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  1. Christmas Lonestar

    Lucky in-laws! That looks fabulous~!
  2. Liberty machine

    Linda Stellar had one and from what I remember, she loved it.
  3. Baby gift

    Wow! That looks awesome and your ruler work is wonderful.
  4. Newbie Questions

    I have only done pantos thus far, but I go right to left or both ways, depending on the pattern.
  5. Those are lovely and I am totally in was of your feathers on the pink and green one. I want to quilt that beautifully one day.
  6. Jim, what all do you use your channel locks for?
  7. Have you tested this thread with 100 cotton fabrics? I have to wonder if perhaps it is so strong it may damage delicate cotton.
  8. How are you primarily going to use the machine? I see from your signature line that you have a Liberty. Are you going to keep the Liberty? If you are keeping it, and plan to computerize the new machine, I would strongly consider a Lucy. However, if you are replacing it, that might make a difference. How important are the thread break sensor and bobbin level indicator to you?
  9. There is a business out there named "Feverish Quilter." I know the intent is to imply fast turn around, but I always picture a sick longarmer, sweating all over my quilt!
  10. Finding clients

    Laura, What a great idea!
  11. Is that all freehand? Your petals are so perfect!
  12. Having completed a grand total of four quilts, I now understand why everyone has stressed basting as close to the edge as possible. :-) However, folks also recommend channel locks to keep straight. However, many quilts are NOT straight on the edge and if you engage the channel locks, you will run off the edge in some places and go in too far in others. So, I would love some advice on the best way to handle this. Thanks!
  13. Gathering Baskets

    Your quilting is fabulous!