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  1. Hi Thanks for this and that is the quilt I am going to make. When I talked to the company they said most of the fabrics were not available so had used substitutes. They could not say which fabrics they would send but most of them would be less than one repeat which would make it hard to fussy cut some of the flowers. I decided to try and get the fabrics I really like and choose the rest from Kaffe, Philip Jacobs and Liberty prints. I did buy quiet a few from this company for this and future quilts. Thanks for taking the time to look. Fingers crossed I may have found one of the fabrics in Europe. I found the Iris and Peony in USA but they will not ship to UK so I will keep looking that and the others. Tracey
  2. Hi I recently was lucky enough to go to a talk by Kaffe Fassett where he had on display his Seed Packet quilt. I fell in love with this quilt, the colour combination was wonderful. I have decided to make this quilt and I am now looking for some of the fabrics he used. Most of the fabrics are his or Philip Jacobs and are from 2009 to 2013. Has anyone got any of these fabrics in their stash that I could buy? Pictures attached I should add that I have recently retired and have taken up sewing again after a 30+ year break. My first job after school was selling Jones + Brother sewing and knitting machines so it feels like I have come full circle. This will be my first quilt. I have seen and used a Millie at a dealer and loved it so I am now saving up to get one. Tracey Kent, England
  3. Hi Mary Beth Thanks for this information I will have a look Tracey
  4. Hi Fabrics now listed on Thanks Tracey
  5. Hi Betsy Thanks for this I give it a try Tracey