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  1. EQ 8

    Well, I did it! I just ordered my first EQ8. I haven't had any of the other versions, so this should be interesting. I was cleaning emails and it finally dawned on me that the coupon for 30% off of more than $100 would work for this. I ordered 3 items and still paid less for everything including postage because of that coupon from AQS!!!!
  2. Hi-Tech Inbonded Quilting thread

    It would also be good to know what weight this thread is.
  3. EQ 8

    Members of AQS get a 20% discount on it from what I have seen. Well worth my already paid membership!
  4. MQS was disappointing

    That is the way I felt the first time my daughter took me there.
  5. MQS was disappointing

    My "local" quilt shop is 26 miles, but any would be a drive since I am outside any city limits! It is one of my favorite shops and the ladies are very friendly. I have told the owner that my job has been to make sure she stays in business so I can keep coming! Life and income have changed so I don't get to run there on my own like I used to. I do like to see the fabrics I am considering, especially when they require coordinating with others. Mary Beth, How close are you to Prairie Points Quilts on Shawnee Mission Parkway/Quivera? I like that shop when I would visit my daughter in KC. Unfortunately, they have moved back to CA so no reason to make that 6 hour trip, now a 30 hour one to check out a few other places!
  6. EQ 8

    I am so glad you asked this. I have not had any EQ versions but was waiting for the new instead of getting the just barely outdated. Looks like Grandma Jackie will be getting me a nice gift for birthday/Christmas! That and the machine quilters business management program.
  7. Crosshatch

    I asked hubby for braided fishing line. He found a spool in his stuff. I now need to find a good needle.
  8. Check with your most local APQS dealer to see if they may be able to do the show. APQS as headquarters may be spread thin enough with the schedules that the dealer could be there with a bit of $$ or machine assist from the company. When is your show in the calendar of the national known shows, that may make a big difference in where they can be when. Good luck, I agree a quilt show is not a really good one without APQS!!!!
  9. Crosshatch

    Cagey, great method. Thanks for sharing it. Guess I will check with hubby for a fishing line and keep it handy. Maybe even put a magnet on Lucey to hold my fish needle so it doesn't get lost somewhere.
  10. batting costs

    Betsy, yes I did figure that the labor of cutting the smaller batts was reflected in the pricing so when I cut from a roll the effort will be pretty much the same for any size so I can create a base price. If I was purchasing packaged batts then the package cost would be what I would charge the customer. At this point I don't plan to have packaged batting available for others to purchase, just the rolls that I would choose to use for my quilts that I could sell to a customer. Customers can bring a packaged batt but I do hope they and I can come to an agreement on a good brand we both would like. Thanks for your thoughts. It is still a work in progress here for me.
  11. batting costs

    I am glad I could help. For my piecing price I started with an hourly wage I felt was appropriate and then broke it down into a cents price per square inch that would fit. If I have to rip out or rework something, that is on my cost because I am the one that didn't do it right the first time. We have had a business for years where the price was per piece and each operation was give a portion of that per piece price. When we had rejects that time was our fault and we needed to eat those costs. I see the piecing the same way. My per square inch price is for labor, utilities and machine costs. The materials needed for their quilt should be a separate charge. When I give an estimate I start with a full quilt shop price per yard of fabric. If you happen to get fabric at a better price then the customer happy that those costs are reduced but they at least know at the beginning what the total costs could run. That is why the cents per square inch on each makes sense for me. Then they can decide what size quilt they want as it fits their budget. You can call me if you want.
  12. batting costs

    I don't have a formula, but if we charge quilting per square inch then the same can be done for the amount of batting. I did some more checking last night on what my batting per square inch charges would be by checking the regular price of purchasing batting from the local quilting store and the regular price of the company. Their costs are all over the place when you figure the inches. I got the square inch figure for each of the sizes, then figured what the cents price would be to get to the dollar charge listed. The crib and throw prices ended up being higher than queen and king! I still need to see how I will balance them all out. I have no plans to under cut any of the local (or other) quilters with my quilting or my batting. My brain doesn't work well trying to keep track of inches, feet, and yards of batting so the square inch works for me. I also plan to use a square inch price for any piecing requested with the more involved blocks at a higher price. Tracking hours is hard with interruptions here. In figuring those prices I have started with some of the prices other quilters have listed and kept mine in the same ballpark. I just need to have the figures in a manner I can work with and easily answered when customers ask.
  13. batting costs

    I figured out how much I paid a yard then set my per yard price. Then I had some quilts that left a lot of batting unused but still belonged to the customer so sent it with the quilt. I now have figured a per square inch price for batting I have on hand. It still comes out to a similar pricing but I get to keep the large leftover pieces and the customer can figure the cost of the per square inch price for the quilting and for the batting used. Then there are no surprises in the bill. Be sure to add the extra 4 inches to the batting figures.
  14. Heart or reputation?

    Cute statement. Thanks to both of you for the education!
  15. Trimming Question

    Cagey, yes, I think your plan for the edges and border on George will work well. In fact, I think it will help you keep your border the full size and stop some of the pulling away from the sides of the quilt.