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  1. My Lakeshore Sunrise

    That is a stunner!
  2. Also, sometimes at the road shows, they will throw in a freebie with the machine, like the auto advance.
  3. Your quilting is stunning!
  4. Zoe the Zebra

    Stunning quilt and quilting!
  5. 2016 Lenni For Sale

    Jane, it would be helpful if you would post the location of the machine.
  6. I am no expert, but I started in the lefthand top corner.
  7. I am a very, very newbie LA quilter as I rent time on a machine, but one quilt I meandered freehand and the other three quilts were pantos. The freehand quilt went faster.
  8. I would love to see this forum become more active. I am still a lady in waiting, in regards to my machine, but I could start posting pics of panto quilts I do on the rental machine. I love seeing what everyone does on their quilts.
  9. I much prefer forums, like this one.
  10. Luminary

    That is lovely. The quilting design is perfect.
  11. Moroccan Vibe-ish

    You are a quilting master!
  12. String of Pearls

    Absolutely stunning!