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  1. Shipping two tables - or even one table - will be horribly expensive. You might consider cutting your 14-foot rollers and rails down to whatever length suits you best. Any reputable welder will be able to do it for you for a few hundred dollars.
  2. Free Claudio Pfeil video and Quick Zip system

    And I can take the zippers! I use them on my showroom machines. Mailing address is 45712 SE 138th Court, North Bend, WA 98045
  3. There are some offset screwdrivers that will reach that screw but most of the time, it's best to just remove the head and reattach that bracket.
  4. Sharon, I've removed thread cutters on a couple of customers' Millies, but I don't have any photos handy. I think I can answer your questions, though. 1. The Hartley Base designed for Millie will NOT fit on a machine that has had the thread cutter removed, since it needs that cutter "box" to rest on. A Hartley Base designed for a non-thread-cutter machine (like your Lenni) WILL fit. 2. Once the cutter "box" is removed (four screws, accessed through the holes in the side of the box), there will be a couple of wires that extend out of a hole in the main head. I just strapped them to the head with painters tape, to keep them out of the way.
  5. It does look like those red borders might be cut on a bit of the bias and are somehow stretching or gathering as they are being sewn on the center or as the outer borders are being added. Is your customer measuring the quilt and cutting the borders to length, then pinning them on? And I can't tell from the photos whether the corners are mitered - that could be mucking things up, too.
  6. Quilt path won't plot safe area

    Julie, I've accepted your Friend Request and added you to the QP Facebook Page. On your safe area check a couple of things: that the clamps are fully engaged, that you're not in Simulation Mode, that your cables are all plugged in. Can you post a photo of the screen you see when it says your Safe Area is not set? Maybe on the QP FB page?
  7. Quilt Path-Help!

    Is the red switch on the carriage lit up? That is the indicator that there is power to the QP "innards" in the carriage. If that's NOT lit, turn it on. If that isn't the problem, email me at and I'll see what I can do for you! We also need to get you on the QP Facebook group. Find me on Facebook (Barbara Mayfield/Barbara Jeanne Potter), send me a Friend Request, and I'll get you added. You can get QP help there most any time of night or day - there's someone (APQS, user, whoever) on there nearly all hours. It's a much faster response than the Forums.
  8. Hook buffing questions

    I don't see it mentioned,so you might do a very thorough cleaning, or maybe even soak the hook overnight with WD40, followed by a thorough cleaning in the morning. You may have a thread or debris down in your hook assembly.
  9. Is this a M-bobbin machine? I understand they're noisier than an L-bobbin machine. Definitely talk to the Service dept., either by email or phone.
  10. You might also try an overnight soak with WD40, just in case there's lint or a thread down in the hook assembly. Place a cloth under the head, across your carriage, take out your bobbin case, blow air into the hook assembly, then spray in WD40. Leave it overnight, then tomorrow morning, do a full cleaning. I'm pretty sure APQS Service will ask if you've done that...
  11. Have you been cleaning (not just oiling) the hook area, per the directions in the manual? It does sound a little "growl," which may indicate a need for deep cleaning.
  12. Bobbin "dots" on top

    If you are seeing bobbin thread on top, you need to either loosen your top or tighten your bobbin - or both. It's a real tug-of-war between the two. What is your quilt sandwich made up of? That can affect your tension. What size needle? That affects how much of the knot inside the sandwich that we see. Can you post photos of top and back?
  13. Joann, check that your carriage is turned on - the red switch at the back of your carriage should be shining red. Also check that your USB cable is well-seated into your hub or tablet. Another place you can look for help is our QP Facebook Page. If you'll find me on Facebook (Barbara Mayfield/Barbara Jeanne Potter), send me a Friend Request and I'll get you added. You might get quicker response to questions there, as those queries tend to pop up on our smartphones, where this forum doesn't. We'll get you all fixed up!!
  14. Is there a video for how to replace a hook assembly?

    Tami, there are videos on about retiming - I'll have to look to see if there's something specific on replacing a hook assembly. You can always call the toll free line and ask for the Service Dept. They can give you lots of guidance on what's happening with your system and why. They can also arrange to get you the replacement hook assembly. And yes, you WILL have to retime after putting on the new assembly, but your stitches should still be beautiful - and you won't have to deal with thread breakage! Before you take off your current assembly, take off your needle plate and get familiar with how the needle and the hook interact - it will help you understand what you're doing when you retime for the new part.
  15. Skipped stitches

    If the stitches vary in length (as opposed to skipped stitches), it's usually an encoder issue. Check that your encoder wheels are making good contact.