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  1. NHDeb, I too have that problem to face. Well not really a problem, but I'd still love to take the class. All I know is you have 2 years( I think) from date of purchase. So maybe Ill be somewhere within that time.
  2. Yes. Last week -1 degrees, and today in the 60's. That is why I love Virginia. Im in middle from Mountains and Beaches.
  3. That is beautiful, and I have Lucey too. Just took off a quilt tonight. I just love her stitches.
  4. Ive been snowbound for 3 days now. here in Virginia, We got about 10 inches here (all snow) Pieced and quilted this quilt on my Lucey, Making blocks for another quilt and getting ready to sew blocks together, and working on another quilt top as well, I really feel like Ive done a lot these last few days. I got a visit from my son and his family that doesn't live too far, but we just wanted to hang out. We shopped fabric at my house for dresses my daughter in law will make. Oh what fun we have had. I cant post a pic. It keeps saying error.
  5. Great quilting!!! I have a quilt on my frame now. So excited to start first thing in the morning!
  6. I make soups all year round. I can them with my fresh vegetables and then add herbs that I grow. And any soup goes with my homemade rosemary bread or fresh baguettes. This is making me hungry and I already ate dinner.
  7. InesR You can find it on the Duggard's website. Google their clothes detergent. I use it on all my clothes. You can buy the ingredients, arm and hammer washing powder,borax, and netftal soap. I put lavender essential oil in mine. Not for my quilts though, even though I dont think it would hurt.
  8. Awesome Sherry Butler about your Father. I am a longarm quilter for QOV also.
  9. If it was all over, I would quilt the heck out of it. I hope you find a method!!!
  10. I wash all my fabric, not my quilts until they are used a bit. When I give someone a quilt I tell them how I wash it gently with my homemade detergent in cold water and line dry. (yes I know not everyone has a clothesline, but I sure do and use the heck out of it. Love that fresh smell on the quilts My Grandmother never washed her quilts, but they all stayed on top of the bed or in a closet. Yes I got a few of those.
  11. Wow. I feel left out living in Virginia, but then I thought we are all on the east coast. And then another thing, I have so much family from my husbands side in Charlotte and Raleigh, and My sister is in Southport. I don't feel left all. LOL
  12. That is great. Those kids sure are cute, so are my grandaughters too ( 4 of them all under three years old) As a matter of fact, they all just left my home. I made them pillow beds, and body pillows. My kids I made bags, pot holders, oven mitts and quilts. My daughter loved the quilt I hand pieced over 20 years ago and just finished quilting. It was such joy to my heart that they all loved their gifts. It is so much better to give than receive for sure!!! Will make these puppets for birthdays this year. Thanks so much!!!
  13. Got mine when I bought Lucey. It came with her. Absolutely love it. I have it set up on a small table beside the frame. So easy to use and fast winding. The stitches are still great. I also wind other bobbins from my Qnique 15 " on the frame which has a bobbin winder on the machine.
  14. Sorry Everyone, Christopher won!!!!!! Yay Christopher! You are a new quilter!!!
  15. Amazing! So I bought a book on making a quilt with crayons called Creative Quilts from your crayon Box by Terrie Linn Kygar. You melt and blend them with fusible applique. Is that the process you used. I don't want to try this if it doesn't work.