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  1. Got the binding done today!
  2. It's called Time Warp. I made it bigger by adding 2 more yellows so I also needed more background fabric.
  3. Thanx so much. Learning curve....had a freak out after the first row because I was too fast on the buttons and didn't mark center. Now to work on the details of quilt path and take some risks.
  4. I've made this but added 2 more colors, which is 4 more rows all it's big! I'm looking for suggestions for finding a 1 piece large backing. I'm having a problem finding something over 108"....I need at least 112" I think. aaaaannnnnddddd, quilting ideas are always welcome! mine is black and gray(backgrnd). I'm mulling with the black quilted separately from the gray, and the gray background creating something else behind the black. should be easy as it's 4 of the same quadrants. stock pic attached. each strip is 3". I have no problem doing freehand/rulers. I think I prefer it because it seems faster to me, I am so impatient for that end result. I have quilt path, just haven't cracked it, really.
  5. okay! pulled my head out and found the button! doh!
  6. Opened the back, no such button. not sure if I can reset the carriage at this point.....
  7. I'm fairly certain I know where this is on my millie. but there is nothing inside the hole to reset, no button, I meet with no it possible it's shifted somehow? should I remove the cover and take a look?
  8. From my friends mom. She likes doing embroidery but not so much putting quilts together. Her friends put it together for her. Love the scrappy look. Clear thread in the blocks and variegated elsewhere. Posting from my phone so they're probably sideways.
  9. Well....I had to take off the back cover. Remove a small computer board on the lower part to expose what looks like a fly wheel. A round ring with a magnet...had to realign the magnet at the 3 o'clock mark...the ring was completely loose which explained the needle not knowing where up and down was. Chalk that up to it just loosening over time. Sorry, I can't post the document now as I don't have it on my phone.
  10. Posting from my phone so the pics will probably be turned. Took me a few days to decide on the border. Didn't want any more curves after all those feathers. SID around the stars and half squares.
  11. Wanted to let ya'll know...this was an adjustment to the mag collar. Piece of cake!
  12. I removed the little plastic plug and don't see a screw. can I remove the rubber O ring to possibly expose a screw?
  13. I believe Angela from quilted joy did a tute on creating them in QP.....
  14. Good day! This started just yesterday. Using the single stitch button, the needle goes down then up half way....or up and down twice and stops in the middle. I've watched the video about adjusting that. My that the correct adjustment for the issue or is there something else going on?