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  1. So I have my bliss table all assembled and ready to go except I cannot connect the encoder cabes to my 2008 Lenni. The Cat5 cable is too large to fit the phone jack size on my Lenni. My rep is going to call APQS Monday morning. I was just wondering if anyone else ran into this problem? I'm hoping APQS has an adapters they can send out asap. Really would like to give it a try. I have a zipper system to put on and think it would go much easier with the stitch regulator than without. Me with obe of my helpers Ed O'Leary knocked it out in a morning
  2. Zeke Im going to repack the 10 foot table in the boxes my 12 foot table arrived in and save in my garage until you can come in July. That way all will be safe. Garage is pretty full as my son is living here for awhile with family and taking up much of my storage space.
  3. Although the boxes were a bit beat up in their travels all seems to be intact inside. I will see this morning as we begin our assembly. Getting my coffee this morning, already read over the assembly instructions last night, and then let the fun begin. We should have pictures by this afternoon. I am an optimist. This is my retirement present to myself for 27 and a half years working as a full charge bookkeeper at a dredging company. I'm not out yet, but keeping my fingers crossed that my 2nd trainee will not quit before I can get out. Wish me luck!
  4. Sure Zeke. It fits the Lenni machine, Not the bigger ones like the Millie or Lucy. Charlotte is not very far from me. Kids used to live there. Only about 3 hours depending on where in Charlotte you live. Call when you are ready. 843 224 7313.
  5. Congratulations. It is so exciting isn't it. I got my Lenni 8 years ago and now I have ordered the new blissed table. I am really excited as well. It was supposed to be delivered today. Tracking now says thursday. At least in time for playing on the weekend. Have a great time getting to know your machine. And welcome to the APQS family.
  6. I have ordered a 12 ft bliss table and it should be delivered tomorrow or Friday. If anyone is close enough and wants a 10 ft standard table let me know. My email is ibqltn2@gmail.com I am in Summerville SC.
  7. Well my retirement has been postponed for awhile. Unfortunately my replacement quit during training, The Monday before I was to retire. so now I am once again going to be doing the training as soon as we get a new person hired. Oh, well llike I told my husband, Another Day another Dollar. No big deal, it will come just a few extra paychecks to add to the fund. I am ready for that New Millie as well. So come on let's just do it. YAY!!
  8. hoping for a call today. I have my ringer on even at work. Getting ready to retire and a new Millie would certainly be a great retirement present. Come on wake up early and let the fun begin
  9. Thank you all for the wonderful compliments. It's great to finish up hrr wprk and keeps her close by my side.
  10. 4 years ago today I lost my best friend and quilting buddy, Betty O'Leary. I just finished quilting this beautiful applique quilt top of hers as a tribute to her.
  11. I certainly can see why you got these awards. It is awesome! Great job Linda. Rocking and rolling!
  12. I have 25 more days at work. May 19th is my last day. I have been at my office job for the last 27 years. In December I turned 62 and wanted to retire then, but being a bookkeeper I had w-2's 1099's, all kinds of taxes and financials to get through first. So in the beginning if March, I let my boss know that I would be retiring toward the end of May so he could find a replacement and I would have time to train them. I am very excited but also a little worried that I jumped the gun. I hope that I don't regret it. When working for so long I think it will be hard to not have someplace to go every morning. I am hoping to make my studio my first priority every morning. If I can get into a routine of starting my day with at least a few hours of piecing or quilting or even cleaning and organizing my studio, that can help me restructure my retirement life. Wish me luck! I haven't decided if I want to go into business of quilting for others yet. Possibly down the road, but for right now I think I have enough ufo's to keep me going for awhile. Here is my latest work in progress. I took out sone of yhose feathers that weren't very even and didn't cone out to the edge.
  13. Look out quilting world Heidi is back in the saddle once again!! I know how it feels to want to dive in but something keeps us from doing it. Just have to hold you breath and jump. I get that procrastination bug once evey few months or so myself. I just got over it and finally I willed myself to get busy again. Happy to hear you are all set up and back in the saddle obce again.
  14. Happy Easter to all