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  1. voted for your quilt. Girgeous
  2. Long Arm reviews

    don't tell them you are quilting for a business
  3. Juki long arms

    Longarm University also has a site that sells used machines of all kinds
  4. Used Ultimate I Machine

    how much and where
  5. Ready to bind!

    OH!!! I love this
  6. Baby gift

    gorgeous I love it
  7. Newbie Questions

    I usually quilt those with a neutral color
  8. what about those micro pens they come in colors.
  9. APQS Ultimate II for Sale

    ok also send me your phone # too it will take us 6 hours one way but it almost a straight shot we have discussed we might drive half way close to you, spend the night then see you before noon wed.
  10. APQS Ultimate II for Sale

    yes I will take the machine. Can I pick it up this coming Monday? the 13th Where in PA do you live. Thanks Carol
  11. Check Spring Not Moving

    I loosened the whole assembly held on to it and barely pulled it away from the machine, them screwed it back in tight. Flip the spring with your finger and see if it snaps back or moves. It is possible for the spring to get too close between the machine and the tension assembly and get pinched too tight. Carol
  12. APQS Ultimate II for Sale

    bump did u sell this
  13. Ultimate i

    you can oil it yourself