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  1. turbo winder maintenance?

    I had to replace the rubber wheel inside mine. It was hard do. Now it don't shut off inside the box. but it stops when the bobbin is full.
  2. 14 ft Millie table

    Or I would pay boot.
  3. I have a 12 foot Millie table I would like to trade for a 14 foot table. It has the round bars and fabric advance. If you want to trade we can. Must be close to WV Thanks Carol
  4. I changed my L bobbin over to an M bobbin myself. It was no worse than timing it from start to finish. I am so very proud of myself for doing that.
  5. Just got my intelliquiter installed on My Millie, by the dealer. So far so good I am really excited. I managed to get a design quilted into a block. I'm now trying pantos. I am in love lol .hooray
  6. M Bobbin Installation

    I set it up. Oh! yes I changed mine completely by myself. I found out you don't need the spring in the bobbin because it was making the bobbin warm I took it out and the bobbin quit getting too warm. Mine sews better stitches and tension. I talked to Angie via internet and she had me to send pictures of how my new M bobbin was set up. I am so proud of myself.
  7. New Longarmer

    I an so glad that you got one. I have a Millie also and I am adding intelliquilter any day now. Welcome Carol
  8. Jim Erickson help

    Do you have to put another gear behind the bobbin assembly in order to change the L to an M
  9. M Bobbin Installation

    It wasn't that hard to do
  10. M Bobbin Installation

    I read that somewhere once that you had to change the gears but I have not heard anything about it since. I would think APQS would have told me when I ordered the parts from them.
  11. M Bobbin Installation

    better. tighter
  12. Baby quilt

    love it
  13. I took my Millie by the front handles and decided to operate on her. I bought all the necessary parts to make her an M bobbin. I took all her L parts out. I sanded the shaft and wiped it off , greased the inside where the shaft goes. I installed the M guts and I am proud to say everything went very good. She is sewing like a champ. Carol