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  1. Rosemary, I am so sorry you had that issue with your top. Shame on that shop owner for not telling you if you haven't treated your batiks before sewing, wait until after the quilt is finished to do it. As you have learned, washing tops before quilting can be a nightmare. Retayne and Synthrapol are great products, and I use them on my batik yardage, and cottons, if necessary. When I buy any kind of kit, though, I am always afraid the treatment process will shrink the fabric, or make it so wonky that I won't have enough fabric to make the quilt, so I wait until after the quilt it finished to treat it. You did treat your backing fabric, right? Batiks are easier to quilt if they have been washed. Your loop and swirl plan sounds good to me. Looking forward to seeing pictures of your project!
  2. A smaller needle will leave a smaller hole, but you need to select your needle based on your thread, as well as the hole it leaves behind. What size needle does Superior recommend for that thread? I would go with that recommendation. Even batik needle holes will relax over time.
  3. Thanks for the update, Heidi! Continued prayers for Rita and her recovery.
  4. Heidi told me last week that Rita had had a bit of a setback due to her breathing issues, but I haven't heard anything more since then. I just PM'd her to ask for an update. Because she is helping with her twin grandbabies, Heidi doesn't get on the forum as much as she used to.
  5. Sounds like the flu. Hope you feel better very soon.
  6. Wow, David, that is a very pretty block! Funny story: Mary Beth's block was delivered with a note on the envelope saying $1.27 postage due. I thought at the time it was for her block, but now I'm wondering if they meant I had another item at the post office with $1.27 postage due. If so, writing the message on a totally different envelope is a very poor way of telling me.
  7. Love it! And my daughter and I love your description of how "easy" it was to make.
  8. Thank you, everyone, for the many compliments and kind words. I am so happy I could participate in this group endeavor. The blocks sent for Rita really inspired me with their beauty and sentiments. I hope Rita enjoys this quilt even more than we all enjoyed making it for her.
  9. Wow, this is truly spectacular! Congratulations to you and your customer! Those awards were well deserved.
  10. Heidi, that is good news about Rita!! I shipped the quilt UPS this morning. Per the UPS tracking, it will be delivered at Rita's house on Tuesday.
  11. Well, that would have been a good idea. Unfortunately, I shipped it UPS this morning. I usually do put a date on my labels, but this was a different format, and it just never occurred to me. Sorry.
  12. Close ups of blocks with messages.
  13. Rita's quilt is done! I showed it off to my Bunco group last night, and they all loved it. The "Bunco Babes" were also impressed that so many people from so many places would come together to make a quilt for someone most of them had never met. Twenty-four people from 14 states and 2 provinces. The APQS Forum is a wonderful Family! (Used Circle Lord Cosmos board for the quilting.)
  14. That is so pretty! You and your friend are a great team.
  15. Congratulations, and welcome to the APQS family!!