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  1. Here is My latest Collage quilt ready for Squaring and binding This is a Laura Heine Collage pattern called Cactus collage sampler. I shrunk this to 60% of the original size. My Mother saw one in our Local Show and she said It was her favorite quilt at the show so I thought I could make that for her birthday. I have included before after quilting and the back I also included a copy of my doodle of how I was going to quilt this. Thanks for looking Have a great day
  2. wonderful picture thank-you for sharing Linda
  3. Here is my Customers Elephant quilt I am pleased with the way it has turned out . I love quilting these quilts. There is so much room to be creative. Thanks for looking
  4. Elephant quilt

    Thank you everybody I love quilting these quilts
  5. Elephant quilt

    I have two more quilts coming for me to do my majic on a grey one and a kauffe reds, it is just amazing can't wait .
  6. Cactus Collage quilted

    I did it on a 3 1/2 hour plane ride it passed the time and when I got home I was ready for the quilt.
  7. Cactus Collage quilted

    I did have fun quilting this Kathy I am sure she will be pleased .Time will tell I guess
  8. Antique Buttermold Quilt

    well done Vicki I love all the areas of stitching.
  9. Cactus Collage quilted

    this is just a small wallhanging not big so went fairly quick
  10. I finished my Twinkle Star

    amazing I was just looking at this pattern yesterday.
  11. Zippers

  12. Zippers

    Bonnie this is something I would like to do can you take a picture of yours on the machine if you don`t mind
  13. Here is a lovely paper pieced poinsettia wall hanging Marie made she will have it ready for Christmas this year. Here is the before after and back hope you enjoy. and..... Merry Christmas........ LOL
  14. Passing on the quilting bug

    This is wonderful They look so happy
  15. Christmas in July

    Thank-you everybody for the Kind comments I hope the customer loves it when she gets it.
  16. yes it is lovely..... well done
  17. Four point star quilt

    well done Dell
  18. Which direction

    I go both way. if it keep breaking I think the bobbin is a bit tight try loosening it a bit.
  19. Zinnia Garden for my niece

    I love your quilting designs the color absolutly everything about this quilt well Done Cathy
  20. I had to get a special end for mine when I changed over to bliss I think we finally took a picture of the the ends and they sent me a jump cable that hooked them together. Good luck...
  21. Tea stain a quilt?

    Hi Penny If I were going to use any type of dye I would do a couple of quilt sandwiches I could test with. Here is a sample of over dyeing i did. I stitched some improve log cabins from different fiber content fabric, Mostly natural fibers. those are the cream ones and then cut it apart and over dyed it with a proc-ion dye The fibers take on the color differently. but what you are doing it will absorb it the same, You could use a diluted version of this and get an interesting effect from it. I look forward to seeing your before and after pictures and see what you decide to do.
  22. Here are a few more Collage projects I just finished . I am teaching and have the opportunity to offer this technique through a satelite class hosted by Sharon Blackmore of Love Shack Quilts, if you are interested here is the link ( https://www.loveshackquilts.ca/product-page/terry-s-collage-workshop-satellite ). I will give you preparation videos to be ready for the class on Sept 30th, Then she will video me though out the day with tips on how to get started, cutting tips, eye options, finishing your project to be able to hang it. I encourage to jump out of your box and create a one of a kind project. The videos will be live so you will be able to ask questions as I am being videoed. The videos stay on the facebook page so you will be able to go back and watch them over and over or watch at a later date if you are busy that day. Or if you are in the Airdrie Alberta area I would love to teach you in person. This is a fun and freeing process once you get going you can have a lot of fun.
  23. She wanted to have it outlined so I showed her how to put the black strips on the detail lines and collage between them to leave the line showing . You do not want to put onto a black background and add another layer over the entire piece.
  24. Edited post with a short video tour of my Featured quilted area at the show. I Hope you enjoy I will post pictures of my quilts next week I am so excited today is our local Quilt show. I have been named one the feature quilters at our show . This is quite and honor I am given a special area where 20 of my own quilts will be hung. I have selected some of my favorite quilts I have made over the years as well as some new ones I got done under the wire. I also have 7 more that are in the actual show. I am looking forward to sharing my quilts with everybody in the Red Deer and surrounding areas. My Daughter is coming today before the show stars and photographing my quilts I will show pictures after the week end. Here is the before picture of 22 of my quilts yesterday morning as I was packing them up. Have a great week-end I know I will enjoy all the visiting Laughing and shopping ans Sharing that goes with this kind of event.