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  1. Yes, watch the You Tube video, it tells you so much info. Use your longarm to make the channel.
  2. The manual comes on a flash drive. What are you looking for?
  3. I have them on my Freedom. On my old machine, I pinned but was so tired of being stuck and bleeding. Then I installed the zippers. I loved them, but always felt like something was off center, or just not quite right. When I bought my Freedom, I bought the Red Snappers. I like them okay. My hands are kind of weak, so I have a hard time attaching the clipping part onto the leader part. That is the only thing I don't like, but for a normal person, they would be perfect.
  4. Are you on FB? There is a group, SewItsForSale (Everything Sewing, Quilting, Crafting Buy Sell Trade & Talk! There is all kinds of shops, and stash busters on this site. Prices are really good.
  5. Congratulations to you too, and welcome to the forum.
  6. Congratulations on your new Lenni, you are going to have so much fun! Oh, and hello from Kansas City, MO.
  7. When I was finishing the last 3 rows of my last quilt something happened, that I still cannot figure out. I stitched about 3 or 4 rows just fine. Then, out of the blue, working from the back of the machine, going right to left was fine, going back left to right my top thread would break. Finally, I stopped going left to right and finished the quilt going right to left. Then I was sick for a month and have not been able to work on the machine. Yesterday, I cleaned the machine. I also took a piece of thread and ran it in the needle plate hole, held it tight and ran it around the inside, both directions, it was fine. Did the same on the hopping foot, it was fine. Then I felt for a burr on the bobbin race, whatever you call it, but it feels fine, I looked at it through a magnifying glass, and ran my fingernail around the edge. I don't think the bobbin is the problem. I also changed the needle. Today I went back to the machine, loaded a quilt sandwich of muslin I had used before and started stitching on a new section of fabric. I stitched my lines in several direction and worked with my tension a bit and when the stitches looked right, I moved to a different area and started to practice a swirl. My needle snapped right in the middle of the swirl, ripped the fabric, and scared the begeebers out of me. Any suggestions? I am planning to change the needle of course, and check my timing to make sure it is okay, then try it again. All I can think is that the needle slipped down, maybe I had not tightened the screw tight enough. That's all I can figure.
  8. If you can free motion quilt, then forget about pantos. Pantos are boring and you will lose your mind.
  9. Good decision. I had a Millie before, but when I bought the machine I had now, my idea was that I would not be quilting for customers, and I would not need a new machine. I opted for the Freedom aka Freddie. I love my machine, I love bliss. My machine moves so easy, it is just unbelievable. Everyone said, "Oh, you don't really need channel locks." Um, yes I do, lol. I realize now, that I used them a lot. There are a lot of times that I used them, that I cannot do now. I can do a horizontal channel lock, but I have to walk around to the back, and turn the knob to lock it down. I kind of wish I had a Millie. Maybe someday. I am happy you all have found a great APQS dealer, she sounds like a good one!!
  10. I love this quilt. I have done t-shirt quilts and added photos of the girl on her ball teams. It turned out great, and if I remember right I just did a panto, so I could not see where the stitches were landing, but the family was so happy with it, they didn't care. This quilt gives me big ideas for my grandkids quilts.
  11. Everything is up and running. Oh my gosh I love that machine. I put a new needle in, then prayed I started her up and away she goes. stitches are perfect, needle stayed put. I was having problems with my hands yesterday so I am sure I didn't not get the needle in good and the screw tightened. Thank you all for your help.
  12. Thanks Jim, I will check with the Quilt Tech website.
  13. I was just reading my manual, and I cannot copy and paste. It says the needle should be straight or slightly to the left. Which is what I wrote the first time, then I second guessed myself. So it should be straight, 6:30 or the 6:31 position.
  14. You might talk with Dawn Cavanaugh, I know when she started out she had a machine w/o a stitch regulator and her quilting was beautiful. Surely she used a ruler at times. I would contact her and talk with her. She is so nice, I know she would be happy to help you.
  15. CORRECTION: Sorry you all, that it took me so long. I have my needle set at about 6:29, so just offset of straight. Hope this helps.
  16. I cannot speak for R & S, but I can tell you CL is extremely good....I would say the best....but I don't know anything about R & S I love CL. Contact Michael at CL and talk to him about the boards. He is very helpful and not pushy.
  17. I am packing
  18. If I ever get a different house, I will be in charge of the quilt studio, and it WILL NOT include carpet!
  19. Yes, that is right, they are in business. I just emailed them last week.
  20. Pick me! Pick me!! Ok, ok, I know they will not be calling me. I already have a machine. Seems like they give them to people who do not already have a machine. But a girl can hope.
  21. There is a winner....I don't think it was us.
  22. Hi Ida, I was just looking at your web page and see that you are a Kansas City girl too. Go Royals!! Anyway, yes, your needle should be turned just a tad. Just insert a pin in the eye, and turn it to the left just offset from the straight on position. (Humm, I just noticed you said to the right, I always go to the left, it will be interesting to see what others do). This looks like you are only having tension problems on the curves. As Cagey mentioned you did not say if this is the top or the back, but it looks like the back to me. Also, as Cagey said, I would make sure the top thread path is threaded correctly. If this is the back, I would tighten the top thread just a bit. Even though you have been using this thread, there could be a difference in the thread count on the fabrics for this quilt, or the combination. You may need to adjust your tension just a bit.
  23. What type of feathers? The book that helped me do the bump-bump feathers was by Sherry Rogers-Harrison. Her book has a clear page that covers the page with feathers. The page with feathers has an arrow that shows you the direction you would stitch. The book comes with a dry erase pen. You use the clear page to trace the feathers. You are going to get a thousand different options. I bought this book several years ago. I am sure there are online instructions now.