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  1. The only thing I could think of would be if a slight amount of blue was peeking out from behind the seam allowance causing the "Shadowing". Maybe the quilt judge was just standing in front of the light causing a shadow. I think it's very beautiful!
  2. I ALWAYS use my stitch regulator, even for small background pebbling. I think it depends on what you are comfortable with. I do a lot of quilting for customers who are entering their quilts in judged shows and I'm sure stitch uniformity is something judges look at.
  3. Beautiful quilting! I have a similar top to quilt. I love how your feathers start small and get large along the spine.
  4. That's Super Cute! I need one for my sewing room!
  5. My hands don't go numb, but I don't like sewing down the binding by hand either. I often do it by machine...unless it's for a show quilt.
  6. I love everything about this quilt! Great job!
  7. That's gorgeous! I especially like the feathers / crosshatching in the center!
  8. You should do what is best for your individual tax and financial situation. For me, I took the 179 because it was the most beneficial for my tax, financial, etc. Plus, I don't have to keep track of what value to carry forward for several years.
  9. So, I've studied the yellow border, but just cant seem to figure out how you stitched it. Do you do the curves all the way down then work back doing the little spikes? Maybe my eye are too dry to focus and get the detail from the pic
  10. Here's a baby quilt I did that has lots of strips. I like to do a wiggly line along the long edges and you can stitch in the ditch on the ends. I would do a feather fill in the light strips or some type of modern fill, whether flowers/pebbles, or leaves, etc. CC in the small squares.
  11. I own a millie without the bliss system and all I do is freehand and ruler work. In doing pebbling, and other small type work, I do tend to work up close to the belly bar and towards the middle of the throat space, but in doing large freehand, more modern quilting, I often go towards the back, and I'm only 5'4". I also have the 14 foot frame and so glad I have it because I've quilted some pretty large quilts! I usually always have my extended table on also. All that being said, I do work out and swim and I think that helps with my shoulder strength and endurance when quilting.
  12. Great quilting designs! Your granddaughter looks so cute!
  13. Beautiful! Great display of your quilts at the show also!
  14. Her name is Debbie Jeffers, from Oklahoma. One is called Starry Moments and the other one is Bethlehem star (I think). They are both big quilts though. My name, Debbie Newell, will be listed as the quilter.
  15. I'm going this year for the first time. A friend of mine has 2 quilts entered that I quilted for her.