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    Sauder Village Quilt Show

    I entered 3 quilts in this years show. Received 2 Honorable Mentions and Judges Choice. Thought I'd share a picture.
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    Farmer's Wife Quilt

    Our local quilt guild is hosting their 30th Annual Quilt show this weekend. I was asked if I would like to participate in a 'Bed Turning' event. My daughter and I will be doing a 'generational' display starting with a quilt my mother (her grandmother) made for me when I was about 5 or 6 years old. My mother was a seamstress and made all my clothes and this quilt was made from scraps of fabrics from blouses, dresses, skirts, etc.. that she had made for me. I used to love looking at it and remembering all those outfits. My daughter 'stole' this quilt from me when she moved out as it has special meaning to her as well. When she was little and staying over night at Grandma's, she got to use this quilt and even when it got too small for her (the quilt was designed for a youth bed so it was shorter than a regular twin) she would insist on that quilt! Now her children love the quilt and it's starting to fall apart but isn't that what quilts are for. To be loved and used... Following this quilt will be her first quilt, my first quilt done on my APQS - (this quilt top was completed in 1994 for my daughter and when I had finished piecing she didn't like navy and pink anymore so this top sat as a UFO until 2011). We will move on to various quilts we have both done and have significance to us. We will finish the bed turning with my Farmer's Wife Quilt which I just completed. My daughter had bought the book, I stole it from her... used the fabric she gave me for Christmas one year... so as you can see this is really a joint show for the two of us! Thanks for looking!
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    Basting a Customer Quilt

    Hi Dory! Attached is the spacing and pathway I use for basting for hand-quilters. It would work fine for DSM quilting as well. I use a long stitch length and thick, slippery, contrasting thread for ease of removal. This path requires no long vertical stitching but you still end up with a grid. The customer can remove the stitching as she goes or save it until the end. I charge a half-cent per square inch and usually do only one a year.
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    Over 50 pieces in the anchors ,micro stippling around anchors trying to make them pop,only thing I did not make are the three small pillows ,.....oh this was just also just a test run adding pics since I have been away from here in awhile .....................still no regrets on my purchase of my used milli,first longarm ever!!!
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    Hello Ladies, I would like to update some news for you - I purchased a Freddie machine! Yes, I did. I purchased it in Feb. during my visit to APQS' Road Show, received the beginner's lesson in late March and now I have completed two quilts. I like it, really happy that I no longer need to baste my quilts. I have the L bobbin, sometimes I am thinking it might be a mistake, should have the M bobbin so I don't need to change bobbins too often, but it is not a big deal. Do you guys have L or M bobbin? If you have L bobbin, are you happy with it? Cheers and y'all have a great day.
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    Update- finished. Can’t post pictures. Go to www.facebook.com/sweettsquilting. This is a customer quilt I am working on. It is twin sized. Carolina Lily is the pattern. Custom quilting all over. Black Omni, Pink Glide, and off white So Fine thread on top. Bobbin is white magenetic bobbins. Lots of marking and ruler/template work. I hope to have it finished by Wednesday
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    Surf Song Bargello

    Just off my quilt frame this week, "Surf Song" bargello. From the book Twist and Turn Bargello Quilts by Eileen Wright. Needed a king size quilt for my bed and instead of adding borders to make a king sized "Surf Song" I kept building the bargello to the edges. I quilted it with IQ and the panto Ripples by Lorien Quilting. I will make coordinating batik pillowcases and of course still need to bind the beast!! Robin in MT
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    Quilting help for a newbie

    Hi, I would try loosening the quilt sandwich a bit.....I do believe you want it so all three layers are flat....but you can still see the base of the machine moving ...kinda of like a little mole crawling under there....I usually like it so the top of the quilt looks flat.....but not snug so there is little stretch on the actual fabric...there are some tips on this board and on the APQS website....I would look under "loading the quilt"...for ideas on how snug you want it.....as usually...more experts will probably chime in....Lin
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    Speed of machine

