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  1. In Harvey's path

    David I hope the waters are receding in your area. The pictures and videos are just unbelievable. I can't imagine how emotional it is for those affected. It is emotional for me and I'm far away and don't have any loved ones in TX. Praying for you all.
  2. Cactus Collage quilted

    Nice job Terry. I'm sure your mother will love it. I loved seeing the drawing too. I do that often just to get an idea of where I want things to go.
  3. Cathy, Thank you so much for the continued prayers. I appreciate them so much. We truly are blessed that Landon is doing so well. I don't know if you saw the story about the little boy who had a heart transplant, he was a big baseball fan, well he had the same condition that Landon has. It really reminded me how lucky we have been. Landon's heart is functioning and he didn't have to have the surgeries and we pray that it will stay that way. He is just the brightest light and oh so lovable. I too still have dream puff and still like it for warmth and puff but the wool is amazing. It washes up so nicely too. That is what I used on the baby quilts too. I've never had a problem and my quilts are meant to be used and washed.
  4. Awe thanks Libby. These were fun to do and they went together so quickly. The twins don't have many words yet but they say mama and Nana LOL wonder how that happened?
  5. Shana that is really interesting. I wonder if it has to do with location. I know that when we had this problem I had hubby call several times to make sure we were covered.
  6. Rosemary Thank you so much. Sometimes it is really hard to get anything done but they go home at 5 so I get a break. I love them so much though and wouldn't trade this time with them. Hopefully as they get a little bigger they will enjoy playing while I'm quilting. I have a nice playroom in the works for them right next to my quilting area. I love when they take longer naps so I get more solid time to quilt without interruption but you know this time goes by quickly. I can't believe they are already a year old.
  7. Wow Dell 3 sets of twins?! They are a lot of fun and I really enjoy spending so much time with them, although I can say I'm exhausted by the end of the day. I wouldn't have it any other way. I hope the new boys are doing well and get to come home soon.
  8. These are pics from their birthday.
  9. Hahaha Kathy you have no idea how irresistible they are. That Landon sure knows how to melt your heart and turn on the charm when he is into something he isn't supposed to be in. LOL
  10. Here are a few of the twins with their quilts giving them hugs and kisses.
  11. Thanks Connie. They sure have grown. I'm so happy all my grands love their quilts.
  12. Hi Rosemary, I used minkie (silly spell check and I didn't catch it) for the giraffe and the rest are just cottons. QD wool is pretty much all I use any more. It provides great loft and is so cozy. Even my hubby noticed the difference.
  13. Betsy thank you. Landon is doing fantastic. They are starting to take him off his heart meds and we'll see what happens from there. His mitral valve seems to be doing very well and he is handling the regurgitation ok. He isn't walking yet on his own but he will go places if he can hold onto one finger or one of his toys. LOL He is a busy boy that is for sure. He is also the most lovable little boy. He loves to be rocked and loves his snuggles. Scarlett isn't always thrilled with his hugs and kisses. Thanks for asking.
  14. Thank you Cagey. I kept my quilting at 1/2" spacing which helps with the density, except for the filler in the diamonds. I also used wool which is always snuggly.