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    Moroccan Vibe-ish

    This is amazing Kathy I did one of these this year but mine did not have the extra sides you nailed this Thanks for posting this just amazing
  2. T Row Studio

    Tip of the Day

    I take a photo of the quilt top and convert it to Black and white then I put in a page protector and draw on the page projector with a dry earase pen or if I need fine detail work I will draw on the photo copy with frixion pens with a fine point . If I do not like it I can iron it off
  3. Amazing Jeanne well deserved for sure
  4. T Row Studio

    Carolina Lily work in progress

    wonderful Teresa
  5. Well my version of Wild and Goosey is off the frame and ready for the binding. I have not counted the pieces yet but there is a S....t load. I love how the black and white helps showcase all the different colors .I was able to make a border using the same block and changing some colors. I am very happy with the final quilt. Thanks for looking Here is a close up it is hard to take pictures on the black.
  6. Thank you for sharing this. The group here are amazing I am proud to be part of it. Thank-you everybody who took part in this project. It turned out beautiful. Great job putting it together Betsy. Display the ribbon proudly.
  7. To Quilt it or Not that is the question....Quilting
  8. T Row Studio

    Customer Christmas Quilt

    This is lovely.... simple and beautiful
  9. T Row Studio

    Grandmother's Flower Garden

    I love how you captured and help creat a beautiful Grandmothers flower garden Bernice. Just beautiful Well Done.
  10. It has been a while since I have posted .....my life got crazy busy after the quilt show in April. I have taught over 300 people in 13 classes on how to do the collage technique and still have three more classes before the end of Nov. One of those being in Inuvik NWT so excited for sure I thought I wouls share one of the only pieced quilts I have done this summer and it is timely for today. I took this super cute paper pieced pattern added the cat and the bat to make it even cuter. Hope you all enjoy your Day
  11. T Row Studio

    Volunteer service work

    great job Eric The Vererans will appreciate you efforts
  12. You must be an amazing teacher and she is a star student well done both of you.
  13. your quilt is beautiful and are happy colors. I love it
  14. T Row Studio

    Happy Haloween

    Thanks Sue you have Good eye. I love spider webs and the spider was a good add in during the quilting stage.
  15. Here is My latest Collage quilt ready for Squaring and binding This is a Laura Heine Collage pattern called Cactus collage sampler. I shrunk this to 60% of the original size. My Mother saw one in our Local Show and she said It was her favorite quilt at the show so I thought I could make that for her birthday. I have included before after quilting and the back I also included a copy of my doodle of how I was going to quilt this. Thanks for looking Have a great day
  16. wonderful picture thank-you for sharing Linda
  17. Here is my Customers Elephant quilt I am pleased with the way it has turned out . I love quilting these quilts. There is so much room to be creative. Thanks for looking
  18. T Row Studio

    Elephant quilt

    Thank you everybody I love quilting these quilts
  19. T Row Studio

    Elephant quilt

    I have two more quilts coming for me to do my majic on a grey one and a kauffe reds, it is just amazing can't wait .
  20. T Row Studio

    Cactus Collage quilted

    I did it on a 3 1/2 hour plane ride it passed the time and when I got home I was ready for the quilt.
  21. T Row Studio

    Cactus Collage quilted

    I did have fun quilting this Kathy I am sure she will be pleased .Time will tell I guess
  22. T Row Studio

    Antique Buttermold Quilt

    well done Vicki I love all the areas of stitching.
  23. T Row Studio

    Cactus Collage quilted

    this is just a small wallhanging not big so went fairly quick