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  1. I have a Lenni and I got red snappers about a month ago. Wow, can you load and unload a quilt fast. I really like that part, but there is a trade off. They add weight, and the very end of you leaders want to sag because of the weight. But, I am going to live with it, because of the benefit I perceive. Love pulling a quilt off, I seemed to poke myself more when I was taking off and I don't miss that at all. Overall, I am glad I put them on.
  2. I'm with Sharon. Mine came with Lenni and I use it. I haven't had any troubles. I wish it had an on/off switch. Made me jump for a long time when I pushed it in and it engaged...
  3. Good solution. Very pretty!
  4. With the lever that locks the brake in the upright position, you can turn it to the right or left. I think you want to go right (righty tighty). That should help some. I think as we lift and lower that lever we also might un wind it some. Making it be loose. I am interested in other responses or what apqs tells you, because I have the same issue. I have seen some quilts on you tube and they look like you could bounce a quarter on them. I have never gotten mine that tight. ")
  5. Sorry you are having problems. I would unplug and then plug back in. I would re-thread. I would also clean my bobbin case. Might try a different bobbin. Try and identifie if thread is breaking in a particular motion/direction.
  6. Agree with both responses. Skills will travel And having the freedom to move make your heart sing.
  7. Very pretty! Glad you are loving your Milli.
  8. When I have this problem, it is because I have missed the shepherd hook in my thread path.
  9. IThere is a hq sixteen located in the used for sale section of this forum. Go back to "welcome to forum" . It is a sub section of machines. Hope you find what you need.
  10. Amazing quilting. That is beautiful.
  11. Wow, this is a beautiful quilt. Love the crosshatching, love the feathers. Great quilting.
  12. Oh Libby, It is gorgeous. Love the feathers!
  13. Please post a picture. Sounds interesting. ")
  14. One of the best things I bought was alum brackets that rest from roller to roller, flush with the sides of your batting edge. Your side straps go over the brackets and attach to your fabric. When they are attached, it elevates the clamps so that the base of your machine doesn't hit.
  15. Very nice