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  1. Jim is correct. I priced a new Bliss table about five years ago and I believe the price was around five thousand. I am sure you could get the table shortened for a couple of hundred. Nigel
  2. Vicki Sue That looks like one of the original Lenni tables. Nigel
  3. Welcome to the forum Diane. The Liberty has a 20 inch threat and most of the features of the Millie except the thread cutter if I remember correctly. The needle positioner can be stopped in the down or up position and to are a single stitch you push the button twice. APQS machines have the gearbox filled with grease for lubrication and noise suppression. Occasionally you may get an air pocket in the grease and the machine will get quite noisy. The solution is to repack the gearbox (not hard) and I suspect this has happened to the previous owner and that is why they have spare grease. Nigel
  4. I had a broken wire right at the plug for the encoder. Mostly it would make a connection but occasionally it would break and I would get a long stitch until it connected again. I found it by wiggling the wire to the encoder while moving the machine in regulated mode without thread. Nigel
  5. I changed them once in 12 years chasing a problem that wasn't the wheels so I would say almost never. Nigel
  6. There is one for sale in Alberta at a very good price in Canadian dollars. Nigel
  7. Lynn i use the Towa gauge with the prewounds but if you don't have one flip the bobbin over set the tension with the the drop test and then flip the bobbin back. Same setting as normal. Nigel
  8. I would think preferably the solid side against the backlash spring. I have two winders that rotate opposite to each other so I've had the holes in and out and both seem to work. My steel bobbins don't have the notch for the drive spring so they don't work on the Turbo Winder. If you have bobbins with the notch they should be fine on the Turbo Winder. Nigel
  9. It won't be an IQ issue, if anything the tension should be better with IQ because it operates a constant speed. When you say the tension on the front gets too tight what do you mean? Is the top thread laying on the top, are you breaking the top thread or are you just seeing the bobbin thread in the needle holes. Try setting your bobbin tension the way Jamie Wallen does and then adjust your upper tension to suit. It works for a lot of us. Nigel
  10. Joanne If that machine has the needle positioner (single stitch) it would be a good candidate for an IQ installation. IQ runs in non regulated mode. That may open it up to some more potential buyers. Nigel
  11. Carol Try rotating the needle so the eye is almost at the 7 o'clock position and let us know if this helps. Quite often if there is hook to needle clearance you will get skipped stitches in this direction as well as going front to back as the needle flexes away from the hook. My theory is somewhere between skipped and proper stitches the hook might split the thread. So try the usual things for skipped stitches first, rotate the needle, go up one size if you are not using the 4.0 and shorter stitches. Please let us know when you find the solution so it can help someone else. Nigel
  12. It may be the weight of the power cord.
  13. APQS will not add it but you could trade the head in for a certified used machine and keep the table. I believe pumpkinpatchquilter did this a few years ago and the price must have been ok as she was considering adding Intellistitch. There are two aftermarket systems I know of for stitch regulation. The most common one being Intellistitch. They used to do in studio installations but there are very few installers anymore. This is the same regulator that Nolting has been using for many years. Nolting will do the install at their factory if you can't get an installer to come to you and the price is around $3000. Member here Abercroft was going to send her machine to Nolting maybe pm here and find out her experience with doing this. The other system is called Perfect Stitch by Quilt EZ. It is more money and I believe this is the regulator Nolting is using on their top of the line NV machine. I have seen one on an Ultimate 2 machine and the install wasn't very attractive and the machine had been damaged on the way to Quilt Canada so it wasn't working well either. Nigel
  14. Hi Sue Here you go. To find it again go to APQS main page click support and then select service videos and there is lots of stuff to see there. Nigel
  15. Cyndi Loosen your pigtails and rotate them 180 degrees and tighten them back up. I've never had any luck trying to sand the grooves out of them. If that works you are good for many months so there is no rush to special order them. That has been my most common reason for top thread fraying. Nigel