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  1. Congrats... that is the WORST part KNOWING it is so close YET SO FAR AWAY!! I would want to be in the truck and on my way too.. but I must say.. those rail beams are "really heavy"!! let the Delivery guys get them in the house!! I sure wish I had your 28 years of experience.. YOU ARE GOING TO BE AMAZED AT THE FREE GLIDING MOTION OF APQS MACHINES!! please post some of your quilting.. I can't wait to see it When Millie shows up.. make sure to take some time to breathe I am so Happy for you!
  2. Carol, Love the idea and the panto is perfect ! Did you order a custom size? Your stitching looks to be around 2 inches apart I love open quilting designs Thanks for posting, another idea learned !!!!
  3. Madelyn, Beautiful Quilt.. your Granddaughter will cherish it forever Great job
  4. Thanks you guys for this post, I thought my needle in APQS Lucey was suppose to be straight, so I am really anxious to hear more about this 5:30 or 6:30 position of the needle hole. Hope everyone has a Stress Free Day
  5. Absolutely Beautiful Vicki, I am also new to Long Arm and the site, so Thank you Mary Ann for bringing this up again.. There are so many beautiful quilts !! Thanks everyone for sharing your talents.. Piecing and Quilting!!
  6. Heidi, Breath Taking.. Everyone said it all!! Great job!!
  7. I am totally amazed at how you all know "what to quilt".. I will never live long enough to figure out How you know!! Keep up the beautiful work., I love to browse and Wonder
  8. Wow, Just amazing!! both quilt and Your Quilting!!
  9. Outstanding quilting, Great job!
  10. Kathy, Absolutely breathtaking!! I can't imagine ever being able to accomplish such creative work!! Well done for sure! How many years have you been Long arm quilting?
  11. Sewingpup, Oh.. how ironic.. You really hit me with "Grandma's Homemade Bread" How I miss that too! Today would be her 132nd Birthday.. One thing she was definitely right about... You have to be able to "feel it' I still make some of the old fashioned "Kolachy's" and IF you can't feel it.. you can't make them! With today's processed flours.. you will NEVER make Grandma's Bread ever sad
  12. Hello, Is there some kind of a "rule of thumb" about how big your Quilting design should be.. in comparison to the size of your block? On E2E or free motion? I have this D9 top done and was thinking of just a big open flower like you see in that brown background fabric.. but, how big should I design it? I don't like close stitching, I like more of a comforter look, so I try to keep my stitching lines at least 1.5 to 2 inches apart. All suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you
  13. Thanks Carol, that is what I thought
  14. I found this blog this morning and thought I would pass along the link seems like we are all after that perfect SEWN ON BINDING In the comments section, another lady has gone to the 3/8ths inch seam to sew on the binding first, that is what I like best too. Rosemary
  15. Deb, You can do it.. I need to go back and do it the way Connie does, I used to do it that way, and sewing to the back and bringing it around to the front definitely allows you to see that you are overlapping your seam on the back.. your still SID on the back, but overlapping on the front. It does take practice, the biggest problem is what width to cut your strips. I have a problem with that because i'm always adding more thickness with as much batting as I can so my quilts are puffier. Good luck Betsy, Frankenmuth might be a great place, maybe we can introduce Connie to Bronners too That would be a good 1.5 to 2 hrs travel for me. We certainly have to figure out a plan to get together, and checking out Frankenmuth's quilt shop would be an added bonus Rosemary