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  1. These are amazing and look at the variety there is. well Done everybody
  2. Betsy I sent my blocks, sashing, Binding and I threw some cornerstones in also
  3. That is a great Idea Cagey lets see how this turns out and make a decision in the near future to do that very thing.
  4. Cathy feel free to send one from the three I spoke for. that would be fine for me you will need to request the Mailing address
  5. Thank-you Everybody for jumping in and helping for this very special Angel Quilt Project. We Have enough blocks now to make a special quilt for Rita. Please continue to send Prayers Her way.
  6. Ok ladies I am sorry I am away from home this week end I will update the post when I get home tonight. Thank you all who have offered to make more blocks maybe we could add a bit of money to help the postage to get this amazing quilt to Rita when it is done what do you think?
  7. David I am going to use a pigma pen to sign mine ....you can sign it where ever you want to you can also write inspirations words , a message whatever you want to.
  8. I did not know lug nuts was yours Learn something everyday.
  9. Thank-you Libby
  10. Yes it is you.... am I correct that you are willing to do 2 Blocks?
  11. thanks Oma will be good to see your posts again
  12. Sorry I do not have the quilt anymore. this is all I have
  13. good morning Ann could I make a block for you.... if you wouldn't mind sending Betsie about 5 dollars to go towards the postage to send the quilt to Rita? No pressure you had said you were on the road it was just an idea I had. You can say no Thanks for concidering my request If you do this is there something you would like me to put on the block for you besides your Name?


    1. apylinski


      That would be wonderful. I just opened up the forum from last week. If you just want to put my name that would be fine. I will sent a message to Bettie for her address. Thanks so much!

  14. Beautiful top well done
  15. Thank-you Nancy I am negotiating with Betsy I will let you know what size when I know Thanks again for offering