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  1. Kwiltr pretty much wrote my post for me. All she said applies to me as well. I had pretty good stitches with George and liked the results, the foot pedal allowed me time to think. Now with Lucey I use the SR so I can think or start and stop without built up stitches. Lucey is still quite new to me and I mostly quilt for myself and don't have time daily to play with her.
  2. I finally found it. It is under the blue bar of number of posts in the section with other random postings. Thanks again.
  3. Thanks, Mary. Anytime I went into the section of the forum in Pictures I could never find it. I will need to see what I am doing differently. I like your avatar, my hubby is a Peanuts collector/lover.
  4. A few days ago I posted a picture of the quilt I made for my granddaughter's graduation. I can not find it in the Pictures section that I know I put it in. The only way I can get it to come up is with the little bell symbol that tells us if someone has given us "appreciation". Can anyone tell me how to find our own posts in this arrangement of the forum? Now watch, I probably won't be able to find this one either!!!
  5. This is the quilt I made for my first granddaughter's graduation from the book Bella Bella quilts. It is my version of NON-paper pieced paper piecing. My mind just doesn't work backwards, so I break the pattern down into units and then connect them into the wedge segments. I had my husband cut out plexi template rulers to trim the units. I started this after Easter and it went together pretty quickly. SID the borders and the outside of the Xs. Feathers in the upper purple/teal sections and loops in the bottom ones. The star is from a shirt from each grandpa, the dark from the other grandpa who has been gone a couple years now, the light from one swiped from my husband. The label is inserted into the western snap pocket from the dark shirt with a ribbon and kite from hubby's shirt.
  6. Mary Beth, I am so sorry for your whole family. I do know what you are and have gone through. About 4 years ago my daughter and SIL had a surprise pregnancy and took a bit to be happy with it. Then at 14 weeks went for an ultrasound so a friend's daughter could get more practice in the schooling. That was a Tuesday that became filled with multiple appointments and repeated ultrasounds. Hope was born on the following Sabbath day. They were in MD and we were in MN so no time to be there for them. Since I couldn't do anything for them then, I made a quilted box with a zippered top so they could keep Hope's things in it, her hospital bracelet, etc. I embroidered a verse for the top and one for the inside of the box cover. May they have peace as they learn to smile again.
  7. Good for you. Just a bit more and Lucey will be too.
  8. I am able to go back to topics that I have already read. I think one of the differences to the activity level is that the photos are a separate section instead of with the any and all chatting posts. I think the quilt pictures always helped to generate comments and more traffic. When we only have a few minutes we can (should) spend scrolling through sites having them separated lends to stopping at only one section.
  9. I made sure I kept my turbo winder from George when I got Lucey. I wouldn't try to make my own because that isn't my mind process and my hubby will only have time to make on after he dies, so where would that leave me? LOL. Yes, the cost is something to consider, but also consider the cost of the quilting machine you have. They both will and can last a long time so the cost isn't as bad as consistantly replacing something.
  10. What an idea! I'm not sure I want to try to have good resulting piecing while in a car, just trying to keep everything handy and not falling in the cracks of the seats and console or under my feet would be a problem for me. I would do the sewing in the hotel rooms when you stop, but even then the rooms don't always have a table area nice for that. We do a fair amount of driving (just went to PA from MN and back last week) I take my iPad full of books and read. You can also get some of the doodling/drawing apps and plan quilting designs on the quilts you already have or plan to make. Put your own pictures in the iPad and pull them into the apps and have fun.
  11. If this is something that you know you really want and will use, take it now and replace it with a good useable stove. Then put in the fill cabinet to hold cookie sheets with a purposely non matching counter that can be a cutting board or a space to set hot pans without damage. Have the fill cabinet in the same color tone as the present cabinets even if the door design isn't identical. Possibly just fix the stove for the present instead of the cost of restore, it depends on what the restore would entail and if it really changes the look you remember.
  12. Yup, use the acetone, polish remover. I sure hate having those wheels fall off too. I am now ready to start pricing long arm storage cabinets from Tracey's Tables!
  13. What fun you will have with that one.
  14. I think you will love it. I really liked their rings with my George.
  15. What is the current machine that you are selling? That might make a difference in what others can advise.