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  1. Ear protection

    Jane, Is your intent to block the noise or to listen to something else while quilting? If you just want to block the noise...plan old soft form-able ear plugs of the kind used in industry would work very well....if you want to listen to something.....just be aware of how high the decibels can go directly in your don't want to have it loud enough to go deaf.....Lin
  2. Support for feet and back

    HI, I ordered a 12 foot by 2 foot 5/8th inch thick rubber mat from Uline......I think it was about $100 with shipping.....I love is nice and cushy....and it keeps my feet warmer....I just wear my regular Birkenstocks. I had trouble with plantar faciitis and my feet stay pretty comfortable but I usually just quilt for a few hours at a my house is old....and every 5-6 years we may have a heavy rain where I get a bit of leakage in the basement.....I put my mat up on a plastic toboggan...when I know heavy ran is coming or when I am not going to quilt for a while....they said the mat will soak up water and then would probably have to be replaced...but I think it was well worth the money and risk of having to replace it....unlike the puzzle pieces, it does not come apart, the edges are beveled, and it really does have nice feel on the feet.....Lin
  3. Should I own a longarm quilting machine?

    Christine, I got my demo Lucey about 7 years ago when I retired......I am glad I did....have I done enough quilts on her to earn my money back? No.....but have I had fun? yes!!! and am I glad I got her? Yeppers to that I am not a fancy quilter but it is sure nice to be able to finish off my own much easier than doing all that basting and pushing under my DSM.....I think it is a good idea if you can to take a lesson or two if you have a local quilt shop that offers that cuz it really helps to help you decide if you really want to do this...some people find that they do not like it and then are more content to "quilt by check"....but I mainly make bedquilts....and it is so cool to just get them done...Lin
  4. HI, I do not fully float my top....but what I did for my batting to keep it off the floor was to take an old queen sized top sheet...fold it in half....attache a "tie" to each corner....then tie the ties to the end supports of my table....this makes a sort of sling underneath my machine....and I just toss the end of the batting into that to keep it off the good....and totally free as my sheet was an old one....and my "ties" where actually selvage edges trimmed off of backing.....oh...and I buy batting on a roll....I only quilt for myself so a roll last a I handle that is that I had an old shower curtain rod.....that I put in the center of the batting roll....and the rod is suspended between two slat backed dining room chairs.....easy peasy to switch out the batting rolls on the shower rod.....and I found an old piece of trim that was long enough to lay across the batting roll....I measure out the amount of batting.....then take that trim piece, lay on top of the batting roll in the right spot and use a chalk marker to make a line....then I use a long scissors to cut of the piece of was a no cost invention....tee hee.....Lin
  5. Just saying hi!

    Hi Heidi, Sounds like you are wonderfully busy.....glad the twins are dong well......I haven't been doing much quilting either as I had rotator cuff surgery this spring but am slowing getting back in the groove....but it is the dead of winter up here in northern Minnesota.....the time of year when all us older folks stay indoors and bundle up.....tee hee....I haven't heard of the wet suit surfers out on Lake Superior yet this year....but yeah...they do that! until ice forms if it does....not often the big lake totally freezes over.....anyway ...glad to see you back here....Lin
  6. 14 Dec - 5 PM CST

    it is 8:46 this it too late? Maybe my phone was off the hook? oh...I is a cell phone........good luck everyone....Lin
  7. Rulers

    Hi, Don't know if you have had a long arm before....but I would encourage you to go slow with purchasing rulers until you have a chance to use your wonderful machine a bit.....if you absolutely have to get something.....I would make sure I get the ruler base that attaches to Millie......this is used to support the rulers you use on top. I would also get a small straight ruler that is comfortable for you to use when you stitch in the ditch.....that would be a good place to start...and then add slowly...I don't have many rulers....but I only use one or two of them on occasion....More people will chime in I am sure.....Lin
  8. Newbie Questions

    Hi, I mainly do simple free motion designs such as bubble meander or a leafy meander or swirls or something like that.....I find I can usually go in both directions without much breakage.....when I first started out I had more breakage...but I think as I get better at moving smoothly and have am more comfortable with the tension adjustments for different threads, I have less breakage....Lin
  9. Hi, I have a Lucy.....I only quilt for myself......she is fine for what I do...If I had to do it over again....I probably would either get a Freddie or at least get the better frame.....Just that it seems easier to be able to control stuff better from the front head of the machine......a lot of Lucey controls are on the side....I really am still happy I got Lucey.....and I don't at this point in time, think I could justify the cost of getting a Freddie......I did get the bliss rails and I love those......the cost really was the biggest factor for me....Lin
  10. Need HELP with stitch length indicator

    I see no one has replied....I am not a techie person....but all I can think of is to unplug it.....then look at all the connections and make sure everything is connected and tight as far as the electrical system goes.....beyond...I don't what else to check....Lin
  11. Hi, On my dies.....I have added additional lines with a permanent marker. I have added lines 1/4 of an inch on either side of the outside blades and I also added lines at right angles to the blades on my strip cutters so add in lining things up straight....I think the newer dies usually are two colored now and do have some angle lines on them......
  12. I tried to think of what size strips, squares, and triangles I used the most.....and that is what I got....I have 1, 1.5, 2 & 2.5 inch strip cutters.....I have used all of them frequently....the one I use the least is the 1 inch one....but when I need 1 inch sure beats trying to cut them myself......I also got the 2, 3.5, and 5 inch square ones.....and I have some half square triangle cutters which I love to use, both because of the multiple triangles you can cut in one pass and because the dog ears are already cut off making them easy to stitch together....over the years....I have added other dies usually during a sale and/or free shipping event.....I usually stay away from the "specialty dies" as I figure I will not use them as much.....and of course I have a large collection of rulers....some of which I now use very rarely.....I do however love having a ruler near the size I find comfortable to my square ruler collection includes several sizes between 2.5 inch square to 15.5 inch square.....
  13. I have also folded my fabric twice to cut strips....just like folding it in have to make sure the folding is at right angles to the ruler so you don't get those angles in the stripe...but it is very doable....just take care when making both folds......I now use my accuquilt Go to cut most of my stripes....goes so fast.....The was a hefty investment too but great for me as I am aging.....
  14. All I can think of is to make sure the cord isn't causing drag or getting hung up on anything......I once found a mess of thread peeking out from one of my wheels....and I mean a lot....I have no idea where it came from as I had just cleaned the wheels looking for what was causing some drag problems......also check and make sure the cat/dog is not walking/sitting/laying on the cord ....when it happens.....stop and walk around the machine and look at has to be something.....unless you have gremlins! Lin
  15. Hand Quilting Thread

    oh....I know that one of my friends uses embroidery floss to hand quilt her projects.....she uses a rather long stitch....and the stitches are a design looks sort of primitive and very pretty.......she has a variety of colors available so she can pick and choose what she wants....she does use a lot of black and dark red....but she also uses other for kids who don't have any quilting experience would be would not by any means be "invisible" stitching....but it would be fun and easily accomplished by most of the students......Lin