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  1. Used Millie for sale

    Yes that is the guy. There was a thread here a month or so back about a customer who did a deal like this with him and the machine was far from perfect and I'm not sure if she has it working yet. It is a shame I've been on this site for more than 10 years and he is the only person here with a bad reputation I have heard of. Nigel
  2. Used Millie for sale

    Hope it is not Dave Jones. He no longer has a good reputation here. If you are unsure put his name into the search bar at the top of this page. Nigel
  3. ISO used Longarm

    Under used quilting machines not Global used quilting machines. Try this Nigel
  4. Did you try the email given? Member hasn’t been on this site for two and a half years. Nigel
  5. Top Thread Breaking

    Are you using thread that you have used successfully before? Needle in correctly? Try rethreading completely (never mind I see you have done that) When the thread snaps does the thread pull easily through the machine, I have a couple of Glide cones the the thread is not wound well and it gets hung up on itself. A tiny piece of broken thread in your hook can cause all kinds of grief as well so get out the good flashlight and magnifying glass. It won’t hurt to try the WD 40 clean and oil the hook. Just a couple of ideas Nigel
  6. Circle lord parts

    If you can’t find a stylus give Michael a call and I’m sure he will fix you right up. Nigel
  7. APQS Ultimate Long Arm--SOLD

    She had it posted twice and looks like it sold. Nigel
  8. Is the thread wrapped around the sensor in the correct direction? Nigel
  9. Long Arm reviews

    The professional machine manufacturers don’t care if you are using the machine for business the warranty will be the same but the others reduce their warranty for business use. Nigel
  10. My Dilemma

    Welcome Gail In my opinion I think the better deal would be a used professional quality machine like an APQS. If you find you don’t want to quilt after a couple of years the used APQS machine will be easier to sell and will depreciate less. The factory has wonderful support and encourages you to service the machine yourself. They will send detailed instructions with excellent pictures should you ever have to make repairs. Let the BC dealers and Sparrow Studioz in Edmonton know what you are looking for as they may hear of someone wanting to sell or upgrade to a newer machine. If you are patient a deal will come along. There is one for sale right now in Surrey but let it sit for a while, I don’t think it will sell for anywhere near the current asking price. Nigel
  11. Ultimate 2

    Do a Google search on how to load a guilt on a longarm and you will get a better explanation. If you want you can roll the top right side up on to the quilt top roller which is the upper one by the window. The back is attached upside down and rolled on to the roller closest to the window. The other end is attached to the take up roller. Nigel
  12. Broken thread

    Cdwood Welcome to the forum. The bar is called a hook retaining finger and does stop the basket from turning. If you watch the video on timing you will see the proper adjustment but it is something that shouldn’t need adjusting unless you are timing. Most of the stuff in the manual can be found on the APQS website. From the APQS main page click on Support then click on Service Videos and you will find about a dozen topics to watch. After you have used your machine for a few weeks I recommend you watch the video on timing. Just about everybody has to do this a some point, it will make more sense if you can watch the video and compare it to your function machine rather than wait until you have a problem. Call the factory and see if you can purchase a manual but I suspect you will only be able to get one electronically. Nigel
  13. Liberty machine

    Back when the M&M wheels were introduced a few of us had some strange behaviour with our machines and it took a little while for APQS to figure it out. We did tear a customer’s quilt when the needle fired down when moving the head across the quilt to start another row of a pantograph. Turns out the problem was the material the new wheels were made of would build up a static charge as they ran up and down the rails and eventually that charge would go through the machine to get to ground. The solution was a grounding kit that would let the charge continually dissipate. I am sure all the new machines have this built in from the factory but your Liberty will probably need it added. Very simple install. The kit used to be free when you bought the M&M wheels but if it isn’t anymore it won’t be much. Nigel
  14. Liberty machine

    Kat The ruler base shouldn’t reduce your quilting space. You may have to raise your rollers a bit so the base fits underneath but that isn’t hard. If you go to M&M’s make sure you ask about the grounding kit. We almost bought a used Liberty from the dealer but I found out APQS had some Green Millies at the time and there wasn’t much difference in price. Nigel
  15. Lenni thread diagram

    Found this under support on APQS main page.