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  1. I've always loved that pattern as well and your quilt is stunning! Love the navy and white contrast and your quilting suits it to a 'T'. It's a beauty!
  2. Thanks Cagey for sharing that! It's brilliant! As for the bobbins, I run mine out, but I'm working from the front of the machine, so I can see when it runs out and I wind my own bobbins. I find the tension is acceptable pretty much to the end of the bobbin and will only take a few stitches back to a good restarting point. I don't quilt for customers or show, so I'm probably not as particular as some as its only for me .
  3. When I started to FMQ, it was on a sit down machine without SR. As I got better at it, my stitches just seemed to come out a fairly consistent length, but it took time and practice and I got in sync with the foot peddle and adjusting the machine speed with it to come to a stop or turn or when using a ruler to ease up and didn't get so many tiny little stitches...again practice. But since getting the Lenni, where SR mode does all the thinking for me on stitch length and Manual mode is either stop or go and doesn't allow for ramping up or down, I'm really nervous in Non SR mode/manual, so I stick with the SR. However, the few times I've tried it, I realized how much quieter and smoother the machine runs, so I'd really like to work on quilting without the SR all of the time. Coming from a sit down with a foot peddle, I have to think it would be nice to still have a foot peddle on on the Lenni for that extra speed control. Weird, I know . But I feel like I need time to "think" sometimes, and the Manual mode is a bit unforgiving and scary .
  4. I'm with the others that suggest a video tutorial being the best method to learn and there are lots of options online and you can watch them over and over for as long as it takes!
  5. Hi Lora. Don't you hate when that happens! I did a bit of a search and found this but your numbers provided don't match, but though I'd send it along. This is a company that makes Perma Core Quilters Select thread and also a few others like Signature and they have an A&E associated with them. Good luck with your search. I hope you are able to find what you're looki for. BTW, is it a 100% cotton thread or a polyester?
  6. That is just stunning!! The quilt itself is such a treasure, but your quilting just really makes it beautiful. Love the feathers and pebbles together as you've done them. Your artistry with the quilting choices and execution is inspirational.. Love it!
  7. I absolutely loved that series!!! I hate when I get to the end of a series like that and there aren't anymore . I haven't found another as good...of course that is MHO :o).
  8. Thank you Rosemary! I took delivery of my Lenni at the end of October 2016. Before that, I had quilted on my Handi Quilter Sweet 16 Sitdown machine which I bought Spring of 2013, which is when I started free motion quilting. So essentially, the longarming has only been about 7 months, but I found that a lot of the patterns I had learned in FMQIng on my Sitdown, helped tremendously in the transition. I still struggle with controlling the machine movement and working a pattern in all directions unless it's one I've done a million times. On the Sweet 16 I could usually move the quilt to a position that would make it easier and keep the pattern running in the same direction and now I can't do that unless I up mount the quilt and remount it. I still question whether I did the right thing! Somethings are easier on the longarm, some where easier on the Sitdown. It's a trade off. It's a journey and it takes time, practice and determination and just going for it. My quilting is best viewed from a distance in a blurry picture , but thank you for your encouragement!
  9. Ha ha! Thank you Robin! Well I can tell you exactly where they are, but apparently we quilters aren't supposed to do that!. I did figure a few things out as I progressed thru the quilt as there are obviously repeated designs, so my execution did get better toward the end. Thank you for you kind comments.
  10. Wow, that is a very pretty quilt! I love the center redwork and the background fill. All of your quilting design choices are fabulous!
  11. I don't have a tomato pin cushion but, I love your quilt! Very pretty!
  12. That, is a very cool quilt! Your first attempt with your quilt path seems to have gone brilliantly! Great job!
  13. That is a work of art! Your quilting sets it off perfectly!
  14. Very nice!!
  15. Well done, both the quilt and quilting!