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  1. Rulers

    I agree. Get the Hartley base expander for your machine. With that you will get a straight ruler. Then as you quilt and get accustomed to your machine, you will know what you want. Judi Madsen has great rulers with a lip/handle on them for ease of use. Jamie Wallen's rulers have the handle, too. Do lots of research before just buying unless you want a lot of stuff lying around not being used. You will know what you need as the need arises. Good luck and have fun witih your machine.
  2. Newbie Questions

    If your thread doesn't break going in the opposite direction, then go for it; but it is less likely to break when going from left to right because of the defection iof the needle away from the hook. I usually use a med. gray for t-shirt quilts; but I would lay a few different colors of thread across your quilt to see which one blends the best.
  3. Thread Delivery Tip to share

    Fantastic info.
  4. Quilted Joy in Louisville KY carries that thread. I am sure if Angela has that color she would get it to you quicker than if ordering it from Superior.
  5. Finding clients

    How about quilting some of the local quilt shops quilts that are on display with the understanding that they will suggest you when someone asks about that quilts. Also, if you are in a guild, advertise in your membership booklet and/or do some free quilting of charity quilts that are donated to your guild. If your guild has a quilt show, make sure you place some of your quilts in that show with your quilting on it. Your name as the quilter will be on that and is great advertisement.
  6. Happy Thanksgiving to all my APQS friends. Don't eat too much turkey.
  7. Channel Locks and Basting

    I stitch my edges down say about 1/8 of from the edge (very close) just to prevent the foot from grabbing it when stitching and not looking. I use my channel locks to stitch a straight row at the top of my quilt, line my quilt top along that straight stitch and it gives me a good starting point. Yes, you can use the vertical channel locks to make sure your quilt is staying square, but the pointi of stitching the edges is primarily to prevent your foot from getting under the quilt and ripping your quilt.
  8. New* True 1/4 Foot

    I recently purchased one just for those reasons. I have a quilt coming up that is going to require me to use a circle template a lot. I haven't as yet put it on my machine, but I am glad to hear that it works well.
  9. Houston Quilt Show

    I went to the Houston show not this year, but last year and I will tell you that my three days was not enough to see everything. We had taken time out to drive out to Waco to visit everything Fixer Upper. I will say that it was worth it, but next time, I would definitely spend more time at the show.
  10. backing fabric

    My first thought was to use a med. to dark gray top and bottom
  11. Tips For New Long Arm Owner?

    The Hartley extension table is perfect for using rulers with your machine. I love my LeaderGrips which alleviate having to pin my quilts to my canvases. I, also, have an extra bobbin case where I can take out the spring and use that one solely for prewound magnetic bobbins. Those are the things that I suggest to my new customers
  12. I finally put one of my own quilts on my Millie. I had been putting it off because I wanted to do custom and knowing that I wanted it just perfect for myself kept me from just jumping in. Doesn't matter that I can do custom on customer quilts. For some reason....that's different. I think I am pretty happy with what I have done.