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  1. Happy Quilting to you. Life is soooo hard sometimes, but keep fighting the good fight of faith! And that is awesome news about Landon.
  2. Vicki, Im in Virginia, and I could do it. What size are we talking? Also you might want to ask your quilt guild if you have one,.
  3. Great job on getting it in the magazine. Cant wait to see the pics and article. I am a subscriber. I know they will love it!
  4. I love your quilting. Great job. I am looking for designs now to quilt a QOV quilt. Thanks!
  5. The only time I doubled my batting was on a Qnique quilting machine on my frame. I used Warm and natural all cotton and had no problem, it was tightly quilted so bunching could not be allowed. No problem with the quilting, didn't even raise my hopping foot. Quilt turned out fine. Never did it again, because I never really thought it was such more special than a single batting quilt. Hope you love the outcome of yours!
  6. Try the old remedy of slicing through an onion and placing it nearby. Seriously draws out the stuff. Also Vics Vapor rub on your feet and then socks over it. Im not making this up. I havent had any of it so far but family members have and it didn't last long using these methods.. Watching the toddlers at church today. OH Boy, you know someone will have a runny nose, and germy hands. LOL Really hope you feel better soon!
  7. Thanks for sharing. SOOOOOO beautiful!
  8. All I can say is I hate when things like that happen, and bless your heart.
  9. Yes! APQS on target!!!
  10. Hello! Can't wait too see your posts and know what projects you are doing! And Happy Birthday to you. Mine was 2 days before yours!
  11. Im a big stick in the mud, I guess. No cumputer for me. Love FMQ the best, Don't even use my pantographs, Maybe one day (my husband says) Ill want one. But for now My Lucey is soooooo perfect. I love APQS! I know I made the right decision.
  12. At my home, but sometimes if a customer had surgery then Ill pick up at their home. (if that is local of course) My husband said if I pick up a quilt top or deliver it, I should charge a 10 dollar fee. But have not done that yet.
  13. Let us know with pics!