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  1. Has she measured the pieced portion or the quilt to be sure that part isn't out of square?
  2. Stunning work as usual!
  3. I am so sorry to hear this? Can you doodle quilting designs? That would help pass the time.
  4. That is gorgeous!
  5. The twins are absolutely precious!
  6. Very well deserved ribbon. Your quilting looks great!
  7. Zeke,. I would love to see a close up picture of your wiggle stitch on the edges.
  8. Five hours isn't that long. If you are having trouble following the lines on pantos, try quilting with a board. I rent time on a Millie and quilted the Baptist Fan pattern on a quilt using a pattern board. I think it looks great! You can do this, too, I just know you can!
  9. Thank you.
  10. It would help if you could post some pics of your system.