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  1. AQS in Des Moines

    Maybe I can get Friday off to join you Julie.
  2. Midwest Quilters

    Sorry guys, but I am going to have to cancel this. I am getting new windows for the house and they weren't supposed to be here for another 5 weeks. Guess what?? They are here now and will be installed next weekend. So I have to spend the week taking down blinds, moving furniture, etc. There just isn't enough time to get everything put back together by the following Friday. Let's try for later in the summer. Not sure yet about dates though.
  3. Midwest Quilters

    Oops. Forgot the address: 7955 Wistful Vista Dr #35 West Des Moines, IA 50266 515-556-5991 I am very easy to get to from I-80 or I-35 and I'll post some directions later.
  4. Midwest Quilters

    Wowzers. I don't post for a few weeks and look what happens!! I better get to planning. In the meantime: email me at d.treusch@mchsi.com if you are coming. I do have 2 extra bedrooms and extra sleeping space if you have a long commute and want to come on Friday night. The bedrooms are first come first served, both with double beds and your own bathroom/shower. You can also stay on Saturday night if you want to avoid night driving. Again, first come first served for the bedrooms. I'll post more details later as I have to get ready for a friends birthday outing right now. This is going to be a blast!!!
  5. Midwest Quilters

    Hi Suzie. I'm in West Des Moines, IA.
  6. Midwest Quilters

    You'll just have to come some other time Sheri. The All Iowa shop hop is going on the entire month of June. Come on down after the 14th and we'll have a grand time!!!
  7. Midwest Quilters

    Sweet!! Sheri? Virginia? Others? What about you gals in Des Moines?
  8. Midwest Quilters

    Jamie Wallen is going to be here in Des Moines May 23, 24 and 25th so that weekend is out. How does June 7th work for everyone?
  9. Midwest Quilters

    It is looking like we may have to go with later in May or early summer. Thoughts for dates?
  10. Midwest Quilters

    Ok. So the options are: April 12 May 3 May 17 or later....
  11. Hey Midwest Quilters. It's been awhile since we've been together. How about a get together at my house? I can't do next weekend, Easter weekend or the weekend of April 26th. Throw out some dates that work for you.
  12. Hi all. As of this morning Quilters Closet is available for iPad in the App Store. See http://www.quiltersa...quiltersCloset/ for details if you are interested. If you already have Quilters Closet on your iPhone, you will be able to download it for iPad without any additional costs. There are also some enhancements to the app for iPhone users. See http://www.quiltersapps.com/apps/iphone/quiltersCloset/or the release notes when you download the new version. For those of you with Android phones and tables, development is underway. Thanks!!
  13. Not a problem Heidi. The iPad version is looking pretty good and I'm anxious to get the next release out to you and Shirley. Hopefully by this weekend. But when you get it, just do what you can.
  14. Totally deserving Kay. They are beautiful quilts!
  15. I'm working on the iPad version of Quilters Closet and found this error in the iPhone version of Quilters Closet. There is an error message that displays if an unrecoverable error happens. The error is: "An unrecoverable error occurred and the application will now quilt." See that little word in bold with the extra letter that totally changes the meaning of the message? I'm not sure I want to fix it to say "quit." It's rather amusing. If only there was an app for that!! :P:P Ipad is coming along nicely and I'm hoping to give it to my beta testers in a couple of days. I'm also in the early stages of the Android version and a few other utility type of apps. More to come later on them.