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  1. EQ 8

    Can you upgrade from EQ6 or do you have to buy the full version? I never upgraded to EQ7.
  2. Lavender Rose

    Looks great, Eric!
  3. Customer Service

    I agree wholeheartedly, Linda! Having lived in the middle of nowhere for many years, it was frustrating when having problems. NOBODY wanted to come to Elko, Nevada. I thought it would be better once we moved to the Vegas area, but nope. I have considered taking the machine maintenance class just for my own sanity, but that's an expensive endeavor, too.
  4. Pink Halloween Quilt

    I absolutely love it, Annie! Great work for a great cause. Gorgeous quilting! Bravo!
  5. Gail, it is supposed to be a true 1/4". I don't have mine yet, but will report back when I have tested it.
  6. I'm disappointed as well! It's not only the bump, but the front is narrower than the sides. As I recall, when we upgraded to the interchangeable feet, we were told the new standard foot was accurate. It has been a constant source of frustration when using rulers or templates. It is nearly impossible to get accurate crosshatching with the standard foot. It took me a while to figure out it was the foot causing the problem. I need to be able to do ACCURATE quilting with templates so I bought the new foot. BUT I feel like APQS should make it right for those of us who upgraded originally or at least give us a break on the new foot. Major failure, APQS.
  7. Looks like you had fun "practicing", Eric! I love all the different details. Great job!
  8. APQS bobbin winder

    HI Carolyn, Angela Huffman has this video on YouTube. Happy quilting!
  9. I love it, too! What a great idea. Your quilting is gorgeous. Great job!
  10. Iris quilt

    Beautifully quilted, Sharon! Great story to go with it. Have fun playing quilt with your friend!
  11. Freddie is drifting

    I purchased a longer cord for my machine for this very reason. It helped tremendously. I also have the power bar mounted on the underside of the table in the center. Bliss makes the machine so sensitive to any kind of pull or movement.
  12. What an honor! Congratulations to you and your client!
  13. Clothesline Quilt

    Beautifully done, Ann! The quilting is perfect. What a lovely way to use orphan blocks. Your friend will treasure it!
  14. Very pretty, Vicki! I love the feathers in the sashing. Great work!
  15. Vintage Quilt Tops

    Beautifully quilted, Linda!