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  1. Smweinbeck

    Thread color question

    Interesting idea! Thanks
  2. A pretty minor question, but I’m stumped so thought I’d pose the question. The quilt I’m about to quilt has a lot of white background, and some colored batik shapes pieced in here and there. . It would be considered a modern quilt. With so much white, should I use white thread, or the sort of off-white (linen) Glide? In the past, I’ve steered away from white, thinking it’s too stark or bright, but I have never had an all-white background. Also, if I use white thread, should I use a more neutral (like off-white or light grey) on the batik parts? Thank you!
  3. Smweinbeck

    Need help getting started

    Thanks for the ideas! After some test-runs, I’ve decided I will use registration marks to keep on track with the wavy lines as Gail suggested, and will use a pre-drawn motif and the lazer, as Jim mentioned, for inside the large triangles. Both great ideas!
  4. Smweinbeck

    Need help getting started

    Gail- Thank you! Your post is very helpful. I think I will SID the triangles as I come to them. There are no piecing lines that would be useful as a guide for the horizontal curvy lines. I do like the idea of making registration marks - I think that should be enough to keep me on track. I’m nervous, but feel it’s time to dive in! I appreciate your help!
  5. I have my new machine and have been to the training. I’ve done some practicing and would like to get started quilting on a top that’s been waiting, and now realize I have so many questions. i plan to quilt a motif inside pieced triangle shapes. Then I will do curvy lines across the entire background. My two main questions: 1. Do you always stitch around (outline / stitch in the ditch) around all your elements - in this case, the pieced in triangles? 2. To make sure all my wavy lines don’t start going at an angle instead of keeping even horizontally, should I pre-mark guidelines ? I’m picturing horizontal stripes as guides all down the entire quilt. Please help! That seems like a lot of marking.
  6. Great idea, thanks. I’ll look into that.
  7. My new Lenni machine came last week. After I’ve had a chance to get in some practice, I will want to quilt the top I have waiting. There are so many options I don’t know where to start. I’d appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!