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  1. EQ 8

    Nancy, Kari Schell of On Point Quilter ( ), is starting classes on using EQ8. I think the first class starts on Monday - it is online and I think you can join in most any time. Her method of teaching is simple - each lesson is about a 10 minute video and then you create what she did. There will also be some downloadable files. I've signed up and I'll see how it goes. I do use EQ but have never really taken advantage of a great many features that are offered. I hope to learn lots more! Look for the heading Classes at the very top of her page.
  2. Very pretty. your quilting is great!
  3. EQ 8

    I just got my EQ8 and really haven't had a lot of time to play with it yet but from what I've seen, it is a much easier program to use and learn. It seems to have a lot of new features. I think the upgrade from 7 is definitely going to be worth it.
  4. Quilt Path learning curve

    I have owned a Quilt Path and I now have an Intelliquilter. I personally feel that the IQ is a superior product. There are learning curves to both systems, but I think the IQ is easier to operate and has many great features that the QP does not have. Your friend really needs to try each system out himself to see what one would be best. I found that the QP does not "think" the same way I do but the IQ was more in line with me.
  5. This quilt is amazing and I absolutely love how you quilted it. Beautiful!
  6. I live in Phoenix. Several years ago my husband and I decided to drive down to Tucson for the Rusty Barns (official name is the Craft and Sewing Show) show and check it out. The entire show was depressing compared to the Rusty Barns show we have in Phoenix at the end of January every year. It is a much smaller show in a dark and dingy very old convention center. It was probably between ¼ and 1/2 the size of the Phoenix show. However, there was an APQS dealer from California there. I don't think she had much traffic coming to talk to her as we spent quite a bit of time talking to her and no one else ever came by! The Gammill dealer who was there is a very large quilt store from the Phoenix area and they are at every show in the area. They sell lots of brands of sewing machines, fabrics, Gammill, and, I think, HandiQuilter. I can't remember if Innova was there, but if they were, it was the previous owner of the dealership out of Utah. I don't think I have ever seen APQS represented at the show in January but I know that Myrna Ficken had been at the Arizona Quilters Guild show many years ago and APQS was at the AQS shows when they were held in Phoenix (that show is no longer coming to Phoenix as it wasn't cost effective for them). From what I remember, it is a huge expense to have machines shipped to these shows, to get the people to work the booths, and set the machines up and tear the machines down, and then get it ready to be shipped back to Iowa. Myrna had to really work to have the machines ready to clear out of the vendor area by the time everything had to be out that evening. I think that if Innova was there last year and not there this year, that says a lot about how worthwhile it was for them to come to the show. Innova has been at several of our Arizona Quilters Guild shows in the Spring - it will be interesting to see if they return this year!
  7. Glad you were able to figure out what to do to get this quilted and keeping it square. Great job!
  8. Cagey, your label is great. Congratulations again on a job well done. Also, I want to thank you for your service to our country.
  9. Great job! These quilts will be cherished.
  10. Your niece made a wonderful quilt. It is hard to believe that this is her first quilt. She also did a great job with her quilting. Cudos to both you and her on a job well done.
  11. This is a wonderful program. This media specialist definitely sounds like someone special. Thank you for honoring her and all the vets that she has brought to the school. Your quilt is wonderful and I'm sure will be greatly loved.
  12. Happy Haloween

    Terry, that is absolutely adorable. I love the cat and the bat. You make some of the cutest pieces. I think I spy a little spider quilted in near the bottom! Cute, cute, cute!
  13. Loyal customers. ???

    Connie, I love your idea of charging a one-time special design charge if you have to purchase a design for the customer. Thanks for sharing that.
  14. Thank you for sharing this statute. I have heard of it and hope to one day be able to see it in person. Your picture is the best one I have seen. Sorry to hear of all your medical problems. I hope you continue to heal and feel better soon. Getting older definitely is not for the weak!

    The real big quilt show is the International Quilt Festival in Houston. It is coming up in November ... I have never been but dream of getting there one day.