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  1. Been busy this week

    Stick to my own pile. Keep up your good work ✂
  2. My Jesus Quilt

    Wow David. Great quilting and such beautiful hearts, love them. How can you quilt them so nicely?
  3. Log cabin quilt

    Thanks for your kind words. Qltnbe - I used the quilters groove ruler from Lisa Calle. Have just got them and are in love. The feathers in the border are from ideas found in Bethanne Nemish books
  4. Log cabin quilt

    Quilted 2 log cabin quilt for a customer. She allways says I can do what I think is best. Sometimes it is hard to decide, but I like this one. Hope she likes it too☺
  5. Anne's Mariner's Compass Quilt

    Beautiful. I can see a lot of time in this quilt✂
  6. Any Ideas? Stumped on this Quilt

    Good luck with this. Look forward to see your beautiful work✂
  7. I'm so excited !

    Good for you. Remember that stairs important to keep you fit now have to exercise with lifting your leggs high everyday
  8. Zen Chic Pearls

    Thanks everyone for kind words. Jamie - the pattern is from Zen Chic and not mine.(desverre) I also love their patterns but have not made any of them yeat, but one day I will have the time.......✂ Happy quilting. This week it's log cabin and feathers, love all of my customers quilts.
  9. This quilt have I customed quilted. The customer liked the border and so did I.
  10. french braid quilt

    Great job. Thanks for sharing✂
  11. Nice one. But why was your thread choice not good?
  12. 50th anniversary quilt.

    Wow. You have done a great job.
  13. Just a little free hand fun!

    Freehand is so fun and you did a great job
  14. Buggy Barn Heart

    My SIL watched me when I quilted her Byggy Barn Heart quilt and used her cellphone to type this: Have a look if you want to see me live QuilTe'n Anne