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  1. Gator

    What is your style?

    Second input. I agree, as exciting as it is getting a machine, hold off before buying a lot of stuff until you get comfortable with your Lenni. Questions are good and so is the answers from experience. I bet most of us bought stuff, never used. I tried every gadget that came out. I have R and something boards, bunches and bunches of rulers, circle lord, CL long boards etc and still was challenged by feathers and a few other things. I probably spent thousands before getting a computer, which may have been cheaper if I had purchased it in the first place. It's all about you, your skills which come with practice and comfort. Be excited, play with Lenni, then go wild!!! I do love how all of us agree, zippers and side clamps are the best basic must have(s).
  2. Ines, I'm sure Eric will chime in soon. I float all my quilts but use the pvc rings/clamps to stabilize the end that drapes over the bar. If my red snappers are in the way, I also use two long magnets that I got a Harbor Freight (just be careful not to drop them on your feet).
  3. Gator

    What is your style?

    When I started longarming I bought every gadget out there! Just like Lisa, my best purchase was my zippers and red snappers. I tried the first version of Leader Grips and didn't care for them but love my snappers. I agree with Ines, get a set of curtain rods to go under your side clamps too. Congrats and have fun!!!!
  4. I've never heard of it?
  5. Gator


    Yep, I agree with you all, wet and block. I like the washed and dried look but not for a show.
  6. Gator

    MQX New England.

    Vicki, we must have gone the same year? I haven't been back since my first time. I was just disappointed at the size of the classes (to big). Loved seeing the quilts and the vendors. I did like the fact that I could get off the train and walk to the hotel in Providence, RI.
  7. Gator

    Sauder Village Quilt Show

    Congrats, cute quilt!
  8. Lin my thoughts and prayers are with you. Hugs.
  9. Congratulations and welcome to the gang! Thank you for the update. I've had Millie's since 2007 and love her them to death. I stayed with the L Bobbin due to the initial thought that the M Bobbin tension wasn't as good as the L. Less backlash. I can say that I totally love my L Bobbins, I've never had a problem with tension using them. I don't wind my own bobbins because I prefer the prewounds, especially the magna-bobbins from Fil-Tech (can't remember their new name right now). I know I have to change my bobbins often but it's a quick change. I don't even have to look under the quilt/machine to put the bobbin case back in the machine any longer. I just pop out the case, pop in a new bobbin, and snap the case back in place without looking. Basically it's what your preferences is, what makes you feel comfortable. I'm getting ready to order a new Millie 30 and my mind is telling me to stay with the L, why tempt fate, lol.
  10. Leigh, I would be happy to share what I know about the IQ. I've had my IQ for 10 years and just finished Shirley's Boot Camp for a refresher. Sending you a PM with my email address.
  11. Gator

    Shorter Rails

    I know what you mean about downsizing. Just for your info, the maximum size I can quilt is 100 in wide on my 10ft frame. That's using every bit of the canvas.
  12. Gator

    Bobbin tension

    Leigh, Betsy is correct on both notes especially to loosen not tighten the top thread. Lots of things come into play with tension. Did the tension change on the same quilt? Did you change bobbins? Even if it's the same thread it can be wound on the bobbin differently. Have you dropped your bobbin case? Sometimes that will mess with your bobbin tension. Fabric and batting types come into play also. A Towa gage is a great tool especially if you wind your own bobbins.
  13. I live in Port Huron, MI, across the river from Sarnia. I'm looking to upgrade and will probably sell my 2009 Millie with or without IQ. It's on a 10FT table. It is wired for the USA.
  14. You will not find a better price for a machine that includes IQ!!!
  15. Gator

    Shorter Rails

    Terminator, please list your location. I agree, swap if possible. APQS does sell 8 and 10 feet tables. Check with your local dealers.