. Most of us are willing to let you take a test run on our machines. I bought my IQ back in 2010 and yes I had to pay for the dealer's trip to my house for installation, the initial training came with the IQ free but was given at the installation. Just like our APQS machines a lot of the customers are doing their own IQ install.
  10. I sew my binding with my DSM. I've used every method out there to fold my binding and hold it for sewing. Find one you are comfortable with. Hopefully, we'll get lots of ideas here. I actually sew mine on the back first, then fold to the front and use a decorative stitch on the front. I used to use the clear water solvable Elmer's glue to keep the back and front even but the Clover wonder clips hold the binding fairly tight for sewing. Just like everything else in our quilty world there's a million ways to do everything. I think the only place that still requires hand sewn binding is shows.
  11. Love the John Deere!!!! Great imagination. I like to use the embroidery photo frames at Embroidery Library for my labels. Instead of cutting the fabric away in the center for pictures, I embroidery my info on it.
  12. Congrats, and welcome to the family. There are lots of advice throughout the forum and APQS has a great sample Business Plan. How much you can make will depend on the area and how much you want to work. Quilt guilds and shops are a great place to "get the word out". Please come to the forum and ask questions. Have fun, breath it's ok, you will do fine. We have been there!!!!
  13. Pretty label, I embroidery my labels too. As for the binding, I machine sew mine too. If I hand sewed my binding it would look horrible, and the quilt would never get done. What else are we going to use all those fancy stitches on our DSM for (I thought the DSM manual listed them as "binding stitches" !!!!
  14. My heart broke when I heard Rita went to be with our Lord. She loved quilting and everyone in this forum. Rita could tell a story like no other (remember her last story about her wheelchair and the car). I took several classes with her but honestly she could teach the courses. If you didn't know, Rita even got her hubby Roland, known to us as "himself", into quilting. If you go back in her posts you may find the pics. Rita was sick for as long as I knew her so it does help to know that here COPD and other pain is now gone. She is now with our Lord, probably making quilts of gold as I type. Thank you all for making her a comfort quilt and those that kept her in their prayers. Please continue praying for "himself" and her family as they celebrate Rita's life and continue on knowing that they will meet her again.
  15. I agree Matt is the one to call for all things Canada.