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  1. Sharon, If you do FB there is a group "Longarm & Accessories 4 Sale, Also, if you do Instagram post it there. Good Luck. You will love Millie!
  2. Judy, Sent you a PM with my phone number. Give me a call and I will explain what I see.
  3. Gator, thanks for asking the question and Heidi thanks for the education. Terry - nice work. I will have to remember this one.
  4. Heidi, you nailed it. I love the whole thing, You are such an inspiration. I am working on one myself, and hope to have it done as a UFO this year and put it in our 2019 QGShow. Thank you for sharing. It is beautiful.
  5. Best of luck! Those are real treasures.
  6. What type and wt. of Thread are you using in bobbin and top? What batting is being used? I have this most with Warm and White when I use 2 different colors and wts of thread. Can you send pictures of how the top is threaded thought all the loops. I had that happen and it was the way the thread was looped through the loops for the brand of thread I was using. What is the bobbin size L or M?
  7. Julian, check your messages, I sent you a PM.
  8. Genie, Which Machine do you have? Linda Rech has a ruler that fits most APQS machines. Linda, can you help Genie.
  9. Beautiful! Welcome to the APQS Family.
  10. Are you free handing or is this with a computer? Either way, slow down. If the machine is moving too fast at these points, the change in movement maybe Changing the tensions.
  11. Just think how much your quilt will comfort both parents and child, especially if the the child is terminal and after she goes to heaven. Don't stop listening to your heart and continue to do the beautiful work for others. And while you do it as I do, say speacial prayers/intentions for the receipiant. You have inspired me to do more longarm details on the charity quilts I do. Thank you for sharing and Many Blessings.
  12. Email Angie@apqs at APQS. They have been in Shows hot and heavy here. Angie helped me retime my machine via FaceTime. I suggest taking pictures of your threading at each path and send them to It could be a simple missed thread. Check that it is under the hook after the tension disc. Attached is picture of what I was speaking of. Try to loosen top tension then blowing out with canned arir then retighned. Then floss the thread into the tensions. Hope this helps.
  13. I have several rulers that I don't use and will be posting over the next few weeks. Today I have Deloa's Large Appliguide for sale. I Paid $20.00 asking $15.00 include shipping. Send email to if interested.
  14. Thanks for the info ladies. I have had Millie since 2014 and I have never adjusting, I willl do that.before putting the next one onl
  15. The sunflower petals look 3D. Love the quilting, it made the quilt.