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  1. My machine quilting library has evolved as I discovered different quilters. My very beginning I invested in Pam Clark's, then it was Diane Gaudyinski's, then Angela Walters, then Judi Madsen's. There were a few others peppered in here and there. Lori Kennedy from the Inbox Jaunt Blog is another great resource and she has a book now and Craftsy class. I think where you are in your quilting journey and where you want to go is the big influence on what you want to be investing in for quilting resources in all aspects of quilting. Whose style you like and want to emulate. I still refer to several of the aforementioned quilters' books for inspiration and technical advice and take classes as they become available from other, more experienced quilters as they become available or pertinent to my journey. So the long and short answer and not necessarily helpful one, is it depends on where you want to go with your quilting, which resource will be most helpful to you .
  2. Another beauty Terry!
  3. Here's what looks like a digital one? Wondering if you can do something along these lines and make your own panto? I'm not familiar with the file types they refer to, maybe this is already something available in panto format? ..
  4. Yikes! Wishing you a manageable and comfortable recovery that gets you up and running again ASAP! Marie Bostwick has a great series of quilty novels if you haven't already read them.
  5. That would have been a fun quilt to make! Looks like you had fun quilting it too! Great job all round. I'm sure your mom will be tickled pink with it .
  6. Nice job and fantastic points! Perfect quilting choices!
  7. Congratulations to you both for an outstanding job! A well deserved win!
  8. Those quilts are absolutely adorable! I love everything about them. Your grand babies are precious and I'm sure irresistible!
  9. Your quilting choices turned out fabulous! Well done!
  10. Rolodex- Google will give you more results. It's a great idea for filing and retrieving notes and I just might have to pick one of those up. I'm sure if you keep your eyes open, you might find a used one somewhere. We used them in the office for keeping contact info, before the days of everything being on your smartphone or computer! But I can see where this would be a great way to keep your little notes for quilting tips, as it's always the retrieval issue after you write it down! Great idea Joy!
  11. That's impressive!! Great job all around!
  12. Hi Rosemary. I made some placemats for our son's new house and wanted to quilt them on my Lenni just to see how I would go about it. I only got my machine in the fall. So here's a few pics of what I did, very similar to Ann's response, but I wanted each placemat back to be different. So I made up each individual backing making them just a little bit larger than the tops to give me wiggle room and then pieced it with scraps top and bottom to attach it to the leaders. Before loading it I placed the batting and placemat tops where I wanted them and pin basted them on my ironing board surface to make sure they would end up in the right place. It sounds tedious and but it worked really well!
  13. What a fantastic idea! Love the arrangement and the quilting really suits it. I'm sure it will be treasured.
  14. That is a very pretty girl's quilt. Your quilting really adds a very feminine element to it that she won't grow out of. Perfect!
  15. Cool! Your client got a twofer there with the back as pretty as the front!
  16. Great quilting choices and beautiful execution!! I love quilting those kind of feathers and I too find them pretty forgiving. It's just a fun shape! :-).
  17. Beautiful! Isn't it nice to get to keep one after it's quilted!
  18. If it's a diagonal like crosshatching, you can do a "w" path across. Sometimes you can plan your path to pick up a connected area so you aren't breaking thread or rolling the quilt. Otherwise, I roll on and back to do it or break thread.
  19. You have certainly hit the ground running on your new machine! Great job!
  20. A beautiful quilt and sentiment! Love the pattern and your quilting choices really add to the quilt.
  21. Love EH's quilts and you've done a super job with your's!
  22. Beautiful! Love the added quilting texture! Great idea to just add the extra batting in the middle. Thanks for little extra detail