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  1. My machine does this too. I think it is the bliss rails that make the machine move so easily. It could be the cord that causes it. When I am doing something that I need the machine out of the way, I just use my side clamps, clip them on the base, and shorten the elastic strap.
  2. Heidi these quilts turned out so cute.
  3. When I quit the biz, I was burned out on customers of course. Turns out I was the only quilter in my area who was legal. I had my tax id number, my business was registered with the city, registered with the county, and everyone had their hand in the pot...or my bank account. At the rate I was charging customers, I was not making any money. I wanted to go about this legally, but it is hard to do.
  4. I am in Kansas City where tornados and thunderstorms are an everyday thing in the spring. I just bought the best surge protector I could find. I still unplug when there are storms or I am going out of town, just because I don't want to take any chances.
  5. Most of my friends say Intelliquilter. They say it is much easier to use...and they have used both. I have not used either one, so I cannot help. I keep my ears open just in case I win the lottery and can buy one
  6. Any dealer will be happy to help you over the phone, so do not hesitate to call someone if you are having problems. However, there are a lot of folks here that help too. Welcome to the APQS forum. Okay, do you know what wheels you have on your machine? Are they brown, black, white?
  7. I live in Missouri. We have temps in the upper 80s or 90s, but he feel like temp is 110 because of humidity. I know we are not as bad as the south, but bad enough. I would not be able to work in my garage, it is about a billion degrees in there. I only go out there on a need to basis only. My machine is set up in my basement, and like Gator, I have a dehumidifier. I don't worry about winters because the basement really doesn't need moisture in the air.
  8. So cute!! I love this quilt. What a great idea for using up these blocks.
  9. I floated the top, to keep as much strain off the top as possible. I pinned along the edge of the roller and basted the sides. When I baste the sides, I stitch manually, needle down, move the machine about 1 - 11/2", needle down, and so on. The same across the top. I had one customer give me 4 vintage quilt tops that his mom and aunt made back in the 30's. I had no problem with them what-so-ever. They were in very good condition. No tears, no places that had come unstitched. So that helps. As a side note, I normally do not float tops. I feel too out of control, but for these tops, I do.
  10. I have quilted several vintage quilt tops. All of the tops I have quilted were in good shape. You put a lot of tension on the tops, unless you float the top, so you have to be very careful. If the top is fragile, I would not attempt it. Maybe that's just me, but I think they need to just enjoy it as is. Sometimes you just can't save them.
  11. No, I don't think they are, but check the website I posted above. It should tell you there.
  12. Can you use the CL stylus with the R&S boards?
  13. I am a huge Circle Lord fan. Here is there website There is a stylus for both systems, but I don't know if the boards are interchangeable. I just always stuck with CL. I don't know anything about R&S If I were you, I would call Michael and Kay at 1-519-763-3697 and just talk with them. Sorry my font changed size. Michael and Kay are very nice, will not be pushy and will be very helpful answering any questions you may have.
  14. How did I miss this one!?! I love it. Beautiful job.
  15. When I was in business I only used Quilter's Dream Bat and Hobbs. Back then I had a tax ID letter so bought it wholesale. Now that I am a regular citizen of the US of A, I buy those brands when I can get them on sale. I have used Warm and Natural and have not had any problem. It is not my favorite, but there are battings that I do not want in my house, let alone on my LA.
  16. What are you looking for in the way of a CD? Some particular information?
  17. Sent you a PM.
  18. Yes, watch the You Tube video, it tells you so much info. Use your longarm to make the channel.
  19. The manual comes on a flash drive. What are you looking for?
  20. I have them on my Freedom. On my old machine, I pinned but was so tired of being stuck and bleeding. Then I installed the zippers. I loved them, but always felt like something was off center, or just not quite right. When I bought my Freedom, I bought the Red Snappers. I like them okay. My hands are kind of weak, so I have a hard time attaching the clipping part onto the leader part. That is the only thing I don't like, but for a normal person, they would be perfect.
  21. Are you on FB? There is a group, SewItsForSale (Everything Sewing, Quilting, Crafting Buy Sell Trade & Talk! There is all kinds of shops, and stash busters on this site. Prices are really good.
  22. Congratulations to you too, and welcome to the forum.
  23. Congratulations on your new Lenni, you are going to have so much fun! Oh, and hello from Kansas City, MO.
  24. When I was finishing the last 3 rows of my last quilt something happened, that I still cannot figure out. I stitched about 3 or 4 rows just fine. Then, out of the blue, working from the back of the machine, going right to left was fine, going back left to right my top thread would break. Finally, I stopped going left to right and finished the quilt going right to left. Then I was sick for a month and have not been able to work on the machine. Yesterday, I cleaned the machine. I also took a piece of thread and ran it in the needle plate hole, held it tight and ran it around the inside, both directions, it was fine. Did the same on the hopping foot, it was fine. Then I felt for a burr on the bobbin race, whatever you call it, but it feels fine, I looked at it through a magnifying glass, and ran my fingernail around the edge. I don't think the bobbin is the problem. I also changed the needle. Today I went back to the machine, loaded a quilt sandwich of muslin I had used before and started stitching on a new section of fabric. I stitched my lines in several direction and worked with my tension a bit and when the stitches looked right, I moved to a different area and started to practice a swirl. My needle snapped right in the middle of the swirl, ripped the fabric, and scared the begeebers out of me. Any suggestions? I am planning to change the needle of course, and check my timing to make sure it is okay, then try it again. All I can think is that the needle slipped down, maybe I had not tightened the screw tight enough. That's all I can figure.