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  1. Today is the day. I hope qll goes wonderful
  2. You know what! One day you will look at you practice pieces and say, that's a darn good feather. All of a sudden things just click. Dont worry it will. Enjoy the process. Post for us.
  3. So excited for you. Another wait until Saturday. I just went in to see Georgia an tell her im so glad she is here and i dont have to wait for her. ☺Take time reading the manual and watching the tapes until Saturday.
  4. I'm still pretty new to quilting. The way i have been preparing my quilt for basting has been to lay the backing on my large table, get it straight and taught then clamp to table with my large binder clips. Then i find the center of my batting and lay it in the backing depending if the batting has a right or wrong side. I then smooth out the batting and move the clips to include the backing and batting. I then center my top on the batting making sure it is smooth and taught and replace the clips to include all three layers. Then i pin baste with safety pins. I have watched a couple of videos where the quilter only clamped the backing then smoothed batting and top before she pin basted. Which way is best to prepare the quilt. Thank you for your input.
  5. Congratulations. Im not very patient either. Maybe clean out a closet. LOL
  6. This seems like a good price. Lots of extras. I hope any of you contemplating an upgrade from a D SM will take advantage of this. I'm so glad i upgraded.
  7. Yes. I've been wishing you well also. How are you doing
  8. Again i say to you ladies with fibromyalgia, please research gluten intolerence. Gluten is in Wheat, barley and rye among other things.. it causes pain all over your body. Avoiding gluten made remarkable difference in my life. Only pain now when i have eaten something with gluten. Again please look at this.
  9. I have been very pleased with my acupuncture treatments. Sorry you have had pain. Try to stay off gluten for a couple of weeks to see if that makes a difference.
  10. The apqs dealer in dallas has a bookshelf where you just go pick out your books. Her customers pass along a lot of their book. I love it.
  11. Yes. I havs read alll of her series. Such fun reads. She knows Texas ☺
  12. Stunning. Congratulations
  13. This seems like a good buy. I hope someone takes him home. Lots of extras.
  14. Congratulations. Just beautiful
  15. Thank you all for the kind words. I recieved the blessing as ths giver.