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  1. Rosemary, I will be going to the AQS Show in Grand Rapids in August, will you be there? APQS will have a booth at the show. I've only been in Michigan a year so still learning my way around.
  2. Mary Beth, my heart hurts for you and your family. I can't imagine the process of labor, knowing the outcome. I would sew that label into the quilt and wrap baby Remy in it snuggly for eternity. God has his reasons for taking baby Remy home, I know it's hard to understand right now but the answers will come. My love and prayers goes out to your family in this time of sadness and need. If you need anything just yell my way.
  3. moving topic to top
  4. I tried both but had to many problems with leader grips. Love my red snappers but some quilter's find them hard to push together. Both systems are better than "pinning" and my fingers thank me. Great advice Terry!
  5. Ok here goes my opinion (2 cents). I'm in the same group as Cagey, I wash after the quilt is done and use dye catchers. I've honestly never had a problem even with red fabric. Maybe, I've been lucky. I've actually never heard of anyone "treating" their batik fabric with retayne and synthrapol but no reason not to. I do treat other hand dyed fabrics that I bought at shows. The needle holes with the added pokies can look horrible while the quilt is on your frame but they usually go away with relaxing or washing after longarming. When I started longarm, everyone said "use 100 percent cotton thread only" and Superior King Tut was the thread of choice. Our trade is changing like everything else so 100 percent cotton is probably the least used thread now. I haven't tried the Fantastico 5001 so I can't comment but prior to Fantastico their variegated thread was Rainbow (they still have it). My embroidery machines love the Rainbow but Millie hates it (breaks a lot). I now exclusively use Fil-tech (Bobbin Central) thread. My machine loves all their threads expecially the magna bobbins. There's a lot of quilters here that use it too. Don't get me wrong, Superior has great threads to and a lot of educational info on their site. One last topic, needles. I use the 4.0 for the majority of my quilting. I took a maintenance class a few years ago and was told the 4.0 is what our machines are timed with. I don't know if this still holds true (my millie is a 2009) but we were also told if you use a needle above 4.0 you should re-time the machine with that needle. I agree that Batiks do tend to cause some needle flex but if you go slow, especially when crossing seams you should be ok (heck some of the really thick seems, I have to help Millie push the needle through (flywheel push). My machine is computer driven and I've only broken 2 needles in 8 years (hope I didn't just jinx myself). You will break a needle someday and it will probably scare the stuffing out of your but it happens and usually doesn't harm our rock solid machines. So I just said a lot but it's all my opinion. Everyone here on the forum is great and gives super advice, so take it all in then go for it. We're here to support you. Looking forward to see pictures of the quilt. Oh and I live in Port Huron, Michigan, if you need some Michigander help
  6. No complaints here either. I think I bought my IQ in 2010, the motors that came with the unit were very picky about obstructions. I just happened to have motors with the bad rubber on the little drive wheels but Zoltan came through as usual. Something was wrong with the adhesive on the rubber. I switched to the super motors when they came out a few years ago, no problems at all and I moved my machine from VA to MI.
  7. Yea, glad you found the little devil! I think the cables is the last thing we think about but can cause the most trouble. I noted my cable problem a comment ago, you really have to watch those sneaky boogers. Nigel, I'll ask you the question I asked Lora, do you have the original motors (not the super motors)? They had a bad batch of wheels on some of the older motors, the rubber came off the drive wheels. I had this happen to me in the middle of a wedding quilt. Zoltan sent me new rubber to replace what came unglued. I don't remember when the new "super motors" started to come with the IQ. I haven't had any problems (knock on wood) with the wheels on the super motors, even after sitting for a couple months when I moved.
  8. Thought it was just me on a government computer, I can't see them either.
  9. Heidi, so glad to hear thing are going back to "normal". Thank the Lord and family for Landon's improvements. Have fun and don't "fall out of the saddle stool".
  10. Thank you for the update Heidi. COPD is a rough road and Rita has had it as long as I have known her. I'm sure that she is overjoyed with our quilt hugs. Praying for Rita, especially that she can be weaned of the ventilator.
  11. Heidi, any news from Rita's family?
  12. Lora, your IQ is new, you would have gotten the "super motors". The super motors are less picky about obstructions and easier to take care of. Please let us know how things go.
  13. Hope you feel better today. The "crap" is everywhere, it's a nasty bug.