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  1. I agree with Linda. Dirty is in the eye of the beholder, and she may be overstating the case. If not, she can wash it before quilting.
  2. These look great, but I have to say I am glad I waited to start until all the clues were out. Not really a quilt I particularly want to make. Maybe I am not a fan of making really scrappy quilts? In any case, congratulations to everyone who is working so hard on their mystery quilts. My hat is off to all of you!!
  3. Has anyone heard how RitaR's surgery went last week? Been praying and wondering how she is.
  4. You did a fantastic job!
  5. Two beautiful quilts with beautiful quilting!
  6. Wow, it looks like a little ladle! Thanks for the link, Cagey. I will definitely keep this in mind.
  7. I think I would tell your friend about the issues, and ask if she wants to fix the problem. If not, ask how much she wants to pay for the quilting, with the understanding that if she only wants to pay for a pantograph, it is likely there will be pleats, etc., due to the problems with the top. At that point, Lynn is right, if she didn't care enough to do a good job, she deserves to get the quilt she made.
  8. Happy Birthday to Himself!!
  9. Rita, so glad your pre-op went well! I will keep you in my prayers for a successful surgery and smooth, speedy recovery.
  10. Wonderful! I can see why your customer loved it. She certainly chose the right person to quilt this!
  11. Lora, I am very sorry about your mother and the issues you are having with your sister(s). I would hire a lawyer to force C to fulfill the terms of the trust regarding the house. That will help you to move forward with settling the estate. With regards to the stove, I think you should keep it. You have wonderful memories of your mother and that stove, and I know I would regret not holding on to it, if I were in your shoes. Vintage stoves are very popular these days, and remodeling your kitchen and including a vintage stove would be really cool. If you have (or rent) a van or truck, could you hire guys to load the stove at your mom's house, and hire other guys to unload it at your house? Might save on the cost of moving it. The house should certainly be able to be sold without a stove. Since the house actually belongs to all three of you, and not C, and she is not the executor, it is not up to her to sell the house. Therefore, her saying she could not sell the house without the stove is not a valid objection. The stove is yours, and you should do what you want with it. And I agree with Vickie, new owners will probably want to redo the house to suit their own tastes, and even if they decide to keep the stove, it would never mean as much to them as it does to you. My own mother died 8 years ago, also of acute leukemia. Diagnosed on Wednesday, died on Saturday. When she was diagnosed, the doctor said a few weeks, but it was 3 days. As an only child, I was spared conflicts with siblings, but the job of packing up was all mine. Not easy for either of us. I will keep pray for you to find the right decision for you about the stove, and for cooperation from your sisters. Best of luck to you.
  12. My machine is in Durham NC 


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