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  1. How do I update a post?

    Susan At the bottom of a post you have made will be an edit button and a quote button. Click on the edit and make your changes. Nigel
  2. ISO longarm for newbie Ontario

    Mine will probably be available after the summer if you don’t find one sooner. Also check with Tracey Russell at Whirls and Swirls in Oshawa, she may have someone upgrading. Nigel
  3. What size UPS for the Milli?

    Have a read in this topic. It is a question that comes up often. I think this was the latest info. Nigel
  4. APQS Ultimate II not for sale

    The other people to call for a stitch regulator is Nolting. They used Intellistitch on their machines for years and will do an install on any brand. Nigel
  5. Brake issues

    If you use an Allen key underneath to hold the screw then you can rotate the handle clockwise to tighten. I use some blue locktite on the threads to stop the handle from loosening. Also the curved part of the clamp goes around the backing roller not the top roller. Nigel
  6. You can sew or baste some scrap fabric to the back all the way around to use as leaders to attach to. This still requires the back to be an inch larger than the top. If you do this make sure you add the pita charge to the bill. We often tell customers to do this when the back is slightly smaller than we require. Nigel
  7. Thanks for posting your solution. It will probably help someone in the future. Nigel
  8. And to state the obvious it is plugged in and the fuse is good? Did you remove the handles for transport? If so recheck the connections. I think that is all I have. Nigel
  9. Is the speed dial turned up. If I remember correctly the speed can be turned to zero. Nigel
  10. Lenni getss stuck in high

    Are you computerized? The reason I ask is you said the machine won’t move and the regulator seems stuck in high. It shouldn’t be stitching if you are not moving. By chance are you in manual? Don’t be afraid to call APQS for help, they have no problem providing support no matter how old the machine is. As for the machine getting stuck when it happens look to see if you can see why before moving it away from that spot, something blocking a wheel, a power cord snagged, if you have the old table with the vertical wheels is there a dent in the rail? Hope this helps you eliminate a few things. Nigel
  11. Intelliquilter will work quite well on that machine. That was the first thing I did to mine after I bought it and I’ve done hundreds of quilts since. Nigel
  12. Skipped stitches and top thread breaking...

    Hi Bobbie there sure is.From the APQS main page click on Support then Service videos and have a look most of the common stuff is there. The finger adjustment is the last part of the timing process. Here is a link to the video Nigel
  13. Brenda has a featherweight and I’ve used the Singer 301. The 301 has a built in handle and weighs about the same as a featherweight in it’s case. They both use the same bobbins and hook. My 301 came in a table and snaps in and out of the table in seconds. My complaint with the featherweight has been every time I found one for myself someone wanted to buy it off me. Nigel
  14. needle bar

    If you are talking out needlebar height look on this timing video starting around the 26 minute mark. Nigel
  15. Comparing APQS Millie with Handi Quilter Infinity

    It looks like there is only about a thousand dollars difference in price until you add some options. Another way to look at it is what is the value of the machine you buy now going to be in five or ten years compared to the purchase price. I suspect the APQS will cost you less over that time period. Also there is quite often factory overhauled used APQS machines with new tables and warranty at a very good price. Check the events calendar for a Road Show or Quilt Show because they always have special show pricing. Having good tools always makes the job more pleasurable so buy the one you think is best for you. APQS always encourages us to service our own machines and is very good with detailed instructions should you ever have to do a repair. Just my 2 cents. Nigel