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  1. Tips For New Long Arm Owner?

    Hi, I got a couple of extra bobbin cases and have marked each one as to the type of bobbin thread I use in each one.....after you get the hang of it adjusting bobbin tension isn't that hard....but I am lazy and most of the time, I don't have to do much adjusting as they are already thing I did....because my machine is in a basement with concrete floors......I made a "batting sling" out of an old sheet top and hung it underneath my table to hold my batting up off the floor really good....and I also got me a 3/4 inch think rubber matt that is two feet by 12 feet which helps keep my feet comfortable.....Make sure you have one of those hex wrenches for the roller brakes as mine need to be readjusted every now and then......I think there was one that came with the machine?....I really can't remember....I got one with those multi-sizes in it and a handle.....Oh.....and I found a really neat flat screen flashlight that can stand up....and a hand mirror....used to check my stitches underneath the table....I am not much good a crawling under there for a look...getting too creaky......I got a small air compressor for blowing out the bobbin area.....but gotta nephew has used it his projects more than me....I sometimes use one of those hand held air pumps used for blowing up exercise balls instead...handy...and also just brush out the lint.....a magnetic pin bowl is also nice if you are going to pin the backing to the sticks to the rollers.......hope that helps...oh...and I have had my Lucey now for about 5 years...really haven't had to do much to her other than the routine cleaning and oiling...Lin
  2. WOW!!!!! Love shoulders are aching for sure! Lin
  3. Happy Veterans Day dad served in the army during WWII. He was in the second wave that hit Normandy Beach. By the end....he saw most of his group killed in action....he was one of about eight that survived....He was wounded.....he got a purple heart....never talked much about his experiences over there......I found a letter he had written to my mom after both had past away...he wrote of how he hoped to see her again.....and asked her to pray for me that he would come home.......she must have......
  4. Crosshatch

    oh my......the only two options I see are to just do the thread tie offs and then when you roll the quilt...start up again...are there seams you can end in to make it neater? the other option would be to stop and roll the quilt for each line....but I am not sure I would want to do it might make difficult to keep the quilt as flat as it aught to be.....leaving long tails at the end of the stitching...would let you go back later and tie knots and bury them in the sandwich with a hand needle probably would just do my small stitches method....others who actually quilt for living will pop in I am sure.....I just quilt bed quilts for myself....not for this quilt going to be for show? for display? given to a small child to drag around? That would make a difference too.....Lin
  5. Cagey, Thanks.....I will explore doing the different clicks....I suppose I could also just open the "for sale" stuff and then it would not come up as "unread" anymore......oh...computers are so not my thing......good thing I had to use them in my former job or I would be a complete dinosaur. Lin
  6. Hi folks, when I come here, I usually click on "unread" to get the new stuff I haven't seen to come up......most of what is coming up is machines for sale.....does anyone know if there is a way to exclude them from my "unread" search as I already have a machine and am not interested in another just seems that these posts are taking over this board and I really am missing posts about actually using these wonderful machines we have. I tried just getting into the "chat about anything" and then clicking "unread" but that did not seem to eliminate anything....thanks if anyone has some hints......I guess maybe we could all remind people when these posts come up about selling their machine to put it in that section of "machines for sale" cuz that is where anyone would look who is looking for one.....Lin
  7. variegated thread in bobbin

    Thanks Cagey, Maybe I will move on to using up some of my serger thread to quilt.....oh course by now, I also have an ample supply of Superior threads to quilt with too.....hope to live and quilt until I am 120......Lin
  8. variegated thread in bobbin

    Lora, When I took my serger class my instructer said not to use serger thread for regular sewing as they are thin and only two strands I think......just want to pass that on....I really don't know....but I don't use them for quilting or in regular sewing....just in my serger....which I hardly use anymore and I have a ton of serger thread as I used to pick up colors....which is silly.....I usually only use black, white, cream and grey for serging.....I think I have enought for my life in the here after.....Lin
  9. Trimming Question

    HI, I only quilt for myself....and I am a right to the edge trimmer.....I place my longest ruler at the corner.....check to see that the lines on the ruler run even with the border seam if there is one.....and that the corner is a true right angle.....I have one of those six foot folding tables set up with two of the large cutting matts and the table is up on bed risers to make the height good for me to rotary cut....sometimes I end up cutting a little of the border off to make the edge straight and sometimes I leave a little of the batting showing for the same reason...just want the sides to be as straight as they can be and the corners a 90 degree for me....I am not a show quilt maker ...just a bed quilt maker.....Lin
  10. really went through a lot......I mostly don't have pain anymore.....still working on the range of motion, at least I can sleep a bit better now.....I love your recipe for an ice bag....I have a couple of bought ice packs....but they don't really fit the shoulder almost fits....but warms up quickly......I don't use ice as much as I first did....only when I do something that causes a bit more pain.....I am starting to use my arm more when I am not thinking about it....which is a good sign...but I need to be aware of what I am doing....yesterday, I did a bit of light raking ....and it went a little sore but recovered nicely overnight.....enjoy your new to you Freedom.....I am sort of longing for a freedom or millie also as the controls are on the front...not on the side like Lucey.....I finally did put a small piece on the frame two days ago...and I was able to at least meander although reaching to the back I could feel the stretch......I am happy about it though....I have missed being able to quilt....Lin
  11. I agree...very nice quilts and quilting........I lost my brother suddenly a few years back, he was 63. We were only 1 1/2 years apart and in our younger years, folks thought we were twins....I miss him so much.....I too had rotator cuff surgery this spring...they fixed the rotator tear, cleaned the joint, and removed part of my collar bone....I am just getting back into piecing and am hopefully going to get a quilt on the long arm to start doing some quilting again....I have a blissed Lucey so she is easy to move....a little scared....I know I will have to take breaks for a while.....and probably don't have the muscle control so plan on just doing over-alls at first...thanks for sharing.....Lin I started posting this yesterday....then the internet went down for me....glad it saved what I wrote as a draft....I am 4 1/2 months post surgery...still don't have full range of motion and strength....but at least I don't have the pain I had for the first three months...they say it is really important to keep doing the exercises so I will...see the doc again in a few months....this sure is a slow recovery...but they tell me it can take up to a year.....
  12. Deciding on a Pantograph Size

    HI, I would look at the density of the panto...they can be really wide and be either dense or loose and the same if they are small like only six inches...having a bigger panto just means you have to advance the quilt fewer big you can go depends on the length of your machine throat.....I like few advances so I like the bigger sized dense or loose you want the design to be depends on the quilt and it's usage....for example.....I have a couple of scrappy quilts that I have done out of little pieces as small as one inch square finished....yep they are heavy because of all the seams....and yep....I like to make them even heavier by using a more dense all over really don't notice the quilting much with all the little pieces and explosions of color.....and I want to stabilize all those seams as much as I can without making it like a board as I make these scrap quilts to be used.....I go for one that has maybe about one inch between quilting hope that helps... Oh and I quilt only for myself......Lin
  13. Batting

    hi, I have done one batik quilt with Hobb's wool and it turned out great....light and flexible (batik is a bit firmer than regular quilting cotton)..and it has a nice little loft to it...I was planning on getting myself a roll of wool when I use up some of the 80/20 which I have two rolls of.....I really liked the wool....I quilt only for myself so it probably will take a while...
  14. Ornament Webs by Jessica Schick

    hi, I think it could well be the rain.....more humidity...less static....
  15. Denise, I just did a search on the internet for "making weighted blankets" I don't recall what the link was I did a quick search and here is one...but there are many others