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  3. It looks wonderful and puts you in the running for Grandad of the Year award!
  4. Thanks Jim. Was going to try skill to learn as I'm a 2 handed driver. Also trying to change my motif choices to accommodate that in certain areas and to try and avoid the piling up.
  5. Kathy: When I quilt, I compensate for the hopping foot pushing fabric by pushing/pulling the fabric "wave" back into place with my fingers as I sew. Try doing that when you approach the meeting points of you SID. I seem to do a lot of SID, and I've been doing this a long time with good results. I originally thought it was a problem exclusive to the Ult 2 with a presser foot rather than a hopping foot, but I soon realized the same thing (perhaps to a little lesser extent, but still a lot) happens with the hopping foot on my Gammill. Jim
  6. Love it so far, Eric. I noticed you even stitched in the ditch.
  7. A local longarmer with a Lenny called me, knowing I had a Millie and could I come over and "help" her figure out what was wrong? What's the problem? She wouldn't pick up a stitch. Did you go over the checklist? Yes. Did you call APQS? No. Helphelphelp I'm getting behind!!! I drive over (10 miles), look at the machine (so dirty and soooo may set-up errors--yikes!) and immediately see her needle is in backward. No "thank you", she hustled me out the door so fast I got dizzy! That "service call" would have cost her $200 plus travel time. Luckily I live within driving distance of Barbara Mayfield and it gives me vast peace of mind, but I still fix my own. The other side? My nightmare of a spa treatment at APQS several years ago that resulted in me using a loaner for 4 months. Please realize that there are very few "traveling magicians" that are trained on every longarm and will gladly come to your home. My Gammill friends locally have to hand-deliver the head to Eastern Washington or pay $$big bucks$$ to someone traveling 200 miles for a house call. They pay him for a full day's work because he's away from his base. They do it, but don't like it much. The repairman comes to this side of the state a couple of times a year so he sets up work and it cuts the cost by a bit. Dave Jones is the only one I know who makes house calls, besides Barb. If "traveling tech" was a viable career, someone would be doing it!
  8. Yes, the aluminum L bobbins will work. I also have a Ultimate 1 and purchased a pack of 12 from Quilted Joy. Pack of 12 for $10.80. She is an APQS dealer and her shipping is super fast.
  9. Love it! I cant wait to win the Millie this time so I can do this again. I love what you have done. Please post pictures when you finish your quilting.
  10. HI, all I can that I would pay for someone to come and fix my machine, and to pack it up, and do a yearly cleaning and servicing.....I am not good a maintenance things and at 68 getting a bit creaky myself.....I doubt in most areas that their would be enough people with long-arms to make a living....ummm....maybe a sewing machine tech who wants to take longarms on as a sub-specialty? Umm...maybe a person who would like to do this who would service many different brands of longarms? I think the person would still have to be willing to travel a bit and I don't know....I think we would have to be willing to pay some of those expenses to make it worthwhile for a person....I know local repair people for other things often add a "travel" charge for coming to your house based on how they have to travel....
  11. Mary math question on the Win A Millie this morning was if that is your numbers to add the answer is 13.....thought I would help a friend out. haha
  12. Love what you've done so far. It will definitely be a keepsake.
  13. So I am working on my Morrocan Vibe quilt with 2 layers of batting, Hobbs 80/20 on the bottom, Hobbs wool on top. I worked through the quilt from top to bottom essentially ditching the main features of the quilt and pin basting. I've found that if I'm not extremely careful and even when I am, I can end up with a small pleat of excess fabric at the end of a line of stitching maybe 6-8 inches, with a ruler, when it meets up with a ditched feature, like the fabric is being pushed. I've been trying to counteract that by not stitching the grid all in one direction, but varying it so it doesn't do that, but while it looks ok in the end, I feel that it is being distorted a bit. In an open area of fairly dense quilting, I'll get a small pleat when I close up an area. I've been reading older posts on hopping foot height and it appears that 2 business cards is the max height, which is where I'm at now. Any suggestions on how to prevent this tiny pleating I'm getting, if I can't raise my hopping foot any further? Can I raise my hopping foot a fraction yet? Thanks for your insight on this .
  14. Looking fabulous!!!! Can't wait to see it finished.
  15. Really enjoying work on a new quilt. This one is for my oldest grand-daughter for Christmas; I hope it will become a keepsake for her. The piecing is done to an Eleanor Burns "Quilt in a Day" (right!) pattern, with a color change from rose to lavender. But I'm very much enjoying doing the quilting. I took a couple of classes from Bethanne Nemesh at QuiltWeek in Paducah, and I'm using her "Nemeshing" fill pattern for the center of the quilt. I'll post more pictures when it's all done.
  16. Congratulations on your new Millie!! I love mine. Deb.
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  19. Love the quilted spiders in the web. Not a Halloween fan, but My sister passed of Breast cancer SO I LOVE what you are doing for cancer.
  20. So... I have some sewing machine needles that are for vinyl and I tried sewing on my DSM with a walking foot. So Im going to put the tshirt quilt on my frame and quilt the border, and then Im going to quilt the Tshirts on my DSM. I cant tell her no. She knows she messed up.
  21. I'm looking to buy more L bobbins for my Ultimate 1. My machine was built in 1993, and the bobbin entry says the bobbins are for machines with "Smart technology". Will these work in the old machine? I thought I'd check before I buy 20 of them....
  22. Love the quilt for Breast Cancer and love the fact that it is also Halloween at the same time!!! Your quilting is amazing!
  23. Thank you Busy... that's exactly what I needed to hear. After close inspection, only one of my wheels is adjusted so that the lip of the table is hanging on the top groove of the wheel. Ill get my husband to adjust the others. You guys are great!
  24. Actually, I don't think anyone would object to paying a service call and with warranty covering any parts needed..........They don't even seem to offer that as an option..........Many of us can't or don't wish to work on our own machines..........fearing doing something to damage the machine and ruining the warranty...........having a hard time seeing or getting into a position to do maintenance, etc.............I am 70 years old and do not wish to do it and my husband is even less enthused about it.............many of us are in the same boat.........I can clean/oil my machine and those things, but I will not get into replacing circuit boards or anything else. Lifetime Warranty should include more than just parts coming to you in the mail and a "do it yourself kit".
  25. Your carriage and table should not be snug inside the groove of the wheel. It should appear that only the top section of the wheel is sitting lightly on the carriage.
  26. I purchased the machine in late October 2014 and it was delivered in late November of that year. So, it's about 2 years old. I didn't use it for the first year because I was afraid of it... (I know...sad). Lifetime stitch counter is at 1,016,409. I have done about 6 quilts on it.
  27. I made a new thread as I couldn't edit the title of this thread to reflect the price change.
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