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  1. Duh, you did say top thread, right there in black and white! I think I will do that. Seems to be the easiest way to use it and keep on eye on how much is there. Thanks. I am so happy not to have to rely on my own brain sometimes. I swear that thing goes on vacation without me sometimes.
  2. I thought about using them in my DSM but would have to rewind them onto the other bobbins. I have used them for sewing my bindings on but often break the thread. maybe I'm puling too hard? Do you have problems with it breaking when you are hand sewing Deb?
  3. Yes there are so many. It's hard to know where to start. But since support was non existent with the old one, one of my main criteria for my new machine had to be customer support, preferably local. Then when I found APQS had lifetime warranties, I was sold.
  4. I am still working to get results that good!
  5. Karen I had a Tin Lizzie. I had it for eight years. I quilted a lot of quilts on it but the tension was a nightmare. I actually did not use it for the the 2nd and 3rd year I had it because it was so frustrating. Then a friend recommended the Magna Glide bobbins and it made such a difference. Didn't cure all the problems but made it more usable. But even so it just got to where I felt I was quilting everything twice and wasting so much thread and time...not to mention patience. Haven't regretted buying Lenni. Nothing is perfect, I have a small issue with Lenni and the top thread breaking but I am working on it. I am still amazed at the difference in the machines everytime I start to quilt. Hmmm seems to be a lot of people using the bobbins for practice. Something tells me I don't practice enough!
  6. I thought this problem had worked itself out but apparently not. I was diligent about checking the quilts for awhile and seemed like all was well. This morning I finished hand sewing the binding on one and as I was putting on the label I noticed a tiny thread nest. I scraped it with my fingernail and...oh $%#@ It happened again. I found three places fairly close together on this quilt. Needless to say I am now paranoid and plan to get out the last three or so I have done to thoroughly check them. If there is a "ghost" thread connecting it (which is the only logical answer) then it is so thin that the moment you touch the area it breaks. I use different colored threads all the time. I have changed my needle more than once. I am still a new enough owner that I haven't gotten lazy about maintenance so I know it's clean. These breaks seem to happen in a relatively small area, so it seems like the thread frays, starts to break and catches several times before getting to a good place on the thread and no more problems. I was so happy about the quality of the quilting but now I am totally unsure and hope I find all the bad spots. Many of these will be donated and I hate the thought of them not holding up in the laundry or with just general use. Not sure where to start looking to correct this problem. It's so odd that it is not a constant problem, just a very occasional one. ????? Looking at a scrap quilt folded on the shelf. It has a black back quilted with black bobbin thread. Hope the quilt angels watched out for that one cause I can't even see the stitching , much less if it skipped a stitch or two.
  7. That is actually a great idea. I wouldn't need to worry about the ends. It is so nice to be able to post and have someone point out a simple, but totally elusive to me, idea. Thanks. Cagey I had the same problem with my old machine. One of the reasons I upgraded to APQS. Tension and/or breaking every time I changed a bobbin. I ran them out then too. My Lenni doesn't do that so I guess that is why I have been changing the bobbin when I see there is not much on it. Great video. I chuckled every time she cut their "little heads off". Thanks.
  8. I know a lot of you, including me, use the prewound bobbins when quilting. I was wondering if you use each bobbin until it runs out or do you put in a new bobbin so that you don't run out in the middle of a row and have to tie in ends? I try to use as much of each bobbin as possible, but when there is such a small amount that I don't feel I'll get anywhere with it I get a new one out. But I don't want to waste what's left on the used bobbin. I have tried using it for hand sewing my bindings on but feel it is not strong enough to pull through several stitches at a time. I get a lot of fraying. These bobbin don't fit in my DSM so I am thinking about rewinding them onto regular bobbins just so I can't use up the thread. The little buggars are piling up! Was curious what others do when there is only a small amount left, too little to get a good start on a row but too much to throw away........
  9. Didn't you just love opening the box and seeing the big red bow? That really made me smile when I got my Lennie. I left it on there for a week!
  10. CONGRATULATIONS! I am sure you will love it! Wishing you many fun, quilty days.
  11. Looks lovely. You did a great job.
  12. Looks great. And hey, rules were made to be broken!
  13. Glad you found your post. Sneaky little devils aren't they.
  14. Gorgeous quilt. Would not have guessed you used shirts. What a wonderful way to add sentiment to a quilt.
  15. First of all your quilt is beautiful! I am sure your DGD will love it. The easiest way to find posts is to hover your mouse over your name.....a small box will pop up and you will see a small magnifying glass that says Content. Click it and it takes you to a list of your posts. Your original post about this quilt is there.