    Vicki: The Ultimate II is a non-regulated machine, so the number of stitches per inch is controlled by the operator. The slower the machine is moved, the greater the number of stitches per inch. The faster it is moved, the fewer stitches per inch. Similarly, the speed control also affects the number of stitches per inch. It's been a long time since my Ult2 was non-regulated, so my experience is a way back, but it seems to me that I used to run it at about 7 on a 10 point speed scale. For a beginner I think starting slow would b e good plan. Get yourself something to practice on and, and begin. Start and stop. Try different speeds. In a couple of hours you should feel comfortable, and settle in on the speed that suits you. Good luck. Jim
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    Need quilting suggestions

    My new Lenni machine came last week. After I’ve had a chance to get in some practice, I will want to quilt the top I have waiting. There are so many options I don’t know where to start. I’d appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!
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    Wheel Rail System vs Bliss Track

    When I was thinking about getting an APQS machine, I test drove a Millie without bliss. I didn’t like it. I couldn’t make round feathers. They were flat. My mid arm, which was heavier moved much smoother and my feathers were round. I went to a road show that had machines with the bliss tables and that made all the difference. I purchased a Millie with bliss. Deb.
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    I converted my Ult 2 to an M system about eight years ago. I did it because I didn't like changing bobbins so often especially with TEX 40 thread. It seemed like it was just a few minutes sewing before I had to change bobbins. But mostly I changed it because I noticed that I experienced most of my tension issues immediately after changing bobbins. L bobbin twice as many changes, M bobbin half as many. L bobbin twice as many chances for tension problems. Jim
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    HI, congratulations on your new Freddie......glad you are liking it.......I got a Lucey a few years back and I have an L bobbin....at the time I got mine, the APQS machines were just starting to offer the M bobbin.....I decided to stay with the L bobbin because some folks thought you had fewer tension problems with the L bobbin....I think folks now don't seem to worry as much about that.....I do have to say...that I like using thread that is thinner like "so fine" or "bottom line" as you can wind more on a bobbin....it really doesn't take that long to reload a bobbin and I usually wind several before I start......pre-wounds hold even more thread and lots of folks like to use them too......Lin
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    Shorter Rails

    I know what you mean about downsizing. Just for your info, the maximum size I can quilt is 100 in wide on my 10ft frame. That's using every bit of the canvas.
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    Quilting help for a newbie

    Thank you, Lin, I'll loose it up a try it out. I did follow your suggestion loosing my quilt a little bit and that works, it did not bounce like before. Thank you so much.
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    MQX New England.

    Aren't classes awesome! I took 5 of 6 classes/lectures Judi offered at the Utah quilt show a few years ago. It was the first time I had done classes at a quilt show and I got so much out of it and had such a great time, I vowed to do it again ASAP! I am registered for some classes at the Canadian National quilt show with Kathleen Riggins at the end of May. Can't wait!
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    Wall hanging Quilt for church youth

    Our high school youth just painted their class rooms and needed something to brighten it up. I took patterns to them to select from and asked what colors they wanted. They selected "Rejoice" from Block Party studios and want orange, blue, yellow and green. This is what they received in church last Sunday! They really liked it! 20180224_144018-1 by Dell Dunman, on Flickr 20180224_143136 by Dell Dunman, on Flickr
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    First quilt using straight ruler

    You did a great job ruler work is very good. Thanks for sharing.
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    Yurt Quilt Auction - April 16-30

    Lizzie used to own an APQS. Several of us "old timers" helped her make her first ever YURT frame covered with quilt panels panels. I was one of the ones who made a panel for her. I'm sure there's still messages and pictures here on the forum if you look for them.
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    Love, love, love it. Great cross hatching, and super cute quilt
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    First quilt using straight ruler

    Beautiful cross-hatching - and all the lines are so STRAIGHT!
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    First quilt using straight ruler

    I really love it, Fantastic job. Keep doing it it becomes easier the more you do it. Beautiful quilt and quilting.
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    Surf Song Bargello

    Wanting to do a king-size version of this pattern without borders like you did. Would love for you to share "your easier way" to do so.
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    I trace on the outside, but it is a permanent marker, and dries quite quickly, I have had no issues... I originally posted this some time ago. Not sure how it came up again, but just for the record, I still am using this system and still am very pleased with how it works. My customers really like it......
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    Batting storage?

    Hi Bonnie--since your batting roll is stored on a bar, have you tried pulling the end up through the rollers and standing while cutting your length? I use a flexible measuring tape to step out the amount needed, mark with blue marker where to cut, and use the roller to eyeball a straight cut. No crawling on the floor!