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  1. Omgosh, just realized I typed yea instead of "yay". These old fingers just can't spell. Hopefully, you'll be quilting by Christmas.
  2. Newbie Questions

    I'm right handed so left to right in the front feels natural. You can go either way. I have a computer on my machine and it quilts in both directions with no problems not even thread breakage. I think what sewingpup has hit the nail on the head, moving the machine smoothly in both directions should work fine. If you thread breaks going right to left, slow down a tad to reduce needle flex. I use a neutral thread on quilts with a lot of colors (unless it's super custom), usually gray, linen or mossy green.
  3. Baby gift

    Some little bundle of joy is going to love this quilt. Beautiful work.
  4. Thread Delivery Tip to share

    Quilter's are great inventors!!!! Great idea.
  5. New to me Freedom

    All great advice. If you don't know Mark works at APQS headquarters/factory. I just want to say welcome and that you came to the right place for help. We are family. I love, love the Attic windows Christmas quilt, never seen one like it.
  6. I gave up on King Tut a long, long time ago. I haven't had any problems with other cotton threads.
  7. Tablerunners

    I agree, makes me want Ribbon Candy. Great pattern choice.
  8. EmbroPoly, recommend you provide volunteer LongArm quilters with a few spools of thread for testing. Trust me these guys will be honest with their evaluations. We did this with another company a few years ago. The company was very gracious/generous with the quilter's who tested their threads. They would be representing themselves for endorsing your thread not the APQS Company.
  9. I don't know what Jim uses his channel locks for but I use mine with every quilt. They are great for sewing straight lines. I float my quilts, so I run a straight basting line across the batting and line the top up on it to ensuring my top is straight. I also can use the vertical ones to check the sides to keep my top square. I have a computer on my machine so those that do manual quilting can give you more examples of their many uses.
  10. Betsy, thank you for sharing the ribbon and Roland's note. I'm in tears once again but good tears knowing the quilt not only made Rita smile but "himself", Roland is getting comfort from this quilt. It's amazing he entered it in the show, I agree Rita was behind his thoughts saying do it! I get the feeling that's it's her way of saying thank you, smile. I forgot how beautiful the quilt was, thank you for posting the picture again. I love running across old posts that still have Rita's comments on them, she will always be with us. Betsy, I think you deserve the ribbon. You volunteered without hesitating to gather the blocks, arrange them, add sashing and quilt it. You also got it done in a hast, enabling us to get it to Rita who was gravely ill at the time. Please be sure Dawn gets a copy of the letter, picture of the ribbon and quilt. She would love to post it on the blog and probably the APQS Facebook site too. PS: The ribbon is adorable!
  11. All good comments. I was just glad that I had my reading glasses on. I'm sure it was probably needle flex. I was doing a quilt with hexagons, lots of "y" seams, batting and minkee. IQ stopped for an obstruction which was probably the needle flexing/bending holding onto the fabric. I first thought it may have hit the bobbin thread cutter which sometimes sticks on me, but I would have noticed it by sound. I am aware that it sticks sometimes, heck it's 8 years old, in my hast to check a problem with my IQ tablet, I didn't check it too. I have 3 domestic machines, 2 10-needle embroidery machines and a serger, in other words lots and lots of needles with breaks over the years. I think most only broke into two pieces, this was the first one that shattered. I am so proud of my girl (Millie), she was born in 2008 and is running smooth, that needle breaking had to hurt. APQS quality is superb. I don't want to scare anyone, because needle breaks are part of our world, just be careful. For our "newbies" yep us "oldies" still gets the stuffing scared out of us when it happens because it totally catches you off guard and sounds a lot worse then it is.
  12. Sharpie makes a really nice permanent "fabric dye" medium point marker. You can find them with the other fabric pens at JoAnns, Michaels, and other craft stores. Basically any permanent ink will work but test to make sure they don't bleed (smear).
  13. I have worked in an industrial environment most of my life (military). Safety was always the way of life. I always had safety glasses on but now I wear glasses because of age. I was doing a quilt over the weekend and all of a sudden my IQ said obstruction and stopped, grrrr but no problem. I was using minkee as my backing and the top had some thick seams. I have always used my bobbin thread cutter (had Millie's since 2007). Ok, to make a short story long, I thought I cleared everything and cleaned the wheels and table? I hit the start button and "BANG, BANG, BANG" the needle shattered, right, it didn't just break it shattered, pieces went everywhere! I'm only 5ft tall so a piece hit me in the face. Now you get my question, my reading glasses probably kept the piece from going into my eye. I was using a 4.0 machine needle, glad it wasn't titanium. When you think about using rulers, needles, etc with a fast moving machine, maybe we should take a minute to think about eye safety (fingers too). After settling my nerves and cleaning my pants, here's the good part: I have both eyes. The quilt wasn't ripped or damaged. I found 5 pieces of the needle including the eye (with thread in it), which looked like I got all of it. I blew out the bobbin housing and made sure I still had a hook. I changed the needle and proceeded with the quilt, guess what!!!! I love my APQS machine, the stitches were beautiful, whew no retiming required. The only thing that may have caused the needle to shatter, was my bobbin thread cutter knife gets stuck every now and then and maybe the needle hit it? I can't think of anything else that could have happened without destroying the hook? Any other ideas? I've been quilting since 2007 and never had a needle shatter, break yes but shatter no.
  14. Quilta Light

    Hummmm, never seen that light. I know a few quilters on here have changed out their fluorescent light bulbs, do a search on here.