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    No classes, just admiring quilts, and window shopping. If you want to meet up let me know when and where. Friday, the 3rd, I am on my own, my plane lands at 9 am-ish. I should be there by 10am or so. I would love to meet you.

    I am going the Houston on the 3rd - 5th. Will you be there then?
  3. That is so sweet. I am happy he is getting to enjoy the quilt. We all enjoyed hearing about "Himself".
  4. I am never going to win. The contest form will not take my CAPTCH quotation. It either comes back saying I didn't type it right, or it just spins. Good luck everyone else, (sniff)
  5. I have actually learned to count forward and backward on my fingers, when I go through that process then I go for the toes.
  6. Bless your heart....thank you so much, lol. After 10 it gets difficult, lol.
  7. Yay!!! I am not the only one. Fractions freak me out. I have that quilters calculator and I have started using it a lot. I struggled through 12 years of school. Math is not my friend. It is terrible when even the tutor is at a loss.
  8. I am so happy there are math lovers out there, that is what makes the world go around. I will tell you a secret, wine tastes worse than Nyquil. I am not like other people. I can follow directions on a pattern. I can cut out patterns. I can piece. I can even come up with my own patterns. However, I tried to take math in college and had to hire a tutor. One night after a "groundhog" type day with my tutor, where she would help me through a problem...I seem to get it...then the next problem looked totally foreign. She looked at me and asked, "Who did this to you?" When I say I cannot do math.....please believe me....I cannot do math. I can cook, measure, even double a recipe. But don't give me anything harder than addition and subtraction.
  9. I am finished competing if it goes past simple addition.
  10. Bedford Springs

    I love this quilt. Found the pattern online and added it to my very long, long list of quilts I hope to do in my lifetime. Beautiful quilting.
  11. APQS should know me well enough by now to know I am no math wiz.
  12. Thank you. No, I was typing as it looked, like you do on all websites. Thank you. I should maybe read the fine print.
  13. Pink Halloween Quilt

    What a cute quilt!! The quilting is perfect.
  14. Day at the lake quilt

    Congratulations!!! Great job!
  15. New Millie giveaway!

    Well, earlier I posted that I couldn't find the post. I went on FB and found the post, and registered....and we all know I am going to win David!!! So I was just reading all of your posts and couldn't find mine. I started to respond, and there was my message....I forgot to post. I need a nap.
  16. Picnic Quilt

  17. Cables

    Oh good!! I am happy it was not the car ride that was memorable. I was happy to meet you way back then.
  18. Cables

    I can't help you....But Hi Chris!!
  19. In Harvey's path

    The snake part freaks me out. Shudder....Praying for you all.
  20. In Harvey's path

    I hope you all are okay. I am watching some coverage now. So terrible.
  21. Still for Sale - 2009 Freedom SR

    I sent you a personal message.
  22. Surf Song Bargello

  23. Freddie is drifting

    My machine does this too. I think it is the bliss rails that make the machine move so easily. It could be the cord that causes it. When I am doing something that I need the machine out of the way, I just use my side clamps, clip them on the base, and shorten the elastic strap.
  24. Heidi these quilts turned out so cute.
  25. When I quit the biz, I was burned out on customers of course. Turns out I was the only quilter in my area who was legal. I had my tax id number, my business was registered with the city, registered with the county, and everyone had their hand in the pot...or my bank account. At the rate I was charging customers, I was not making any money. I wanted to go about this legally, but it is hard to do.