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  1. Your quilting really made this quilt shine. I still Longarm freehand when the quilt I am working on needs it & I always use IQ whenever I could. It's a blessing to be able to do both and produce a well done quilting.
  2. Really cute & precious grandbaby, the quilts are beautiful. Yep, my first & only grand baby stops any type of quilting in our house too.
  3. Beautiful quilt and quilting.
  4. Luminary

    Your quilt turned out beautiful, I am a fan of Alison Glass.
  5. Clothesline Quilt

    The quilt is whimsical & beautiful. You are one talented quilter and kind too.
  6. Collage Quilts

    Cool quilt, I have a few.
  7. Yea for rulers

    I love my cross hatching ruler from Toppers, I am currently using it on a vintage applique quilt, it's awesome. Thank you Linda & Dennis.
  8. No regrets here, I love my IQ. Very pleased, best investment especially when you become "older", your body will thank you too..
  9. News about Rita

    We will see her again, thank you Heidi May the Lord comfort the family.
  10. My Accomplished Quilting :)

    Great job on designing, piecing & quilting this quilt. Congratulations!
  11. Chris' Quilt

    Mary Beth, you & your quilts have great stories. You have a good heart and know how to treasure memories worth keeping. BTW, that's an awesome quilt.
  12. I'm back!

    Welcome back Patty Jo, good to see you, love your new picture.
  13. That is a beauty, great quilting too, very well done. I use mostly De Loa's curved as well as straight rulers, very versatile. I have a lot of Lisa Calle's groove rulers, never used them, thinking of selling all of them.
  14. Hi Oma,

    Betsy asked if I mailed the block you generously offered me to give for Rita project.  I would assume you will mail it with your own blocks.  Let me or Betsy know and thank you.


    1. Oma


      Oh Corey, I thought you were making the block so I only made two.  I can do one tomorrow and get it in the mail on Monday.  I'm sorry I misunderstood.

    2. Corey


      Thank you.  Ok, check with Betsy though, they have a whole bunch, you might not need to.  But if you do. Thank you Oma.  

      Been very busy here.  Our very first grandbaby was delivered 2 months premature & C section, mom & baby daughter are both doing well, I've been busy helping drive her to NICU these past week plus 2 weeks ago when they kept her in the hospital when she started leaking some fluid.

  15. What can I say, you are good & you rock Dell. Congratulations! It's good to be recognized for jobs well done.