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  1. Love the beautiful feather quilting. and the quilt is beautiful as well. Great job and pairing.
  2. Am I too late to make a block? Or what else can I make? A matching scrappy pillowcase?
  3. Thanks T ROW, and Cagey. Steal away. I stole it from Quiltmaker, and looking at the way they did was cuter, I think. They did the applique bunnies in WOOL by Robert Kaufman. Now that would be warm. lol
  4. Love the colors and the quilting. Reminds me and sand and desert. LOVE IT!
  5. I saw this in the Quiltmaker Mar/Apr 2017. I didn't follow the pattern, just looked at the picture. Used the Traceable though. So cute the way they did it too. Just took it off mu Lucey. Now for a binding. and which of the 4 little granddaughters to give it to. LOL
  6. My sewing rooms are my CREATIVE rooms. My Lucey room is my play room! Your space is super duper!
  7. I think we all might be our own worst credit. but you really did an awesome job quilting.
  8. quilting my appliqued bunnies,My quilting is better than my applique. LOL
  9. You did a fantastic job.
  10. Thanks for sharing!!!
  11. NHDeb, I too have that problem to face. Well not really a problem, but I'd still love to take the class. All I know is you have 2 years( I think) from date of purchase. So maybe Ill be somewhere within that time.
  12. Yes. Last week -1 degrees, and today in the 60's. That is why I love Virginia. Im in middle from Mountains and Beaches.
  13. That is beautiful, and I have Lucey too. Just took off a quilt tonight. I just love her stitches.
  14. Ive been snowbound for 3 days now. here in Virginia, We got about 10 inches here (all snow) Pieced and quilted this quilt on my Lucey, Making blocks for another quilt and getting ready to sew blocks together, and working on another quilt top as well, I really feel like Ive done a lot these last few days. I got a visit from my son and his family that doesn't live too far, but we just wanted to hang out. We shopped fabric at my house for dresses my daughter in law will make. Oh what fun we have had. I cant post a pic. It keeps saying error.