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  1. Client's Labrynth Quilt

    Thanks, Cagey. The white area is not a panto it is freehanded.
  2. Client's Labrynth Quilt

    I finished this quilt recently for a client. She absolutely loved the way it turned out. It's great when the pieces fall together and the client celebrates the job with you!!!
  3. Love this! What a fun quilt!
  4. Swirls and feathers to make the stars dance! What a pretty quilt. Those white spaces are all the invitation I would need to insert a cute quilting design!
  5. Spot On!

    Lovely! Can't wait to see it up close and personal!
  6. Log cabin quilt

    This is gorgeous! Such a great job! I really like this one.
  7. Bargello

    What a gorgeous job! You certainly made the quilt sing!
  8. Thanks for your lovely comments, Everyone. This was a fun project and such a test for my creativity! Always my goal to just have fun.
  9. I challenged myself to come up with a music quilt celebrating my 40 years of music ministry in church and parochial schools that was modern in nature and a bit out of my box. Here is what I came up with. Had lots of fun using templates and using free motion to create movement in the negative spaces.
  10. New to IQ

    I love all the swirls!
  11. Need help on Design

    I like Lynn's idea of SID for the stripes. What might be good would be a circle at each intersection of the stripes, and then straight line outline quilting in each of the triangles about a quarter inch apart.
  12. Wedding Quilt Finished

    This is awesome! What great memories for you to treasure. You did a wonderful job, especially with the secondary patterns.
  13. Great job!!! Just beautiful.
  14. Another small quilt

    So touchable! Love it.