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  1. Oh, and I used my channel locks to do piano keys along with loading the quilt top. And I am sure a billion other times. I can't think right now. They are just so handy.
  2. I had a Millie years ago, then sold it, as you know. When I purchased another machine, I bought the Freedom aka Freddie. If I had it to do over, I would go with the Millie. Everyone told me that the channel locks were no big deal, but I used my channel locks a lot. I do miss them. I would just go for the all the gusto if it is in your budget.
  3. Another show in the bag!! Wow, what a great show. I met Kwilter aka Cathy on Friday, along with her sister. It was so nice meeting her. Then I met Meg Fazio, who was on here years ago....we met for the first time, finally. Then I met up with LeeAnn Maduna, also from here years ago. Donna, aka Sam's Mom from this site years ago too, spent the day Saturday with me. Then in the afternoon Claudia Pfeil and her son Julian Bogan spent time with me. I was able to see her quilt Fractal up close and personal. I have made so many great friends, and I attribute it all to APQS, my machine, and this chat.
  4. I must say, the last time I attended MQS was in Overland Park, KS. It was big, and inspiring, and busy. Not now. When MQS was in Kansas, the aisles were long with several vendors on each side. I am going to guess 15 per side, so 30 per aisle. There must have been 4 or 5 aisles too. Some vendors, such as Gammil would have several booths, so a little repetitive unless you love Gammil. But there was something for everyone, and so much to look at and so much to buy. I would walk through the vendor area several times, buying a lot of great tools. Then ooh and aaah over the quilts over and over again. The rows of quilts would be just as long, and at least 5 aisles. So many catagories, it was so amazing to see all of the talent under one roof. We arrived at MQS on Thursday at about 10:00 am. We walked through the vendor aisles just browsing, and making small talk with some of the vendors. We watched 2 demos and purchased a few items from the one stencil company represented. Then we walked through the quilts. There were some beautiful quilts and some very talented people had entered. It didn't take long to see them all. We went back to the vendor side and purchased a little thread, and a set of rulers, and that was it. We left by about 12:30 pm. We didn't go back, there was no need. I met a lady there that lived near me here in Kansas City. She went to the show is Wichita and in Cedar Rapids last year. She told me it had really gone down since the Overland Park location. I must say I was a little shocked. We walked away wondering how in the world they keep going. They do have a theme for next year, "Calliope" I think, so we will see what happens. We always enjoyed the auction, but this year we did not enjoy it at all. I have decided not to waste my time next year. Maybe I was spoiled by the good ol days of MQS. Then I visited Houston last fall and it was sensory overload, but I loved it. I notice MQX is selling out of classes, so maybe I will give them a try next year. And I want to go to HMQS next year. Then there is always Paducah....a must for quilters. Anyway, I just thought I would share a few thoughts on MQS. Liam, if you read this, I was really looking forward to meeting you and I am so sorry we missed you.
  5. MQS was disappointing

    Prairie Point is the closest shop to me. It is about 30ish miles from me. I just googled is 29 miles away. Missouri Star is farther away. I love Prairie Point. I want to touch everything in the store.
  6. MQS was disappointing

    I agree totally. I have to drive 30 miles to a store, so I already do not have a local store. You are lucky to have a store where you can ask for help. A lot of the stores in my area are not real nice. In fact, there is a shop hop for those shops, then another shop hop for the "nice shops". No kidding, that is what they call themselves, the "nice shops". Sadly, I would have to drive a whole lot farther to take advantage of the "nice shops". I can, however, drive to Missouri Star Quilt Shop where every one is nice and friendly and it is about 40 minutes away.
  7. MQS was disappointing

    Online quilt stores have taken over brick and mortar stores. That is too bad. I love going to the quilt store. I would love it more if they would have great sales like the online stores have. I mean you can go to the quilt store and buy a book for $29.00 or get it on Amazon for $18. Yes, I want to support my local store, but our money is hard earned and that is a big difference. I agree, travelling to a show, buying your membership, pay for classes, it all adds up and is very expensive. The thing I think I miss the most is the friendship made by being together. We could all share war stories of customer quilts, hitting rulers and retiming our machines. Thread. New designs. And just laughing.
  8. MQS was disappointing

    I suggest you go to Houston or to Paducah, that is my plan from now on. I attended Houston this year, maybe next year will be Paducah.
  9. APQS Ruler Mate for sale

    Be sure to list if it is for a machine with or without a thread cutter, and the price. I love my Ruler Mate.
  10. MQS was disappointing

    Well, we all know how that one turned out. It makes me sad, since that is the show I always attended in the past. I did go to MQX in Springfield this year. Since I have been out of the quilting world for a few years and am just getting back, I was really surprised that the vendor turn out is not what it use to be. I understand that it is very expensive for them to set up at shows. I guess that was the good old days. I love Houston, except that I miss more than I see, lol. I guess I need to spend more days shopping, lol.
  11. Houston Quilt Show

    Me too!!!
  12. Houston Quilt Show

    Come on girl, my door is always open.
  13. I am never going to win. The contest form will not take my CAPTCH quotation. It either comes back saying I didn't type it right, or it just spins. Good luck everyone else, (sniff)

    No classes, just admiring quilts, and window shopping. If you want to meet up let me know when and where. Friday, the 3rd, I am on my own, my plane lands at 9 am-ish. I should be there by 10am or so. I would love to meet you.

    I am going the Houston on the 3rd - 5th. Will you be there then?
  16. That is so sweet. I am happy he is getting to enjoy the quilt. We all enjoyed hearing about "Himself".
  17. I have actually learned to count forward and backward on my fingers, when I go through that process then I go for the toes.
  18. Bless your heart....thank you so much, lol. After 10 it gets difficult, lol.
  19. Yay!!! I am not the only one. Fractions freak me out. I have that quilters calculator and I have started using it a lot. I struggled through 12 years of school. Math is not my friend. It is terrible when even the tutor is at a loss.
  20. I am so happy there are math lovers out there, that is what makes the world go around. I will tell you a secret, wine tastes worse than Nyquil. I am not like other people. I can follow directions on a pattern. I can cut out patterns. I can piece. I can even come up with my own patterns. However, I tried to take math in college and had to hire a tutor. One night after a "groundhog" type day with my tutor, where she would help me through a problem...I seem to get it...then the next problem looked totally foreign. She looked at me and asked, "Who did this to you?" When I say I cannot do math.....please believe me....I cannot do math. I can cook, measure, even double a recipe. But don't give me anything harder than addition and subtraction.
  21. I am finished competing if it goes past simple addition.
  22. Bedford Springs

    I love this quilt. Found the pattern online and added it to my very long, long list of quilts I hope to do in my lifetime. Beautiful quilting.
  23. APQS should know me well enough by now to know I am no math wiz.
  24. Thank you. No, I was typing as it looked, like you do on all websites. Thank you. I should maybe read the fine print.
  25. Pink Halloween Quilt

    What a cute quilt!! The quilting is perfect.