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  1. Darn Zeke, if I lived closer I would trade you tables? Why did I ever move from Virginia.
  2. My Millie which is getting old, never liked the Rainbow Threads, I had to go to another brand of variegated. However, my industrial embroidery machines love Rainbow.
  3. Beautiful, you do such beautiful work.
  4. I've done a lot of straight line quilting on my domestic sewing machine (small jobs). Like Debbie, any time I was doing straight lines I used my walking foot (feed dogs up). I never had to adjust the tension either.
  5. Great job Vicki, I need to follow your lead and do some of my own quilts!
  6. Great job, love the pillows. They look so proud! I need to learn how to use my Serger, it makes a great door stop (LOL).
  7. Winter static from dry air is the reason I use a humidifier in the winter. I hate getting zapped!!! I need it for my respiratory system too.
  8. Zeke, I lived in VA Beach for 30 years. I had my Millie there for 5 or more years. I did run a dehumidifier in the summer and if my house got to dry in the winter (electric heat) I would run a humidifier. Because all houses are different (insulation/AC/heat, etc) I would recommend getting a humidity monitor. A lot of thermometers come with them. I have a clock in my studio that has a thermometer and humidity monitor on it. It was fairly inexpensive. Just watch the readings for awhile and determine if you need a dehumidifier/humidifier. I maintain my humidity around 50. I have lung issues and maintaining the humidity helps me health wise too.
  9. Yep, I'm with you Lora and Zeke. I baste the edge using a zig-zag or wiggle. I never have a problem with edge flipping.
  10. Great job! You put a lot of caring into this beauty.
  11. I've always used hairspray. Good to know about the others especially that gel ink is really permanent. Thanks, Cagey
  12. I can't imagine what nursing / assisted living home residents think of when they see the "empty bed"? What a wonderful idea to use a beautiful quilt to assist everyone with the loss of a friend or family member. I wonder if other homes have something like this? Beatrice the quilt is beautiful, love the colors and quilting. I know it was a labor of love for you.
  13. My Gator hates King Tut of any kind. It's the only thread she spits out.
  14. Sorry, I'm late. A belated Happy Canada Day and Independence Day. I love living on the border, I get to celebrate both!