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  1. Three more packages in today's mail. I am out of town, but per my husband, envelopes from Terry (T Row Studio), Sylvia (dancing bear) and Heidi (Quilting Heidi) are waiting for me at home!
  2. A few people have sent fat quarters with their blocks. I may use some of them for cornerstones, and will include the rest with the quilt when I send it to Rita.
  3. You and Jane make a great team!
  4. Wow, that's gorgeous! Congratulations to you both!
  5. Vickie, you're right, it is a joy to open each package. And I love the way your block is also your profile picture! Here is a picture of all the blocks I have received so far. They are not in any particular order, other than I kept multiple blocks from the same person together. Based on these blocks, this will be a fun project! Thanks again to everyone who is participating with prayers and blocks, etc..
  6. FIVE blocks today! That puts us at 24 blocks delivered already! Missy (FloridaMissy) - 4 blocks Lisa (Lisa C) - 1 block I will try to get them pressed (mailing wrinkles) and on my design wall for a picture this weekend! Thanks everyone!
  7. Three more beauties in today's mail! Mary Beth - 2 blocks Charlotte (CWBowser) - 1 Thanks, ladies!
  8. Connie, thanks for the information about Tony's baby. I will certainly keep the O'Tool family in my prayers.
  9. Thank you, Mary Beth! Ann, thanks for the offer, but we are already at the point of putting a number of blocks on the back. Rita definitely needs our prayers, and cards would mean a lot to her, I'm sure. PM Quilting Heidi for Rita's mailing address.
  10. Six more lovely blocks in today's mail! Dell (delld) - 2 blocks Vicki (Primitive1) - 2 blocks Cathy (tootsquilts) - 1 block Lisa (lisae) - 1 block Also, in addition to binding and sashing strips, several people have included money for postage. I will only be posting the receipt of blocks here, but I am keeping a chart of who sends what, in case anyone wants to know. Thanks!!
  11. NINE beautiful blocks arrived in yesterday's mail! I know they are not "for" me, but it does feel a little bit like Christmas, none the less. Connie (Gator) - 2 blocks Norma H - 3 blocks LibbyG - 4 blocks Thank you, ladies!
  12. Thanks, Terry! I will post when your package arrives.
  13. David, I appreciate the offer, but Connie is right and your sashing will be fine. I am planning to mix up the sashing pieces, not attach them to the blocks with which they came, and yours will enhance whichever blocks they border.
  14. Cindy, we appreciate your wish to participate, but we really do have more than enough block offers already.