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  1. Your ruler work looks great. Can't wait to see the finished quilt.
  2. Wow! You did a fantastic job. I wasn't impressed with the before picture, but you make this quilt really pop. Congratulations on a job well done. This is now a beautiful quilt.
  3. Metro Hoops finnish

    This is beautiful. I love your quilting. Great job!
  4. Baby quilt

    Really cute. Love it!
  5. Very nice. I really like how you "quilted in" a border in the lighter patches of the star. I need to remember this! Very pretty quilt.
  6. Best computerized system available. I absolutely love mine. You'll love yours!
  7. Beautiful. I love the designs you chose.
  8. For His Service

    Beautiful quilt and even prettier quilting. Your husband will be thrilled with his new quilt. Good luck at Road 2 California!
  9. Fantastic. Thanks for sharing such a great story.
  10. You both did a great job. These quilts look wonderful.
  11. The all look great. I love how you quilted the runner and trees.
  12. Christmas runner

    This looks great Eric. I'm also very jealous that you were able to spend a full month on your trip. I have always wanted to visit Australia and New Zealand. Back in the 80s I almost made it but things fell apart about 2 weeks before we were supposed to leave. this trip is still on my bucket list!