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  1. Simply gorgeous.
  2. The needle clamp screw is the screw that you loosen/tighten to change needles. If you don't get it tight when you are changing needles, it may loosen enough while you are quilting, to . . . drop, break and screw up your timing.
  3. I use leftover bobbins for basting. If I'm going to be rolling a quilt back and forth (usually if there are a lot of colour changes), I will baste the entire quilt before I start quilting. I often do a full float, so basting makes sure the top stays straight and I find any poofy places that might need some special attention.
  4. And yes the stitch regulator still beeps, but you won't notice it after a few days. Have fun and good luck in your search.
  5. Rosemary, I love the very creative John Deere label!
  6. Thank you for the update Heidi. Heartfelt sympathy to Rita's family. A group hug for her extended quilting family here.
  7. Love the finished product!
  8. Great quilt and quilting.
  9. That is simply gorgeous.
  10. You made a great team. She would be pleased. Beautifully finished.
  11. Absolutely breathtaking!
  12. Really pretty quilt. I think it needs more than a panto (imho). SID the white squares and cross hatch right over the embroidery. Use a very fine thread like Wonderfil Deco-Bob 80wt. SID around the stars and echo that about 1/2 inch in the star. Freehand simple e & l in the sashing, using the colour change to keep the e's consistent.
  13. It looks like your top tension might be a bit too loose, and as you come to a corner to change direction/speed, the bobbin thread is pulling harder than the top.