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  1. Whoa! Scary near miss! glad you are OK, Connie.
  2. Superior Bottom Line

    Interesting! I've been winding my own bobbins with Bottom Line cones for 11 years and never had breakage. The size of the hole in the cone is not an issue. I'm thinking your Turbo Winder is not threaded correctly.
  3. MQS was disappointing

    In my opinion, I think that the quilt show market became waay way waaaaaaaay oversaturated. Too much of a good thing is not a good thing. Quantity over quality? I'd much prefer to have a few "really good" quality quilt shows with great quilting class offerings and amazing quilt competitions, rather than the many shows that were springing up everywhere. Oversaturating a market is the cause of its demise, I believe.
  4. Trimming Question

    For clarification, Lora, I trim down to 1/2 inch and sew my binding on and THEN I trim off the excess batting and backing before folding binding over.
  5. Loyal customers. ???

    Custom quilting is beautiful, but the pantos and freehands are the money makers.

    My very first quilt show to attend was International Quilt Festival in Houston in 2006. I was just getting started with quilting and it was beyond words to describe. I want to go back again (some day). Where do you live? There are lots of quilt shows around the states. We could recommend some in your area.
  7. Yep! Thanks, ladies for validating my sad circumstance. I agree, that as we people who provide a service to customers, we do reserve the right to refuse that service to anyone we wish. If she's not happy with me, fine. Go find someone else to be miserable to. I don't need that in my life. I'm too busy to be subjected to undeserved cruelty. I'll take a pass on this "Debby Downer" - she can go be mean to someone else.
  8. the bizarre thing about all of it is that it looked fantastic! There was nothing wrong with this quilt. I think she is just a hater... miserable person. Ugh.
  9. I was recently verbally insulted (in person) by a customer when I handed her the quilt. It was a small lap quilt with prints of old-style pickup trucks (color scheme in the prints was primarily red and white and gray). She had black minkee on back. She asked me to quilt stars and use gray thread. OK so I do exactly this. It was with shiny gray thread, and a really cool edge to edge star design. When it was finished, I even showed it to my husband (because I thought it looked great). So she comes over to get the quilt, and the first thing out of her mouth is "Oh, I guess it would take a while to rip the quilting out wouldn't it?" And I said, "yes it would take hours to rip it out. Why? Are you not happy with the quilting? You asked for stars with gray thread" She said it was fine (with a smirk on her face) and I said "My main goal is customer service, so if you are not happy with the quilting, let me know and I'll fix it." She said it was fine and started to laugh a little and walked away. WTH??? I've quilted over 2000 quilts in my 11 years and I've never had someone verbally insult me before. I was shocked. Anyone else been in my shoes before? It's bizarre! PS: She is a repeat customer. I've done at least 4-5 quilts for her in the past. I think she must be a miserable person. UGH!
  10. I really like the customer to be part of the decision making process, but only if they really want to. Most of my customers just say "do what you think is best" but every once in a while, someone wants to really be involved with thread choice, design choice, etc. That's fine with me! I usually let the quilt tell me what it wants. I often look at the fabrics in the piecing to tell me what kind of designs would fit best.
  11. Need help managing my business

    Oh goodness! I would not raise my prices unless you are undercharging your customers. Please don't raise prices unless the demand for you personally is absolutely necessary. Let's be fair to everyone. If you are overwhelmed with too many quilts and not enough time, use a calendar to schedule quilts. Perhaps you can divide and conquer like this: 1) Freehand quilting, schedule 2-3 per day, or how many you can manage to quilt in 4-5 hours in the mornings. Leave afternoons free for kids. Schedule these quilts on Mondays and Wednesdays. Mark them on the calendar with customer name. 2) Quilt Shop Quilts, schedule 2-3 per day, or how many you can manage to quilt in 4-5 hours in the mornings. Leave afternoons free for kids. Schedule these quilts on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Mark them on the calendar with customer name. 3) T-shirt quilts you can cut and piece these together while your computer system is quilting. Schedule quilting these on Friday mornings or whenever you can spare time for one or two... but, give yourself a little break on Saturday and Sunday. .If you know you can squeeze out a couple of quick quilts here and there, you can adjust your calendar. 4) Important: As your calendar becomes scheduled out further than two-three months, you need to delegate to other longarm quilters in your area. I don't think it's fair to the customer or to you for them to wait for their quilt to be finished out later than three months. Really... unacceptable. You need to find other quilters in your area that can help you. Everyone wins with this. You. The customer. The other quilter who is in business, just like you. Everyone wins. No need to hord all of the quilts. There are lots more quilts coming down the pike. 5) I hate saying the word "No" and I very rarely do. I find a way to say "Yes" using one of the 4 steps above. Good luck!
  12. variegated thread in bobbin

    I would definitely charge extra for this special request.
  13. Charging for Charity Quilts

    about 90% of the charity quilts I do are free, or I just charge $.01 per square inch. I work a full time job so quilting is very spare time for me, speaking of time... this is my most valuable asset and I don't have a lot of $$time$$ to spend doing quilts, let a lone charity quilts, but I try to do what I can.
  14. loop in stitched random

    Good advice from Jim, as always. Usually when we see a funny random loop on top or bottom, that is a sure sign that the top tension is not TIGHT enough. Keep experimenting to include needle size and how you run the thread through the tensioner loops, etc... good luck! If all else fails, try using a larger needle. I use 4.0 and 4.5 a lot, depending on the thread I am using.
  15. Magnifier warning

    Yikes. Scary! In the future, suggest cover it up / drape it with a towel when not in use.