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  1. This is just beautiful. Your quilting really bring it to life.
  2. Being idle would be hard but smart to let it heal. Hope time passes easily for you. Take care. Oh, If you like reading there are a lot of quilt themed cozy mysteries out there.
  3. Beautiful quilt. Can't believe how fast you quilted it and got the binding on!
  4. Beautiful work. Your "doodle" is very interesting too. I would find that as much work as the quilting. I'm not quite there yet in designing and quilting so really interesting to see how you develop ideas. Thanks
  5. Thanks for the review Micajah. Always feel better when reading a "real" review since I've learned that a lot of them on line are fake. Please keep us updated as you get to use it more.
  6. That is great info Vegaslady. Thank you for taking the time to provide us with all this info.
  7. Always good info on this forum. Appreciate everyone who takes the time to help.
  8. Super cute! Love both of them.
  9. I don't have any answers either. It seems every time I have a question about anything, customer service just gives me the runaround. I feel your pain and frustration. Hope you find something better.
  10. Goegeous work. You complemented her piecing very well. Turned out great!
  11. Last week I changed my needle in my Lenni and accidentally put it in backward. It immediately got hung up and blew a fuse. I used my extra fuse and fixed it. No problems. So today I remembered I needed to order some fuses. I went to the Quilted Joy website because I had had good service from them before. I ordered 6 fuses. My thinking, "I have to order them so get several" and since I am somewhat anal it has to be a round number like a half a dozen, right? The owner of Quilted Joy, Angela Huffman, saw my order and her thinking was "does this lady have a problem?" So she called me to see if my machine was regularly blowing fuses and to see if she could offer help. Yes, she really did do that. I was floored. I did not buy my machine from her. I don't even live in the same state as she does. But she took the time to see if I needed help. I find that amazing and very uplifting. No one does that anymore. APQS has some amazing people representing them and I am glad (even though I am having some thread issues at the moment) I bought an APQS machine. I wanted to be sure to acknowledge her kindness because I think society as a whole is sometimes quicker to complain than to compliment. So thank you Angela. (And yes, I asked her about my thread problem and she told me a few things to check on. How nice is that.) I also want to thank the folks on this forum who are always taking time to offer advice and help whenever I have a question. I was feeling kinda bummed about the problems I am having but I feel better and know that there is support out there. So thank you.
  12. Should have been clearer.....I don't do this with a walking foot but if I am using a different type of foot to do certain types of quilting, then I loosen the pressure.
  13. I think that looks really nice. I like the curves of the ribbons.
  14. What a lovely picture to commemerate a special time. Enjoy the rest of their visit.
  15. Sounds like you had a lot of fun at day camp. I would enjoy something like that too. I make a lot of baby/kid quilts for the local RMcD house and childrens hospital. You are right, it is very satisfying.
  16. You might also loosen your pressure foot so that it is not exerting as much pressure on the quilt sandwich.. My dial is right above it and I have to loosen it when I am quilting due to the thickness. I find it really makrs it easier to get the quilt to move.
  17. That is really pretty. Did you hand applique? in wool?
  18. That is so creative and lovely. Your friend is going to love it.
  19. Love it. Nice job. So happy the stain came out. I know you were so upset.
  20. Wow, that is a lot of research. Thank you so much for sharing all your hard work.
  21. I am not a huge paper piecing fan. Too many seams. I find it distracting. That being said, I am totally blown away by the quilting on this poinsettia and I don't notice the seams at all on the finished product . All I see is the beauty of the flower. It's just amazing the change in the product from before to after. And yes, the back is gorgeous too. Thanks for sharing.
  22. I posted this under a different thread but think this one gets more traffic so............. I had originally posted about this problem here: I thought this problem had worked itself out but apparently not. I was diligent about checking the quilts for awhile and seemed like all was well. Earlier last week I finished hand sewing the binding on one and as I was putting on the label I noticed a tiny thread nest. I scraped it with my fingernail and...oh $%#@ It happened again. I found three places fairly close together on this quilt. Needless to say I am now paranoid and plan to get out the last three or so I have done to thoroughly check them. (I did check them and found more instances. At least one occurence on each quilt) If there is a "ghost" thread connecting it (which is the only logical answer) then it is so thin that the moment you touch the area it breaks. I use different colored threads all the time. I have changed my needle more than once. I am still a new enough owner that I haven't gotten lazy about maintenance so I know it's clean. These breaks seem to happen in a relatively small area, so it seems like the thread frays, starts to break and catches several times before getting to a good place on the thread and no more problems. Since I do not see this when it happens I have no idea whether I am traveling right to left or left to right or going around in a circle! I was so happy about the quality of the quilting but now I am totally unsure and hope I found all the bad spots. Many of these will be donated and I hate the thought of them not holding up in the laundry or with just general use. To say I am paranoid is an understatement. Not sure where to start looking to correct this problem. It's so odd that it is not a constant problem, just a very occasional one. ????? (Looking at a scrap quilt folded on the shelf. It has a black back quilted with black bobbin thread. Hope the quilt angels watched out for that one cause I can't even see the stitching , much less if it skipped a stitch or two. ) Anyone have any ideas? Do I need to have the dealer take a look at it? Does it need servicing of some kind? At the moment I feel like I sold my old problems only to spend a lot of money for new problems. I'm really bummed.
  23. Thank you ecmoore, that is a great idea. I will try using my phone to see what I can see. Have you resolved your issue? Jim, I will use a white 3x5 card. I am sure that will help reflect light too. Thank you.
  24. Thank you Jim I will check these things. I need to find a jeweler's loupe because my glasses are not srong enough for me to see in there. I wrote your suggestions down and will check as soon as I can. I appreciate you taking the time to answer.